Update for Tuesday March 23 – One Pill Makes You Larger and One Pill Makes You Small

Substance Abuse Problem #1

Audrey and Gail are loading up the taxi and giving last minute instructions to David and Joe. David tells them not to worry.

“Pillshaveyouseenmypillsthey’reformybackmybackithurtssomuchhaveyouseenmypills?” Joe asks.

“On the kitchen counter, I think?” Gail replies as she leaves for the airport.

Meanwhile, David meets Gary outside Audrey’s salon to discuss this big house they’re about burgle. They agree to split the profits 50/50 as David gently coaxes Gary into taking the lead. Later David quietly slips Audrey’s keys into his pocket and takes a break. He heads over to Audrey’s where he starts hiding family photos and mail and anything else that would lead Gary link the house with the Platt family. He does, however, leave the mayoral portrait of Alf Roberts as Gary wouldn’t know who he is.

Which leads me to to this question: Aren’t official portraits of elected officials kept, you know, at the office? Like in the House of Commons with all our former prime ministers? Unless Alfie was vain enough to have two commissioned, one for city hall and one for the house.

Anyway, back at the Platt’s, Joe is still without his back pills and trying to unload more of his kitchen stuff from the van. He even almost runs over Luke.

Later, Joe tears apart, literally, Gail’s kitchen looking for his pills.

When David comes home, Joe accuses him of stealing them but David feigns innocence. Joe seems to accept this and goes back to looking for them. David goes upstairs, smirking to himself.

Substance Abuse Problem #2

Peter is cleaning up the shards of that broken bottle of sherry and trying to keep Simon from stepping in it. Ken appears at the door downstairs so Peter goes down to meet him so he can’t come upstairs and see the broken bottle. Ken says he’d thought he’d take Simon to school but Peter thinks Ken is just checking up on him, which he totally is.

Later, Peter is having a bad day when he walks into the Rovers. Before he can order Blanche arrives and he changes his mind. He admits to her that he almost drank last night and she takes him next door for a cup of tea and a talk.

There, he admits to Ken and Blanche that he almost drank the spilled sherry from a dirty dishrag but the thought of Simon stopped him. However, it’s clear that he’s not managing sobriety on his own as Ken suggests they get help.

In Other News

Poppy has got it in for Betty and her tardiness. Steve doesn’t want to deal with it, as usual but knows from a staffing standpoint, it’s a problem. However, even if Poppy succeeds in firing her, I think it would cause even more problems. I can see the regulars getting miffed that the woman who’s been pulling their pints since before they were born has suddenly been let go. Besides, she’s 106. You gotta let some things slide.

Auntie Pam seems to be flirting with Bill by enticing him with her cheap sarnies. At least she’s selling them out of a basket instead of a duffle bag. There’s a lot to be said for presentation.

That charity run for the hospital is still going on. Jason tells Ty that he thinks Molly is out of his league. But Ty says he had all the ladies loving him when he was single. Jason counters that he’s had two girlfriends: Molly and Maria. But, he adds, he’d love to switch places with him and have the nice stable relationship that he has with Molly. This causes Ty’s head to swell a little.

Luke is still mad at Peter.

Julie is off to the psychic fair to commune with Colin. Jason is skeptical but asks if she can ask Colin what next week’s lotto numbers are.


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10 Responses to Update for Tuesday March 23 – One Pill Makes You Larger and One Pill Makes You Small

  1. haili says:

    We seem to have arrived at the slow season on Corrie, which I think happens every summer.

    If Joe can’t keep his pills in his pocket, or under the pillow he deserves to lose them. One must learn from one’s mistakes.

    I’m kind of vaguely remembering Audrey getting that portrait of Alf done – maybe from a picture. Does David really think a burglar won’t look in drawers? Duh.

  2. S. Poole says:

    Cracked up when David made his remarks to Alf’s portrait, the impression of his Gran was spot on — Alfie lurve, lol.

    Boy oh boy, for a fringe character the writers have sure turned Poppy into an unlikable person. Didn’t mind her giving Tara a tip about Dev playing around but messing with Betty… not cool. Oh, it is on.

  3. Bea says:

    So…..Both Audrey and Gail are going to return to a trashed house????

  4. Gayle says:

    What I have never understood about the Corrie characters who live across the street from their place of employment – why don’t they go home for lunch instead of buying it at the Rovers or Roys?

    I would be quit leary of purchasing a sandwhich from Auntie Pam.

    Joe is becoming quite tiresome.

    • Barbee says:

      I live in a small town with at least 6 restaurants and they all are hopping at lunch time. Almost all the patrons could walk or have a very short drive home, but the food, company and gossip keep the restaurants full. Late evening meals, it is a different story. Too bad we don’t have a Rovers!

  5. TracyEmm says:

    I really liked Joe when he first came onto the street; now he is annoying me, and I can just see the direction this storyline is going. I know it’s a soap and all – but why why why can’t Gail just have a nice guy for a little while before it all turns sour? Surely they could have made a storyline where Gail finds Mr. Right and then somehow it is Gail who has the negative issues/behaviour in the to-be-doomed relationship???

  6. eps says:

    Both Poppy and Natasha were additions to the street that have done nothing to enhance the drama – IMHO.
    I have also wondered why folks didn’t just walk home for lunch. How realistic is it that no one has any true commute? At least I can’t think of any one. Oh, I guess Deidere (I know, I’ve no idea how to spell that name) does. Betty?
    Note to writers: do not mess with Betty. Have you no respect?

  7. corrierules says:

    Some comments:
    1)I agree– Do. Not. Mess. With. Betty!
    2) Loved seeing Alfeh.
    3)Joe was nice to Gail for about five minutes when he first met her. Then he turned petulant, short-tempered and really unpleasant. And that was before he sprained his back and needed painkillers. I have dislike him for time now. Then again Richard Hillman was always nice to Gail, unfailingly devoted and solicitous — right up to the time he tried to kill her and her family.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I must have some aggressive tendancies myself, as I found myself agreeing/understanding some of Joes short-tempered moments in the beginning of the relationship w/ Gail.
      I am back to really disliking David again. Gary Windass is starting have more appeal than young Platt! His bad-ass attitude is really getting tiresome. I hope that Grandpapa somehow difuses this ‘break-in’ situation and discovers that David was involved. And I certainly hope that Gary doesn’t do anything stupid and violent, if he gets caught in Audrey’s house!!!

  8. Gayle says:

    TracyEmm: I agree. I am finding Gary Windass more likeable that David.
    David is a joke, acting like some bad-ass thug! Is he ever going to grow up. My husband laughs at him he can’t understand why on earth he works at the salon all we ever see him do is serve coffee and sweep the floor.

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