Update for Thursday, March 12 2010:

Originally aired May 22, 2009

Farewell, Sweet Peeeeeeeeeedaphile #1

We open with Jason pleading with Eileen to behave today.  They are there to say goodbye to Colin and not row.  Eileen vows to keep nasty Eileen locked in the cupboard under the stairs and only nice Eileen will be out for the day.  That very statement scares Jason.

They greet the hearse on the street.  Whenever there is a funeral on Coronation Street, there are always odd (i.e., very unNorth American) floral arrangements too.  But an even odder sight was Julie  with huge dark glasses and a scarf around her head.  Who does she think she is, Audrey Hepburn?  She and Eileen hit it off brilliantly and Eileen refuses to drive with Julie.

At the church, the vicar offers prayers and then asks if anyone would like to speak.  Julie gets up and says had created a fantasy dad and was most disappointed that she never got to know her father.  Eileen gets up to talk about the real Colin.  She recites some nice memories, but is sure to point out that they were few and far between.  Her father was a real pain in the backside, but she still loved him.

Rita shows up at the end of the funeral in time for the burial.  She wishes she had been there earlier, for Eileen and Julie.

Julie thanks Eileen for sharing stories of their dad and apologies for/justifies her behaviour before the funeral.  Julie explains she just wanted to feel apart of it.  But most importantly, they are a family and need to stick together.  She pulls Eileen and Jason into a group hug, and Eileen and Jason both have perfect wtf looks.

Welcome Back Peeeeeeeeeeeeedaphile #2

Boy on the run

Chez is mad at Fiz and she tries to explain.  Chez says he thought she was sick but no, it was all about Fiz visiting John Stape.  Fiz says she has to leave (for Colin’s funeral – see above) to support Julie.

When Fiz returns, Chez says she doesn’t care about him at all.  Fiz denies this and Chez shoves her out of the house.  She is without her keys and purse.  Maria comes out to see what is going on and Kirk also finds out that Fiz has been seeing Stape.

Kirk tries to get Chez to come around but Chez tells Kirk to go and see to Julie.  By the time that Fiz returns, Chez is gone.  He has taken all the spare lolly he can find.

Other news

Michelle tells Peter that she is going on tour for 6 months.  And the viewers of Coronation Street offer a collective sigh of relief.  Luke pops to the bookies, cajoles Peter into giving her the day off (they have a holiday romance, you kn0w) they snog at the bus stop (in front of Ryan’s friends).  Yuck.

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3 Responses to Update for Thursday, March 12 2010:

  1. coronationst says:

    There is nothing better than a sibling fight! Chez is turning into quite the little man!

  2. Gayle says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Fizz is losing weight? I have always thought she was very pretty but her clothes seem to be hanging off her.

  3. missusmac says:

    Yes Gayle, I think you’re right. She was double layered in tops for Colin’s funeral, as if they are trying to bulk her up.

    But, if you take a look at older pictures — I have an old Corrie calendar picture — she weighed much more.

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