Update for Tuesday, March 16. I’m Not Down

Peter No Mates

In the flash-sideways universe, Peter is a cop, with Simon as his partner, and they’re tracking down a lead on the Blanche Hunt case, hoping to end her trade in illegal artificial hips. Just then, the Smoke Monster comes and…oh sorry, that was Lost.

At Peter’s flat, Blanche is complaining of the climb up and down his stairs, comparing it to K2.

“It’s like bone against bone,” she cries.

Peter suggests that if she really wants to go back to Ken and Deirdre’s, she could blackmail them into fixing up her room on the condition that she return. Or “greymail” them, as Peter puts it.

“I like you, Peter,” she says. “I always did.”

Down at the bookie’s, Michelle arrives late to work, much to Peter’s annoyance. Then Luke comes to place a bet at the horse races to which he intends to take Michelle that very afternoon. Peter says she can’t go, as he needs her at work.

Later, Peter and Michelle kind of argue over her seeing Luke. He also gives her an envelope and tells her it’s his best wishes.

Meanwhile at the Barlow’s, Blanche complains about her room upstairs, comparing it to a seaside view in a boarding house. And it leaks. And it’s drafty. Ken suggests he could make it more comfortable.

“Oh?” she asks. “How so?”

So Ken brings Blanche home to a not so rousing welcome from Deirdre. Blanche offers as sincere apology as she can muster, then starts making redecorating plans. She fancies that velvety wallpaper. She should see if Carla has any left over.

I also thought it was interesting that, when Ken began taking his walks and hanging out with Martha, it was because he was told he was going re-do Blanche’s room and he objected to spending his remaining days doing projects for everyone. Now, he’s had the affair, Deirdre took him back but is pissed at him, the whole street knows what happened, and he’s about to….re-do Blanche’s room.

Meanwhile at Michelle and Maria’s, Michelle opens Peter’s envelope to find a Bon Voyage card and some open Eurostar tickets so Ryan can visit her while she’s on tour.

Peter calls her to his flat and answers the door in his underwear. Classy. After getting his track bottoms on, he apologizes for her behaviour earlier, admits to Michelle that he likes her, and wishes she wouldn’t go away.

Echoing Michelle and Luke’s flirty conversation from earlier, Peter asks “What’s the strangest place you’ve ever pulled? Flat above the bookies?”

Somehow she is able to resist his undeniable sex appeal and abruptly leaves. Peter is left alone, listening to the Clash’s “I’m Not Down” and slapping himself upside of the head for being such a pillock.

Fizzy No Mates

The factory girls, led by Sally, are wondering if Fizz, being rejected by both John Stape and Chesney, will end up like that bag lady in the Precinct. Rosie is ordering the girls back to their stations.

“They’re not stations,” says Julie, whose been standing up for Fizz. “They’re machines.”

“Would you like a verbal warning?” Rosie asks.

“Would you?” Julie asks, threateningly.

Suddenly, I like Julie a lot more.

Nobody believes Fizz that her visits to Stape were for Chesney’s benefit. Janice also asks whatever happened to Sally’s A levels. That quiets Sally quite quickly as she tried it on with John, only to be rejected.

Meanwhile, Chesney has decided to go back to school. Ben learns that Kenzie Judd was the reason he left in the first place and is surprised because Kenzie is terrified of Phil.

“Wheelchair Phil?”

“Don’t call him that but yeah,” Ben says. It all goes back to when they were kids.

Ben adds that Ches need only make friends with Phil and Kenzie will leave him alone. And he can count on Ben if comes to it.

“What are you going to do?” Chesney asks. “Forgive him into submission?”

Other News

Sian and Ryan were either going to totally do it or do their homework but neither happened when Maria found them making out in the alleyway. It sort of spoiled the mood when she did everything short of pointing to her belly and saying, “And don’t forget your condoms or THIS will happen!”

Joe found Gary coming out of the bookies, claiming he made more today than he did working for Joe. Joe tells Gary the story of his father who had a heart attack in a bookies. He died before he could collect his winnings.

“Did the bookie give the money to yer mum?” Gary asks.



Gary has a moral code. Who knew?

And, in a scene that was cut from the CBC broadcast, Julie wants to go to the psychic fair to see if she can commune with Colin.


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20 Responses to Update for Tuesday, March 16. I’m Not Down

  1. Gayle says:

    I’m glad Chesney is going back to school. The whole “homeschooling” plan was ridiculous from the start.

