Update for Wednesday, Apr. 29: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

Sally’s birthday dawns. At brekky, Rosie gives her a pair of diamond earrings, and totally disses Sophie’s gift of a little cross. Sally quickly reminds everyone it’s the thought that counts…Rosie calls her sister cheap; Sophie slags her back as a show-off. Sally says she’d be grateful for as much party help as possible from her family.

After everyone leaves, Kevin takes the opportunity to present Sally with an elaborate lie for her birthday, saying he’s been invited to a birthday do in Bristol for a bloke called Jimmy Woods. Kevin further pretends that Bristol is a bit far for a party…and he’s not sure if he should go…but his mate can put him up. Sally encourages him to go, telling him, “It’ll be a change if nothing else.” I’ll think about it, Kevin tells her.

"Um, there's this party, right, and it's in my pants...I mean in Bristol.."

At the Dobb’s, Molly has concocted her lie as well – she says she’s going to see her dad Diggory for the weekend, and that she doesn’t want Tyrone ringing every 5 minutes.

Fiz, Ches and Kirk are staring at their morning TV and munching cereal with Backstreet synchronicity. Fiz suggests that Kirk go ’round to Maria’s as she wants a word with Chesney. Fiz tells Ches that she’s going to visit Stape and Chesney storms off before Fiz gets the chance to add that they’re getting married.

Kirk is on Maria’s couch cuddling the baby while Tony and Maria talk in the kitchen. Tony is explaining that he’s planning to make himself scarce during Barry and Helen’s visit. “But how will I cope without you?” Maria whinges.

Jason calls Tina out of work to discuss where they’ll get the money for the flat they want to flip. David walks by without incident. He gets back to the salon and vents to Natasha as Lady Gaga plays in the background. Tony comes in to ask Natasha a favour.

At the garage, Kevin is on his cel ringing someplace called Highbury Castle. Tyrone interrupts the reservation-making process. Sally also drives by in Rosie’s car, deliriously happy. Kevin stops planning hide-the-sausage long enough to wave her off.

Natasha shows up at Maria’s; Tony has arranged for her to give Maria a makeover so she looks good for the inlaws.

Kevin is in Dev’s talking to Molly, as Dev and Umed squabble too loudly to overhear. Kevin tells her that the slap’n’tickle trip is all organized. Molly gives him sex eyes. Di-freakin’-scusting.

Ches is outside, listlessly playing footy. Theresa and Fiz encounter one another by Rosie’s new car. Theresa comments that’s she’d turn it into a scrap heap if she were Fiz. The joke escalates until Fiz gives the car a few thumps with her newspaper. Chesney hollers to the Websters, that someone is abusing the car. The Webs run outside, and Rosie and Fiz have words. Apparently there is a small scratch. Chesney is clearly pleased with himself and says he’d do it again. Ches and Fiz are now openly hostile to one another; Fiz has finally stopped sucking up to Ches about John.

Sally has her place all ready for company. Kevin asks her if she thinks he should go to the party in Bristol. Sally doesn’t remember their earlier conversation. She’s also pissed off that Kevin’s dented the beer supply already. Rosie comes downstairs wearing red bondage gear and helps with the quiches. Kevin keeps banging on about Bristol, trying to get Sally’s total buy-in to his secret snogfest. Sally tells Kevin to hide some of the party food in the washing machine so Sophie’s friends don’t eat it all. The Sophie Gang show up, and they have gotten Sally a gift.

Maria is at home, all gussied up in a rather alarming emerald green. Tony says he’s going to take off now…fearing questions from Barry and Helen about the ‘nature’ of his relationship with Maria. Maria says not to worry, she’ll tell them.

Sally’s party is underway. Rosie is poised to eat Ben until Sophie puts an end to it. Bill chats with Kevin, musing that Sally is looking good, and the Webster’s have always liked attractive women, even though it’s led to trouble. Ben’s parent’s arrive and have a soft drink. Auntie Pam comes in with sandwiches and Sally, incredibly rudely says, “I wasn’t expecting you,” Apparently Tyrone has engaged Pam to help with the catering. When Pam is well inside, Sally chucks her sandwiches under a bookcase and goes to ask Kevin to get more drinks. Tyrone and Molly show up at the party; Molly is all tarted up and Kevin has a sniff and an ogle. Inside, Sally is bragging to Ben’s parents about their house and garden.

Kevin’s cellphone is ringing. Sally picks it up and the caller tells her that Kevin can have an upgrade to an executive suite if he wants one. Molly overhears. Kevin walks in just as Sally is confused and wondering why her husband has booked a posh hotel reservation.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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7 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Apr. 29: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

  1. haili says:

    Just when you think Molvin can’t get more disgusting – they get more disgusting! One can only hope they get caught ASAP.

  2. corrierules says:

    Yes, Kunzie you are right. Molly IS all tarted up and Sally is all dowdy-ed down. That outfit Sally was wearing made her look like an OAP. I sure it was a deliberate move by the show’s PTB. Usually R’Sal looks pretty cute.

    • Bea says:

      I think the dress that Molly was wearing is the same one that Auntie Pam gave her when she wanted to propose to Tyrone. I guess it is Molly’s pulling dress. lol

  3. missusmac says:

    I get it now! This is the affair that will never actually be consummated. That’s the writers joke.

    Of course now Kevin will have to say he the night away for Sally for her birthday. Yawn.

    Yes, how does one explain a problem like Tony, hmmm Maria?

  4. Vancouvercorrie says:

    I really thought that Molly and Tyrone we’re going to be the new Jack and Vera. I’m disappointed, and not only are they killing that dream, they’ve hooked her up with KEVIN? Daddy issues much?

    • missusmac says:

      Not sure if it’s Daddy issues or fishwife wanna-be issues. “Enjoy the hot tub…” is her parting shot. Really???? Right after she yells at him for having to save his bacon regarding the phone call.

      Surely Maria and Tony must see that their ‘relationship’ is weird!!!

  5. Eps says:

    At first I thought the front of Molly’s dress was connected with duct tape. Must be the new TV

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