Update for Tuesday, March 2010. Death Comes to Town

Suddenly, Colin springs to life! “Psych!” he cries.

Nah, he’s dead. The doctor confirmed it and everything.

“Well,” Eileen says to PC Thuir’s Bin a Muirder and PC The Other Guy. “He’s not going to help you with your inquiries now, is he?’

The police step outside as Eileen fills out the death certificate.

“You gave them the slip, you old rascal,” she says to Colin’s body.

Outside, Julie arrives to find the two cops. They give her the bad news and, well, she spends the rest of the episode wailing. Eileen heads over to the Rovers where Jason is having a fight with a malfunctioning fruit machine. She gives him the news. On their way out, Eileen tells Rita, who’s seated with Ramsay, Blanche, and Emily. Rita is shocked.

Back at Eileen’s Julie is still wailing about having lost her father, after having just met him. Jason tries to comfort her, saying that if she never came to the street, she would have never have met her father at all.

“There’s wisdom in you, Jason Grimshaw,” she says. “I don’t care what anyone says.”

Um, what are people saying? Jason thinks.

Out back, Eileen and Jason talk about things.

“How’s the wailing widow? Still throwing herself over the body?” You might recall Julie did this at a funeral once but I can’t remember whose it was. Vera’s? Liam’s? It was someone she didn’t even know so you can imagine what she’s like.

Anyhow, Eileen and Jason agree that this was for the best and that he wouldn’t have survived a trial anyway.

At Eileen’s, Colin’s body has been taken away as Rita comes over to offer condolences.

At the Rovers, Deirdre and Ken learn of Colin’s death. Blanche tells Ramsay that she’s been to more funerals than he’s had hot dinners. Deirdre adds that she just likes going to funerals. Like my mother, she is.

Things are getting testy between Eileen and Julie and she eventually offers to go help Jason clear out his flat. Julie asks if she could choose a song for the funeral.

“Oh, like Teenage Kicks?” Eileen asks.

Finally alone at home, Eileen breaks down into tears.

In Other News

Michelle has been offered a six month tour of Europe by JD but Ryan doesn’t want to be shipped off to Ireland again. She’s also going on a date with Luke.

Chesney doesn’t see much of Sophie these days as she’s hanging out at her Chris-tian youth centre.

Fizz is trying to get a hold of John and lying to Chesney about what she’s doing, saying she’s was the hospital with Maria.

Ramsay is being quickly brought up to speed on the street and every one sings a line from “The Blue Ridge Mountains”, which is about Virginia, in honour of the Blue Mountains in, um, Australia.


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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday, March 2010. Death Comes to Town

  1. haili says:

    I’m hoping Julie throws herself into the grave after this week’s performance. What a nasty cow she is – pushy and self-absorbed! The funeral should be interesting and I wonder what excuse will be given if Todd doesn’t come – or if Eileen has other relatives that might show up.

    Rita did a fine job of showing shock and grief without the hysterics as did Eileen. Jason gets more likable all the time.

    Poor old Norris felt shunned by all his friends and Emily will have to do some talking to take away the hurt feelings.

  2. missusmac says:

    Hilarious update, as usual John! I must admit I groaned when I saw DCI Scotland. I find it so hard to understand what she’s saying.

    I’d forgotten Julie had wailed all through someone’s funeral. She’d just started going with Kirk and didn’t know the person at all — was it Vera? Was it Mike Baldwin?

  3. John says:

    I’ve been going through the old posts, trying to find it but I don’t think it was baby Paul. It was referred to as having happened off-screen and everyone was embarrassed when she did it. That’s why I think it was Vera – someone she didn’t know.

    In any case, all I’m saying is she takes death really, really hard so you can imagine what she’s like when it’s someone she actually knew.

  4. Barbee says:

    I think Eileen has been truly magnificent in the past few episodes. Even though she blew up at Julie in the Rovers when Jason tried to smooth things over, I really couldn’t blame her. Julie has been quite OTT. Colin has been Eileen’s dad for over 40 years, for better or worse! Has anyone thought how young Eileen must have been when she had Jason? She couldn’t have been much older than 18 and raised 2 boys alone. And yet she hasn’t raised that issue. Rita’s been great as well. And as we’ve all known Norris and his grudges for years, I’m pretty sympathetic towards Ramsay.
    And I am so looking forward to Michelle’s rock tour – the sooner she’s gone, the better, baggage and all.

  5. Gayle says:

    Barbee, I completely agree with all of your comments! Well said.

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