Update for Wednesday, Apr. 7th: Change


Molly is at home getting ready for her practice 10K run in preparation for the half-marathon, and she excitedly tells Tyrone it’s the “big day”.  Tyrone mistakenly assumes she means a “big day” because of Jack’s return. When she reminds him about the run he adds, “oh yeah, that too.” He offers her a fry-up for breakfast but she chooses whole wheat pasta instead. Tyrone then adds that he has to pick up Jack at the train station, and will have to meet Molly later to accompany her to the run. They agree to meet at the garage.

Molly is in Dev’s shop filling in for an hour when Kevin comes in. He asks her if she’ll be on time for the run – she says there’s bags of time. And that she’ll go get her warm-up from Jason. Kevin looks sheepish and apologizes for having a go at Jason. Molly says no worries, it’s funny. He says he feels he’s offended her honour as she wouldn’t cheat on Tyrone. Molly hints that Kevin doesn’t really know what type of girl she is. But she’s not annoyed at Kevin…

...and in fact, when she looks at Kevin, does she see......?

Later, Molly comes to the garage to meet Tyrone. Kevin is there alone; Tyrone has rung to say Jack’s train is running late, so he’s delayed. Molly goes a bit wobbly but understands. They chit-chat about Rosie’s cash and that she’s only 18. Molly says Kevin doesn’t look old enough to have an eighteen-year-old, and that he’s fit and has a good body. She even goes so far as to say she’s been sneaking peeks at him changing shirts. Kevin is obviously puffed and chuffed by this flirtateous attention….it’s not like he’s getting much lovin’ and spice at home of late.

...and in fact, when he looks at Molly, does he see..........?

Time passes, and no Tyrone. Molly says the farthest she’s ever run before is 5K and she is nervous.  Tyrone is now quite late, and Molly is running out of time. Tyrone calls to say the train is still delayed, so he can’t leave. Kevin offers to drive Molly to the race and stay to cheer her on.

Tyrone finally gets Jack home. Jack is as tanned as a cheesy-whatsit, and his suitcase has a big red tag on it labelled ‘Espana’, but he’s pressing ahead with the Blackpool story. He says he missed a decent cup of tea. Tyrone wants to know why they don’t have good tea in Blackpool. Jack feels badly that Tyrone is missing Molly’s run. Tyrone wants to know all about Jack’s holiday.

They go to the Rovers, and Jack savours his pint. He accidentally tries to pay Becky with 10 Euro. Tyrone is still thick as a brick and hasn’t cottoned on. Tyrone suggests they join Molly after her run and all go out for tea. Jack says he has plans with Connie, at which point Tyrone gets all snarky and petulant. He tells Jack that he hoped some time away would have brought Jack to his “senses” where Connie is concerned. Jack admits he fancies Connie and Tyrone stalks off, like a spoiled six-year-old.

Kevin and Molly arrive at the run. As they register, Molly discovers that Natalie Newgate, a next-door neighbour that used to be horrid to her and tease her about her weight is running in the run. Molly feels all screwed-up and inferior and wants to pull out of the race. Kevin props her up, telling her she has a knockout figure, and she can do it. He says Natalie is nothing special to look at. Molly agrees to continue on. The starting gun goes off and Molly exuberantly jumps out in front, calling “Hey dough-girl!” to her former nasty neighbour.

Later on, a jubilant Molly finishes strong, in tenth. Kevin gives her a big hug at the finish line. Apaprently her rival threw up in the duck poind and didn’t finish. “You are amazing,” Kevin tells Molly.


Earlier that morning,  the Websters are discussing Rosie’s windfall. Kevin says it’s blood money, and tainted, and by accepting it Rosie is lacking integrity. Sally is leaning more toward supporting Rosie’s acceptance of the money, and even assuming there’ll be something in it for her. Rosie assumes Sophie will have a quote from the Bible telling her she’ll burn in hell. Sophie actually asks for 50 quid. A cab comes then to pick Rosie up  for an exhausting day of shopping.

