Update for Wednesday, April 1: Truth or Consequences

The girls are on their way to work, quizzing Julie to ensure she is prepared to confront management about the shoddy factory. Kevin stops Fiz to ask if she’s okay with Chesney’s new job. Fiz is totally surprised that this has occurred and Kevin gathers the siblings have had a falling out.

The factory floor watches as Julie negotiates on their behalf in the office. Tony and Luke put her off, despite her persistence. Rosie is engaged in her new pursuit of hanging off Luke like an air freshener. They ask her to step out to discuss the refurbishment. Later, Rosie brings coffee in and does the botox-lippy-drooly thing, asking Luke if he’d like a biscuit or a pony ride or something. When she leaves, Tony warns Luke off Rosie, pointing out she’d once offered herself as “dessert”. Pralines and snarky. A short time later, Luke goes out onto the floor to unveil his plan. He offers the staff 9% shares in Underworld to drum up the cash for the refurb. The staff are initially very suspicious and ask lots of questions, but it appears the offer is on the up-and-up.

Anna and Eddie are bemoaning the fact the the courthouse is their new home, and are saddened that they’ve raised a thug. In the street, they encounter David who gawps at the sight of Eddie in a suit.

Sally stops to chat with Maria on her way to work. Maria thanks her for her help the previous day. Sally appears in work, and Tony pulls her up for being late. She explains about Maria’s false alarm, so of course Tony goes trotting over there like the little Scottie dog he has become. Tony offers to be there, day and night, in the event that Maria has the baby, so she won’t risk being alone. She resists, not wanting to put him out. Later, Tony comes back, and they have basically the same conversation again, with Tony offering to even sleep on the couch if necessary. She says no, he says yes, she says no, etc. Finally she agrees to having a watchdog.

Tina and David meet in the street; Tina says she should have put Gary away when she had the chance and invites David for a quick drink later. David, not a big-picture thinker as we’re coming to see, thinks this is some sort of victory. He then meets Graham, and Graham flips out when David tells him the pictures didn’t get put back at Audrey’s in time.

At lunch, Pam ambles by the builders’ yard, embarrassed that Bill has told Jason about Stella and Newt. Bill invites her up for a brew and she acquiesces, as long as Bill’s chairs aren’t mucky.

Fiz sits in Roy’s, gets off the phone and bursts into tears as she’s learned that John has fallen into clinical depression. She breaks down and shares the load with Hailey and Roy, and feels considerably better for having done so. Roy suggests posting some interesting books to John, and perhaps Lloyd will do it as John won’t accept Fiz’s letters.

At Dev’s store, Kevin is buying sugar and absently doing bicep curls with it whie on the phone with Ty. Molly and Jason razz him for a bit, and then Molly points out she’s going for a run that evening. Jason and Kevin agree to join her. Later on, Jason bows out to take a booty call, and Kevin and Molly agree to run anyway.

In Ted’s hospital room, the family is preparing to take Ted home and discussing the robbery and how weird it is that “Gary” moved the photos. Ted has some sympathy for Gary, painting him as a troubled youth. At home, as they emerge from their taxi back on the street, they run into the Windasses, and Gary lays out the truth in an even and measured fashion. David’s deflections sound pathetic in comparison. Audrey asks why Gary moved the pictures; he truthfully says he has no idea what pictures she’s talking about. Gary says he wouldn’t have burgled the joint if he knew it was Audrey’s – you don’t mess on your own doorstep. “He’s the brains behind all this,” Eddie alludes to David, “our Gary’s not smart enough.”

Gail and Ted are having tea, when David and Audrey, meant to be at work, come in. Audrey announces they have something to talk about it. Audrey asks Joe to verify that David was with him, which he does. Audrey doesn’t understand why Gary would move the photos and feels it was David. They see his potential motive, since David wants rid of Gary. Gails asks for the truth.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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4 Responses to Update for Wednesday, April 1: Truth or Consequences

  1. haili says:

    Good update. Boring episode. Is anyone else getting really tired of the Windasses? And David’s schemes? And Fizz agonizing over John?

  2. Gayle says:

    Why aren’t Kirk and Fizz standing by for Maria when she goes into labour? Where in heck are her parents? I know this is Corrie.

    Could Rosie be any more obvious? She practically shoved her chest in Luke’s face!
    I laugh at her every time I see her at work she is about as useful to the factory as David is at the hair salon.

    I agree with you Haili regarding the Windass’s wish they would wrap this and Joe and his bloody back story up.

    • beanie says:

      I think they must be building up to a ‘Joe the Junkie’ thing because ‘Despair’ is the only emotion Gail has.

      • missusmac says:

        That Gail, she’s a uni-splendoured thing!

        Anna cleans up nicely, she looks quite professional in her blazer. Mr. Detective is a nice looking copper, couldn’t he buy one of Tony’s flats and get the company out of trouble?

        Is Underworld really in trouble, or is Tony cooking the books to drive Luke into bankruptcy? I thought Tony fiddled the books a while back?

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