Update for Tuesday March 30, 2010. Picture Book

(Because I’m not very creative today and this is the only song about photos I could find that I liked)

But I Just Had To Laugh. I Saw The Photograph.

Chez Windass, Anna finally gets Gary to admit that he tried to rob Audrey’s house. BUT, as he explains, he wasn’t aware it was hers at the time, and that the whole thing was part of a scam of David’s.

Speaking of whom, David needs to get the keys to Audrey’s so he can tidy up and get those photos back in their rightful places. And, while he’s at it, avoid Len who’s making that threatening “slice your throat” gesture at David.

When Len gets to the Windasses, he tells them Gary they should stick to their plan of using Len as his alibi. But Eddie and Anna are having none of it. Anna wants to raise their son right and Eddie agrees, saying “He’s my son, not yours” and they kick Len out, telling him never to return.

Meanwhile, David is desperately trying to get to Audrey’s but work and tea runs at the salon are keeping from getting there. Then Joe drives along and tells him, “Pills. Hey, I found my pills in my jacket pocket. Funny that. Pills. Anyway, Gail and Audrey caught an early flight. Pills. They’re on the way home from the airport. Pills.”

David races to Audrey’s but is too late as she and Gail pull up in their cab. In the house, David is unable to to replace the photos and Audrey eventually discovers them in a drawer. She finds that development very, very interesting.

She’s Having My Baby

Maria goes into labour and tries to get Kirk to drive to the hospital. He panics and puts the car in reverse. Sally comes along and he tells her, “Maria’s gone into labour and I can’t remember how to drive!”

“Oh, I’ll drive then,” Sally says. “What’s that smell?”

“Oh, that’s me,” says Kirk. “I forgot to put my poo in the toilet again! Sorry! Ha! Ha!”

So they get to the hospital and it turns out it was a false alarm. Meanwhile, Kirk is reading (?) a book about pregnancy and is astonished to learn that there are different positions in which a woman can give birth.

“Is this true?” he asks Sally.

“Yes, there are many,” she replies. “Well, I’m not about the demonstrate them!”

In Other News

Kevin is letting Chesney wash cars at the garage so he can save up to move away from home when he turns 16.

Claire got Ashley to sponsor new football uniforms.

Add Luke Strong to the list of Underworld bosses on whom Rosie Webster has set her sights on. This list now includes Luke, Tony, Liam, and Mike Baldwin back when she was a zygote in hot pants.

Also at Underworld, the machines are electrocuting everyone but Tony says they have no money to fix the wiring. Besides, they blew their Health and Safety budget when Kasia fell down the stairs to her death and they had to put up that sign which read: “Danger: Steep Steps”.


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12 Responses to Update for Tuesday March 30, 2010. Picture Book

  1. missusmac says:

    Brilliant update! Pills.

    The actor who plays Kevin is a very short man, (I saw him in Halifax last year, which made me realize Sally must be really tiny.) Anyway, I noticed when Ches got up off Underworld steps he towered over Kevin, but later when Kev tossed him a sponge, Kev was taller. Hmmm, was Kev standing on a box?

    I actually was rooting for David to get those pictures back up. Dang! I generally cringe because he is so evil, but in this instance, I would love to see Gary go down. And what’s with Eddie all over Len? I wonder if Gary IS Eddie’s son. Maybe he’s Len’s?

  2. papasmurf1964 says:

    Freeze Frame – J. Geils Band

  3. haili says:

    missusmac: I was thinking exactly the same re. David and Gary and also wondering whether Len was Gary’s real daddy. What a sudden change by Eddie when he wanted Gary to tell the truth – not like him at all.

    Things have seemed slower than usual on Corrie lately; or is it just me?

  4. Cayenne says:

    I can’t help myself but I’m rooting for Gary Windass, I want David to go downnnnn! I was so pleased when he didn’t manage to get the photos back in their place. Loved it when Gary spilled the beans in front of Audreh but of course, even with all this evidence, Gayle and Audrey will still believe poor little old David, sigh. I am so tired of them, how many times before they wake up to the reality that is David?

  5. Barbie says:

    Photograph – Ringo Starr

  6. corrierules says:

    Kodachrome — Paul Simon

    (LOL — at first I typed “Kodacrhrime”. Appropriate typo doncha think?)

  7. debbie says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought that plan for Len to be the alibi was the worst plan anyone could come up with. 1. Len is his uncle and obviously in interested party. 2. Len is a known criminal 3. Len is the known criminal who inspired Gary to become a criminal himself.

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