Monday April 12th 2010 – The NO TOUCHING episode

UK Time – Monday June 22nd – Episode II

The episode opens at Weatherfield’s medium security prison with the best prison safety record in all the United Kingdom. All of Fiz’s shenanigans have worked and the prison has agreed to break years of prison policy to advocate on her behalf with one of their prisoners to avoid the possible internet media firestorm this incident could cause.

The prison manages to get Fiz an audience with John Stape. They see each other across the deserted prison visiting room and run to each other for an embrace. The guard pulls them apart. When they speak John says that while he was having suicidal thoughts he would have never gone through with it. He has no follow-through, but is excellent at making women pity him. Fiz explained that when John gave Rosie all his money she worried that he was getting his affairs in order. Fiz is extremely forgiving, because I would have lost it. Wait, I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

Anyway, to conclude this particular segment of this never-ending story-line, as fiz gets pulls out of the visiting area she asks john if he will marry her. He accepts and then yells, “I love you, Fiz Brown.” I throw up in my mouth a little.

In the Webster world Sally is pretty much preparing to prostitute her daughter to get shares in Underworld. It’s all very wholesome.

Rosie meets Luke in the pub and Luke looks well impressed with her good looks. He seems less impressed with her intelligence as he suggests that she be a silent partner in the business. Rosie, on the other had, would like 10% and would like to be totally hands on (the business, not Luke). Luke pretty much wants to tap that. The pair decide to leave the pub to avoid Sally and Kevin.

In the kebab shop Minnie arrives in the doorway excited about her date with Jason and who can blame her. Every one’s hot for a builder. Just ask Auntie Pam. Anyway, Tina starts acting strangely and Minnie gets the sense that she is jealous. Tina, tells Minnie to go out with Jason and that she’s fine with it. I tell the TV that I’m gonna rip Mini’s hair out by the roots.

Later mini is in the pub with an ever drunk Jason who is coming on a little strong. Tina is watching all of this go down while she has a drink with her dad who would be much happier sitting on the couch popping pills and watching period drama’s while the drug haze and the TV volume drown out the monotonous drone of Gail’s cottony voice.

Jason is basically hammered and drooling over Mini. Our girl Mini decides that she’d rather pass on Jason no matter how hot he is. I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by Mini.

Tina is still in the pub and her dad leaves her there with Jason promising to keep and eye on her. Well, that’s just every father’s dream. Anyway, Tina seems happy to be left with Jason, but that happiness turns to disgust when Jason drunkenly hits on her now that Mini is out of the picture. Tina leaves him at the bar.

Over at the rectory, Molly, Tyrone, Jack and Connie are having a meal while Tyrone goes out of his way to make Connie as uncomfortable as possible. She seems very nice and never takes his bait. Molly and jack are totally unimpressed and let Tyrone know it.

Tyrone is totally misguided in his loyalty to Vera and it backfires on him when, during an after dinner chat, Jack tells him that he doesn’t need this bother in his life and he’ll be finding new lodging.

In Other News

Bill and Pam get together to write each other’s personal ad. Seems to me they are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Becky tells Steve that Slug’s been hanging about, but Steve has nothing to worry about. Really?

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4 Responses to Monday April 12th 2010 – The NO TOUCHING episode

  1. haili says:

    Good update debbie! The scene with Fizz and John was sickening.

    Tyrone is also being sickening these days, as are Kevin and Molly making eyes at each other. Then there is Sally who would indeed prostitute her daughter – and throw in herself – to get some authority at the factory. This will all end in tears – as usual.

  2. Beanie says:

    I LMAO when Kev expressed concern about Luke. Sally said “Well his eyes are too close together but I think he’s OK. LOL

  3. S. Poole says:

    John Stape’s broken arm sure healed quickly, not a hint of a grimace or pain when the jailers were pretty much bending them both back Laura Palmer-style.

    Sally really is despicable, if she and Rosie get one speck of power at Underworld the place will be hell to work in, especially for their enemies. (hello, Janice!)

  4. Tracy Emm says:

    Looks like we’re heading down the pathway of ‘American’ Soap Opera storylines! Come On Corrie – you can do better than this!
    I reckon they’re making Tyrone become annoying so that Molly can move forward into Kevin’s arms; and the same with Sally. I mean when both Kev and Molly’s partners are so annoying, surely that gives an excuse for a ilicit kiss or two? (pure sarcasm, by the way) (oh dear)

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