Update for Tuesday, April 2010 – Paradise by the Dashboard Light


At the Websters’, Sally is wondering how much wine they should get for her birthday part, to which only decent, middle-class folk like Ben’s parents are invited. She wants to get enough so that they don’t think they’re stingy but not so much that they think they’re drunks.

“What do you think, Kevin?”

“Molly’s boobs…I mean…sure, whatever.”

At the garage, a posh lady arrives with slashed tires on her SUV. A distracted Kevin, who’s watching Tyrone and Molly canoodle on the doorstep, tells her to come back at 2:00pm. Forced by fate to throw herself upon the mercy of the working classes, she leaves in a huff.

When Tyrone leaves for a bit, Molly comes over to see Kevin when he gets the brilliant idea to take off in the posh lady’s SUV. They arrive under a bridge and quickly go straight to making out. Unseemly but I guess it’s roomier than a Chevette.

Back in the garage, the posh lady has returned for her car, as she needed to get some papers. Ty thinks Kevin is probably taking it for a test drive. She is not best pleased when Ty is unable to get him on the mobile.

Things heat up quickly, although Molly gets a mild disappointment when she confuses a stick shift with something else. Before it can go too far, they are interrupted by a cop.

They head back to the garage and Kevin boots Molly out a block from their street.

When he gets back, the posh lady calls him and Ty stupid so he angrily tells her to take her flash car and get lost. Frustrated much, Kevin?

Later, he goes to the shop to see Molly and apologize. He suggests a night in a hotel. It’s only his wife’s birthday so really, nothing planned. She tells if they do this, there’s no going back.

“I don’t want to go back,” he says. Because being a likeable character gets you nowhere, apparently.

And this happened:

  • Ted gave David a pep talk about being broken hearted as it happened to him once back before he was gay.
  • Jason didn’t get the mortgage as he doesn’t have a 25% down payment, and is a builder with occasional lulls in employment and whose mortgage partner works in a candy shop. Joe suggests they go in the Rovers to see if they can figure something out. Because Joe, who owes thousands to a loan shark and once lived in his van, is really good with money.
  • Maria’s got the post-partum going on so Tony is now taking care of wee man while Maria sleeps. He will also be going to a workshop to learn how to breastfeed. You keep thinking, ‘Wow what a nice guy’ but then you remember he murdered wee man’s dad.
  • Graeme got Joe his pills but it’s a one-off.
  • Pam got Molly to respond to Bill’s Lonely Hearts ad. Hilarity is sure to ensue. This, by the way, is also the plot to “The Pina Colada Song.”

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17 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 2010 – Paradise by the Dashboard Light

  1. papasmurf1964 says:

    The Chevette was surprisingly roomy

  2. haili says:

    Shades of the 50s when the cop asked Molly and Kevin what they were doing! They still do that; who knew!

    LOL at Joe giving Tina and Jason advice on money matters.

  3. missusmac says:

    No Papasmurf, the ‘vette — as my sister and I referred to our teenage car — was NOT that roomy as I recall.

    WHAT were Kevin and Molly thinking? Making out in someone else’s car in broad daylight under a bridge. Wow. And they say romance is dead.

    Loved Gayle’s assertion that it wasn’t all David’s fault that he chucked bricks, hammers and glass at innocent people on the street. After all, he was very very sad.

  4. corrierules says:

    Yes, Tyrone thinks Kevin is taking the car for a test drive… but actually Kevin is taking MOLLY for a test drive.
    At the risk of repeating myself Kevin and Molly have zero chemistry. The actress has been told to play sexy and smoldering and just looks ridiculous. She tries to slink sexily, and just galumphs about. Meanwhile every scene that Kevin has with Sally, you can just see how well the characters relate to each other.

  5. Gayle says:

    I agree. It is painful to watch. Jason and Tina on the other hand seem to go well together.

  6. haili says:

    LOL – “taking Molly for a test drive” the guy has so much class!

    Gail is still defending poor sad David. Will he have to commit murder to have her see what he’s really like?

    I doubt that little Liam’s grandparents will approve of Tony and having in-laws around will be an added stress for Maria.

  7. Gayle says:

    What’s up with Maria’s parents? They were very supportive when Liam died – now they are never mentioned.

    Tony needs to go home now. Maria has to learn to cope with the baby on her own.
    She doesn’t seem to have a clue how to care for a baby – didn’t she attend prenatal classes and read books?

    My husband predicts post-partem depression as well. Haven’t we had that before with Claire? Not looking forward to it.

    • Beanie says:

      You’re right Gayle, Didn’t Clair think that her baby wasn’t her’s?

      • kunzie says:

        I can’t help but wonder what Mr. Kunzie’s mother would say to Maria, having raised 5 boys, worked full time and cleaned. I think it might start with, “Feh!…”

  8. missusmac says:

    Yeah, that’s weird about the grandparents. Liam’s parents were on the street all the time when Michelle was living with Steve, and Liam was still alive. Perhaps the theory is too many bad memories to be going over now to see the baby.

    Maria’s parents haven’t been around much, they didn’t even go the wedding because they won a cruise or something? Lucky baby though, it has Kirk the Clueless to play with.

  9. Bea says:

    I can’t believe Sally worring over the wine list so she could impress Ben’s parents, and they don’t even drink. lol

    Kevin and Molly making out under a bridge in someone else’s car! ewe! What next? When is Kevin going to grow up? Probably never. Anyway it is interesting to guess how long before they get caught. Not long, I’m guessing.

  10. papasmurf1964 says:

    Kirk will be a great uncle.

    It was a given that Ben’s parents, good church folk, would abstain from drinking.

  11. S. Poole says:

    Noticed in that one outdoor shot in the sun Jason and Tina are the same shade of orange, sort of a nacho Dorito colour. =)

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