Monday March 29th – the Update

Monday March 29th 2010 – Episode II

The show opens with Anna and Eddie in their traditional spot, outside the police station waiting for a relative. Gary comes out and we learn that he has denied everything about the incident. Gary obviously doesn’t know anything about plausible deniability. He looks confident, although, because how could he possibly get caught?

They get home and Gary wants to see David as soon as possible. He actually sees David talking to Tina who tells David that she has learned about Ted’s heart attack. Does David really think that no one is going to find out that he planned this robbery scam to get back at Gary? Well, since Gary is hiding behind the only phone box left in the western world he may have heard David say that he’s going to head back to Audrey’s house to clean up after the robbery.

Back at the hospital Ted is, no doubt, offering his wisdom gathered over a lifetime of superiority and self-importance to the Windass’ as they stand bored at his bedside. Things look up for the family, however. No, Ted isn’t about to die, he simply has told them what happened. Gary didn’t attack Ted. He just rushed by him on the landing. Although, I don’t know what a lawyer would say about that. Ted was given a shock because Gary broke into the house. But, what’s important is that Ted is a pretentious git told the truth to the police and Gary doesn’t look like a horrible person.

Meanwhile in the street Graham is telling David that this fool-proof plan of his is not so fool proof and someone is going to find out. David still feels that he is the smarted dude on the cobbles and he’ll totally come out on top. The pair go into the salon where David goes looking for Audrey’s keys and Graham says a number of very creepy things to Natasha.

Since David couldn’t get the keys he ends up going home where Gary is waiting for him. Garry grabs David, pins him to the couch and the two of them have a rather civilized discussion about what happened. Oh, here is the other flaw in David’s plan. If everything does work out and Gary does go to jail, how long will Gary be there? Will he really serve the rest of his life in prison for a botched robbery without an Earnest Bishop ending (as much as we’d hope for one)? I don’t think so. Gary helpful points this out to David.

Gobby Cow

Over to the Rovers where Poppy has inexplicably become a total biotch Steve looks for a way to fire her while avoiding the possible backlash or legal liability. Really, he would like to avoid any and all responsibility with this situation.

So, Becky breezes in with the papers and tells Sean that there is no picture from the big time charity give-away photo-op.  Sean gives the paper a look and finds the photo, but he’s been cropped out and we only see Steve and Becky. Sean is upset and Poppy takes the opportunity to say several mean things to Sean and his double chin. Sean gets so rightfully angry that he tells Poppy that she is about to get fired.

Oh no he di’int! Oh yes he did. Poppy goes to the back with Steve and there is a confrontation which basically ends in Becky firing Poppy and calling her a gobby two-faced cow. Poppy retorts telling Becky that it is just a matter of time before she had to fight off Steve (likely true), that Becky isn’t special (not nice) and that at least Michelle had some class (she had class and about 100 ponds of baggage).

Becky has had enough and grabs Poppy by the weave and tosses her out the back.


In Manchester’s poshest tea house Bill and Auntie Pam await their dates. They are having afternoon tea, not high tea. The difference is very important. Afternoon Tea is tea and a small meal at 4:00pm. High Tea is tea and a light meal served at 5:00pm. They are worlds apart.

Pam’s date, Gilbert, is a weirdo and Bill’s date, Stella, is a snob. Pam is pretending to be a concert pianist and Bill is pretending to be a paratrooper, although, I’m not clear on which war he was supposed to have served in. Bill has a great time inventing stories about foxholes. Then his date tells him that he can continue his stories in her fox hole. WOW. I don’t even know what to say about that one.

During the date, Stella grills Pam on Liszt and Rockmaninoff and I can’t help thinking and she and Ted belong together. Then he tea room pianist takes a break and Gilbert insists that Pam play for everyone. Pam gets out of that sticky situation by making up “Pianist’s knuckle.” Gilbert is fooled but Stella has Pam bang-to-rights and suggests that she and Bill leave. Perhaps she’ll get a motel for the two of them. Bill takes a pass and decides to stay with Pam. Instead the pair head to the Rovers where it looks like a romance could bloom.

In Other News

Joe is hooked on the painkillers. Someone has got to tell him that the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse. If only someone would set that to music. He goes to the doctor who will only give him the bare minimum of pills. He’s gonna freak.

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7 Responses to Monday March 29th – the Update

  1. missusmac says:

    I wonder how long it will be before Gail notices or finds out Joe is hooked?
    The woman’s most heigtened sense is her sense of oblivion.

    Pam and Bill together is actually a pretty good pairing! I admit I never saw it as a possibility, but they are actually quite suited.

  2. Diane/tvor says:

    Oh yes Michelle is so classy she shagged two men within 24 or 48 hours, both of which she wouldn’t give the time of day a month ago aside from having to work with Peter, and then skipped town.

    I had to chuckle at Stella. She’s so up herself but yet she was also at a singles night looking for love. Methinks she might have been bigging herself up a bit, and is no better than Pam in that respect. Probably sells knock off handbags down the market 😉

  3. Gayle says:

    How thick is David? He must know that either Gary and/or Uncle Len will give him a good kicking for this ridiculous robbery.

    I would love to give that kid a good slap when if ever is he going to grow up.

  4. Mrs. D says:

    Isn’t Pam “Stella” and Bill’s date Nessa?

  5. ShimmeryLJ says:

    My absolute favourite character is
    Graham aka “Sweeny Todd”. His comments to Natasha were priceless!

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