Update for Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – It’s Your Money I’m After Baby

Poster Children for Family Values

When, Sophie tells Sally and Kevin that Rosie didn’t come home last night, Sally is pleased as it likely means she spent the night with Luke. This is great because Sally thinks he’s a great catch who will improve Rosie’s financial and social standings while Kevin thinks he’s Martin Platt 2.0. And, as we find out, Rosie did in fact sleep with Luke as we find them together at Luke’s place

When Rosie gets home Kevin tries to confront her but she deflects him, calling him her stalker. When asked if she spent the night with Luke, Sally interjects that it’s none of their business. She says she has a business meeting with him later to discuss buying shares in Underworld. Kevin says that he’s just after her money but she counters that it wasn’t her money he was after last night. Um, yeah, it’s your money he’s after.

Kevin says “It’s wrong to have an affair with your boss.” Yes, isn’t it, Sally?

Kevin asks Sally if it’s shares she’s buying or a place in Luke’s bed. But Sally smirks to herself, admiring her daughter’s ambition.

At the factory, Sally engages Luke in what is likely the most uncomfortable conversation he’s ever had at work by asking him if his night with her daughter would lead to a relationship.

“Well, I didn’t intend for last night to end as it did,” he says.

“Are you happy that it did?” Sally asks, adding, “Did my daughter satisfy you in the ways that you preferred, in a such a way as would lead to a longer term thing?”

Then, Rosie comes in for her Big Important Business meeting with Luke. The factory girls start giving her a hard time over her absences but she tells them that the only way she’s coming back to Underworld is as their boss. They push Sally for details but she’s sworn to secrecy.

Afterward, Kevin meets Luke in the street and growls in his face.

At the Dobbs’ Molly is still mad at Tyrone over his behaviour re- Connie. She also goes out for a run and on the way back, waves to Kevin, who pointedly ignores her. Back at her place, she apologizes to Jack for Ty’s being a div and hopes that Jack doesn’t move out.

Tyrone continues to warn Jack about Connie.

“She’s using you!” he says.

“For what? Me flamin’ body! Grow up, son!” Jack retorts.

Later when Molly asks Kevin, who’s been short with just about everyone today, about why he didn’t show for their run, he claimed a bad back. Sally arrives long enough to try to intimidate Molly with her knowledge of abbreviations.

Kevin is still short-tempered with Molly and when she continues to press him on the issue, he admits that he cannot stop thinking about her. He says when they go running and he just wants to jump her bones. Oh, Kevin with smooth talk like that how can any lady resist? Molly slaps him and tells him to stay away from her. But was she smiling to herself as she left the garage?


Steve finds out that Slug has been stopping by to see Becky. When Becky goes to town, he asks Hayley what she knows about him.

“Slug! He’s evil! She needs to stay away from him!” You’ll recall the last time he came to town, the Morris Minor got taken for a joyride.

When Steve confronts Becky with his suspicion that she went to see him, she throws a bag at him and tells him she went to town to get his birthday present.

Jason apologizes to Minnie and especially Tina for getting drunk and being inappropriate last night. Still doesn’t have a chance with either of them. Except maybe Tina.

Janice, Kelly, and Sean decide to taunt Gary Windass who is getting sentenced tomorrow. As he goes back to his house, Sean calls out “That’s right! Go back into your ginger refuge!”

“Oi!” Kelly says. “That’s racist!”

“What? No!” says Sean. “Catherine Tate!” You know, this sketch:

Fizz hasn’t heard from John since yesterday. Julie helps by noting how they say depression is like a prison “which is ironic,” she adds. “Because he’s in a prison.”

Maria told Tony she had a dream where he had red eyes but this in no way is a sign from above or anything.


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11 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – It’s Your Money I’m After Baby

  1. debbie says:

    Oh Julie, this isn’t ironic. Its coincidental. like rain on your wedding day or a free ride when you’re already there.

    This kid is hysterical

  2. kunzie says:

    Tony red eyes….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha John.

    I also liked how proud Sally was to point out to Kevin that she learned the word ‘ergo’ from John Stape.

  3. missusmac says:

    What is in the water on Coronation Street?

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Sally acting like the madam for her daughter is possibly the most disgusting storyline on Coronation Street. Yeck!

    • Tracy Emm says:

      I couldn’t agree more!
      I actually shouted at the tv! “this is too much; they’re taking this way too far!”

      • kunzie says:

        Interesting point….given that a scant 2 years ago or so, Sally was horrified that Rosie would have SEX with Craig Harris. She nearly clapped a chastity belt on ‘er then…

  5. haili says:

    I talk to the screen more than usual lately, mostly to Tyrone, Molly and Kevin. The things I say are not nice.

    Maria and Tony are kind of cute together though it can’t last.

  6. eps says:

    OK, I know hockey, “it’s a Canadian thing” is a big deal a few miles to the north of my house but I was quite unhappy to have missed the episode tonight. Because of being forced to have digital cable (damn you, again, Comcast) and I do not have a digital recorder it is tough to record episodes and we can’t get the on-line episodes. (sigh) Oh well, perhaps I can catch the omni on Sunday IF it is on.
    I really wanted to glare at Rosie’s antics, as well as her ever-shallow mother.

    Tyrone, grow up or you will lose Molly.

  7. margs says:

    Thanks John

    laughed my head off at Ginger. As I said to Kunzie – don’t know were you guys get the “stuff”

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