    Why didn’t Luke tell Sally to belt-up and leave crying Fizz alone? (Can you tell I don’t like Sally)

    I loved the way Jule told off Rosie! What authority does she have anyway?

  2. haili says:

    Thanks for the translation. Once again I didn’t understand much of what the kids said except that Sophie’s boyfriend was going to back up Chesney if he was bullied.

    I kind of enjoy Sally and don’t blame her for being angry at Fizz. Why would she want her daughter’s kidnapper back on the street? John will be out one of these days and that man has a strange streak. What more does he have to do to make Fizz give up on him? Cheating and kidnapping would be enough for most women.

    Last night’s episode was kind of dull and the sooner Michelle leaves, the better. I wonder if she’s considered a career as a kept woman, since she wants more days off than she works.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I thought Michelle had a cheek to stand there and half-heartily watch Luke ask Peter to let her off for the afternoon. What a nerve! I think you’re right Haili – her best bet would to find herself a sugar Daddy and settle right down… she clearly doesn’t have much time for hard work!

  3. eps says:

    Request for help: Fairly recently, e.g., last month, someone most excellently listed a number of “Blanche-isms” as part of a comment.
    I meant to copy them but time got away.
    Anyone have an idea when that comment was made so I can find them? I am so dreading losing Blanche and her dry retorts.

  4. Mandy says:

    I want to do Peter.

  5. Gayle says:

    My sisters and I all think Peter is a bit of all right.

  6. missusmac says:

    Yeah, Peter’s good looking, but I’d take Luke. Nice guy, looks great even with a blue napkin tied on his head, and has the imagination to turn a stone-cobble yard into a day at the beach.

    Peter would be a catch — minus the drinking, the low self-esteem, the daddy issue, and his ability to lie for England. 🙂

  7. haili says:

    missusmac: you forgot the cheating/bigamy. But I will admit he’s more attractive than Luke. We don’t know much about Luke yet and he too will probably have his faults. Basically, they pretty well all cheat after awhile.

    I just wish Michelle would take off on tour but haven’t figured out yet who Ryan will stay with – Maria?

    • Barbee says:

      Ryan told Michelle that one of his mates (band?) would put him up for the duration. Won’t it be great without Michelle? I feel so badly for Fiz – I think the acting here has been wonderful. She’s a simple, loving soul and really wants to be loved and John does act like he does (except for a bit of kidnapping, cheating, and the like!).

  8. haili says:

    Good point! Bio dad just disappeared. The good news is that Michelle leaves next week and should be gone for a couple of months.

    • beanie says:

      Good point Bea and Haili, I forgot all about that lame storyline. I’m wondering if Ryan might end up staying with Peter now that (whatever the hell is going on …is going on)

  9. Piper says:

    Did you notice all of Gary’s injuries and beat up face? Apparently last year at this time the actor got in a real life fight.


    There’s no spoilers in the story – but the sidebar headings are current. I didn’t notice anything but they may be constantly changing – just FYI

    • missusmac says:

      Holy Cow! And here I thought they had been a little over-enthusiastic in the makeup department! I bought that it was part of the plot.

      Just read that Beverley Callard (Liz) is now being treated for depression on an outpatient basis, after missing months for treatment in a facility. (Her current ‘trip to Spain’ plot.)

      She has agreed to become a voice/face for an organization that aids patients in their battle.

  10. missusmac says:

    Forgot to mention that Bruce Jones, the actor who played Les, has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving two days into a trial where he was charged with attempting to murder his wife by grabbing the wheel of the car she was driving. He’s entering rehab, saying he’s lost everything, including his Corrie job, because of drink.

    Very sad, but glad he is getting help.

  11. blue_eyes says:

    For the first time ever, it would be grand to be Michelle!

    She hasn’t cried for weeks, the whining has subsided a tad, and she has both Luke and Peter after her! *faint*

    If only life imitated art! 🙂

  12. Piper says:

    I’ve also just read at Digital Spy that they are finally recasting Amy!!!!

    If you hate storyline spoilers – I do not suggest going to that site. I always think I can manage to avoid them and am always kicking myself afterwards.

  13. Gayle says:

    That’s good news. I’m sure the little girl who has played her is very sweet, however she cannot act! But then look at Simon he is a much better actor than the girl who plays Rosie. Not to be mean – Helen Flanagan is a beautiful girl but she needs to take some acting classes. She has two reactions rolling her eyes and sticking out her chest.

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