Update for Thursday, February 25, 2010: Simon’s got a roommate!

Originally aired May 8, 2009

Sorry this is late – I have been sick.  I’ll keep it short.

Blanche is annoyed at Ken and Deirdre.  Ken reminds Blanche to mind her words – it’s his house after all.  Deirdre points out that it would be hers in a second if a solicitor saw the letter.  Snap!  Deirdre rows with Blanche and kicks her out.  Ultimately, Blanche moves into the flat with Peter and Simon – and interrupts a bit of something-something between Peter and Michelle.  I guess it’s a good thing that Simon got bunkbeds after all.

Jason tells Lloyd that he rowed with is mam.  Lloyd covers for her at the switch so she can go to the ‘ospital to check in on Creepy Colin.  He thinks that Eileen has forgiven him – she hasn’t.  She leaves and tells him to not go near Jason.

Paula comes by to see Julie.  Paula explains her side of things and the two hug and weep together.  Later in the pub, Julie says she wishes she’d had a chance to know her father.   Paula loses it and leaves.

Ken points out how calm Deirdre is seeming.  She says she hasn’t the energy for rowing.  Ken says he’s grateful for another chance.  Deirdre points out that he was too spineless to leave and perhaps she’s to spineless to throw him out or leave herself.  They are stuck together until they die.   There has got to be a Hallmark card out there somewhere expressing these very sentiments.

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3 Responses to Update for Thursday, February 25, 2010: Simon’s got a roommate!

  1. beanie says:

    It would make a great country western song.

    “I haven’t got the cahoneys to leave you

    So I guess I’m stuck with you for life.”

  2. haili says:

    Get well soon pinklady!

    I thought it kind of served Peter right after goading Ken about his lack of bravery and honesty with his women. Now he’s stuck with Blanche. Good luck with Michelle after that! I think there are lots of couples who stay together out of habit or financial necessity. I had one friend who just stayed with her husband because of his pension. They lived mostly separate lives from the same house and now that she’s a widow is enjoying a more prosperous life than she would have as a divorcee.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Ah, how times have changed. Young women today don’t realize how common it was for women to stay in “loveless” or even abusive marriages before better job opportunities and “the pill” gave them more freedom & choice. Now it seems to be fear of being alone that keeps some women stuck.

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