Rosie’s new BFF Minnie is outside and giggling, they jump in the cab. Fiz comes along and wants to talk to Rosie. Rosie fobs her off and they drive off. Sally comes out and tells Fiz she is a nice girl and Stape isn’t worth it. Fiz informs her John is on suicide watch, and it’s stupid, nasty little tricks like Sally’s book-ripping that have pushed him over the edge.

Later, Rosie flies into her house all happy-fangs and lipstick, because she had bought a 3,000-pound Penny Chiew handbag. She says all the A-list celebs have them. Sally isn’t happy about this extravagance, but can’t do much about it if her daughter wants to spend 3 months rent on a design-college leatherwork project gone awry.


At home, Fiz is doing the 1,347th repeat of the scene where she is crying on the couch with Julie and whimpering, “I just want to talk to ‘im!” Chesney has decided to be adult enough to make a cup of tea for her. He says Fiz is the real victim, and it’s Fiz that should receive compensation. Julie tries her best to console her.


Becky is mopping up the bar when Steve says he’s been on the phone with Liz. Liz has told Steve that Becky’s not that bad once one gets used to her. Liz has now warmed to the idea of their wedding, so Bonnie and Clyde are back to the planning stage.

Claire comes in to work at the cab office and tells the gang that she’s taking her kids to see a show at the community centre, “General Custard.” Steve encourages Eileen to head down there also to see if there are still some showbiz sparks, and offers Amy as an excuse.

Becky’s old drinking-buddy “Slug” turns up at the pub…he is now using his real name, Neil, and says he is clean and sober. He has a flat, a moped and a new suit. He orders an orange juice.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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12 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Apr. 7th: Change

  1. lovethestreet says:

    Hard to blame Kevin for his wandering eye — between his greedy cow of a wife and his greedy cow of a daughter, he doesn’t get much respect or affection.

    The longing look he gave Molly after her race had me feeling quite sorry for him.

  2. haili says:

    Molly was so much in love only a few short months ago but now has eyes for Kevin. How soon the novelty wears off in soap land! She really is a bore over running. And Tyrone is acting like a spoiled brat – completely out of character. Jack needs to stand up to Tyrone and I hope he does it soon.

    I hope these scenes with Fizz sobbing over John come to an end soon.

    • Gayle says:

      Haili – you said it! Two of my favourite characters are acting really weird. Tyrone is behaving like a spoilt child. If I were in Jack’s shoes – I’d move into my own little apartment and then I could do as I pleased. I think Connie is a lovely lady. I think Tyrone’s memories of Vera are a little unrealistic she didn’t treat Jack all that well.

      As far as Fizz and Stape – don’t get me started. Does Fizz not even bother to go to work any longer. She needs serious counselling.

  3. corrierules says:

    Fizz, Fizz, Fizz, Fizz! You silly girl. Just caught the end of tonight’s episode and even though I had read previews/spoilers I was not prepared. It was difficult to watch. Fizz, what has become of you?

  4. beanie says:

    I enjoyed seeing Fizz have really honest feelings (whether right or wrong) and standing up for her beliefs. I think she showed a tremendous amount of strength.

  5. S. Poole says:

    Nice porn ‘stache, Webster! I remember Steph Barnes shaving that thing off a million years ago. Made Sally super angry, made Kev look less like the shorter half of Hall & Oates. =)

    Not enjoying the dumbing down of Tyrone, he will be on Kirk’s level before long.

  6. jacqui583 says:

    Where did you get that pic of Kevin; too funny! lol I too am getting really tired of Fizz’s tears, and that Rosie is quite the piece of work, isn’t she! On the other hand I heart Sophie and Chesney; the only characters currently on the show with any integrity.

  7. missusmac says:

    Guess who I’m seeing tonight? Sean and Becky! My new BFFs.

    They are in Halifax on their way to Toronto, and have a sold out appearance at a waterfront hotel. I’m sure much hilarity will ensue once they hit the stage. Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  8. Mandy says:

    Hey guys! Just thought I’d let you know that I found out on Rupert Hill’s twitter (he’s Jamie Baldwin remember?!) that he and Jenny Platt (Violet) just had a baby girl, named Matilda! Congrats to both of them. I’d love to see Jenny back on the street someday, I quite loved the character of Violet!

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