April 14th – Update For Hump Day

West Coast Choppers has nuthin' on Webster's Garage these days.

Morning at the Platt’s. Gary’s trial is the topic of discussion and Ted thinks families cheering at sentencing is tribal and unseemly. He doesn’t like courtroom theatrics. They discuss Gary going to prison, and Ted finds it sad. Joe points out that the Platt’s themselves are far from innocent.

At the Windasses, Eddy is ironing Gary’s shirt while Anna shines his shoes. Gary is lost in thought, silent. And as much as Eddie might be found wanting in the hygiene department, I will note for the record that he does more around the home than most other blokes on the Street.

At the Webster’s, Kevin has sat up all night drinking by himself. Sally tells him off the next morning, saying it’s uncouth….uncouthed..to do so. Ergo Kevin should not. Sally assumes Kevin has his knickers in a twist over Rosie and Luke. While he is not best pleased, it isn’t what’s keeping Kevin up at night. Sally goes out to work.

Starsky and Hutch...no wait! It's Sally and Kev...

At the Dobb’s Tyrone and Molly are bickering over toast crumbs in the mar-jar-een. Jack says he’s planning to see Connie, and Tyrone tells him to be careful. Jack has had enough of Tyrone putting him through the third degree. After Jack leaves, Molly tells Tyrone he’s acting like a moron. Ty says that Connie isn’t fit to lace Vera’s boots. Molly, like the rest of us has lost patience with Tyrone being obtuse (got it, Sally?) and shouts at him, “fer cryin’ out loud, they’re only mates!” Ty storms out to work. On his way out the door, he bumps into Kevin, who’s come to get the account books off Molly. Ty goes across the road to open up, and Kevin goes inside. Kevin apologizes for offering to jump Molly’s bones. Molly asks that they never discuss the bone-jumping convo again.

At the cab office, the Windasses wait for a car. Eileen makes some chit-chat with Eddie to ease the funereal air.  She says Lloyd gave a solo concert in the cab office – Stars by Simply Red. EIleen points out that Gary resembles Mick Hucknall.

At the bus stop, Jack runs into David, who asks him how the new bird is. Jack shuts down his cheek by asking about Tina. “Don’t worry,” says the poison dwarf, “I’ll get her back.” Darryl happens by then, followed shortly by Ted, who has figured out that David might be going to the courthouse and orders David to follow him.

Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da…

At the garage, Tyrone is pissing and moaning about Molly fighting with him about Jack. Tyrone then leaves to service a broken down car in Bushall.

Tony is walking Ozzy. Molly is putting fresh flowers out front of Dev’s. Kevin backs one of Steve’s cars into the garage. Ted and David sit in Roy’s. Ted tries to persuade David to keep away from the court and leave the gawping to Blanche.

General Jesse Custard wanders into the Rovers, hoping to see Eileen. He succeeds in finding her at a table with Sean and Jason. Introductions are made.

Fiz has come into Roy’s, and updates Hailey on the chain protest and proposal. She says she is prepared to move heaven and earth for the poor shell of a man that used to be John. The guy is no victim though, is he? If not a muderer, he’s certainly a kidnaper. Hailey asks, what about Ches? “Who?” says Fiz.

Molly is at work in Dev’s and Kev comes in to buy water….hey wait….he has a water cooler at the garage…oh yeah, jumping bones….

Maria is trying to think of ways to induce labour and reading from a book. She reads aloud the options until she comes to a particular item…jumping bones!! Tony and Maria giggle about the text and he offers to make curry.

Monica Potter and Colin Farrell...no wait! It's Kevin and Sal.

Molly saunters by the garage some time later on the excuse of needing the books back. Kev is there alone. Molly says they need to discuss the bone-jumping convo. She has put on lots of shiny-shiny red lipstick so we know she has warmed to the idea of her master mechanic. Kevin apologizes again, saying it was all him coming onto Molly, and that she did nothing to encourage his advances. Kevin asks that she please not tell Tyrone. She has more to say, and asks Kevin to close the shutters. She says that his attention flattered her, but she wants the awkwardness between them to end. But she is sending truly scrambled messages because she gives him the sex eyes!!!

Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

...don'cha know.


About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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14 Responses to April 14th – Update For Hump Day

  1. haili says:

    Molly’s all over Kevin like flypaper and just loves his attention.

    Tony and Maria are still cute together and we all have our little faults!

    Thanks for the translation; I had no idea what Eileen and the Windasses were talking about – though I tend to zone out a bit when Eddie appears.

  2. Gayle says:

    Does anyone else find the Molly/Kevin scenes cring worthy? I was shouting at Molly to go home (I was watching the show with my cat). She was certainly coming on to Kevin.

    • Bea says:

      Kevin and Molly are both ignored by their own partners. I see trouble coming.

    • parkdalian says:

      YES! The extreme close-ups of the two of them were making me rather ill. There was a brief window where I like the Molly character (post-bully, pre-desperate housewife), but that’s long gone now. The writers are really inconsistent with her.

      • barbee says:

        Hi def made it worse. Sickening in every sense. I like Molly’s interactions with Jack and her frustration with idiot Tyrone, but girl, stop with the eyes at Kev. Bad bad move.
        David’s close ups were pretty scary too.

    • calliope says:

      I concentrated on doing my nails during the close-ups of Molly and Kevin making cow eyes at each other, because I couldn’t look at the screen.

      Tony and Maria are very entertaining together, as are Jack and Connie, and Jason and Tina. These couples are believable.

      The Molly/Kevin scenes seem contrived and come off as really, really yucky.

  3. I had to turn away from my TV screen when Molly and Kevin were making googly eyes at each other. Blech

  4. haili says:

    Blech is right!

    Eddie’s hair colour is the same as the singer, but the singer seems to know what a shower and clean clothes are for.

  5. Barbie says:

    Thanks so much for that update Kunzie, I missed yesterday’s episode and just watched today’s. From the way Molly and Kevin were behaving, I thought for sure they had done the deed already.
    Love those old pictures of Sal and Kev. I’ve been watching since those days, but I’d forgotten how pretty Sally was.

  6. corrierules says:

    Kunzie, regarding Eddie and the ironing…. I had the same thought. He seems to be quite the Suzie Homemaker. But then Tony was also getting touch this week with his inner domestic diva, what with the spurtle, the curry and helping maria clean house.
    As for Molly and Kevin… feh! He has zero chemistry with her … in fact he has great chemistry with Sally (the woman who is driving him into the arms of another.)
    Speaking of Sally, I was quite put off by how happy she was to pimp her daughter out to Luke. And also quite perplexed that she took the fact her daughter spent the night out in stride. Not from a moralistic point of view… but given the fact that Rosie had been kidnapped, had not been heard from for weeks on end — wouldn’t you think her parents would want her to check in to tell her folks “I’m safe, but staying out the night”? No PTSD in that house!

  7. margs says:

    Thanks love the pics and update. I’m missing it at 7 when I have my supper. You are all so talented on the internet. Don’t know where you find the ‘stuff’

  8. missusmac says:

    Kev and Sal look like the Captain and Tennille — not Rob Lowe and Demi Moore as Sal tried to say at the pub!

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