Win Liz McDonald’s Lingerie and help Leukemia Research!

I received this note from Flaming Nora who asked the Corrie Canucksters to post the following:

A few years ago I was given a set of lingerie that had been part of the Corrie wardrobe for Liz McDonald on Coronation Street (don’t ask!). Anyway, the full set of 100% silk lingerie including pants, camisole top and matching dressing gown is now up for auction in aid of the charity Leukaemia Research.

Corrie fans might remember seeing Liz McDonald on-screen wearing this lingerie, she wore it many times when she was dating gangster Fraser Henderson and he kept her locked up in his flat.

You can place your bid to win the full lingerie set, which has been fully washed, and comes with a signed ITV Certificate of Authenticity, on eBay here.

Come on folks, this is to raise funds for a very good cause and for any Beverley Callard fans out there, well, this is a must-have!

Original link:

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2 Responses to Win Liz McDonald’s Lingerie and help Leukemia Research!

  1. missusmac says:

    These are lovely. I don’t remember the plot line but I find this set to be way too classy for Liz!

    Hope they earn tons of money for the cause.

  2. Mandy says:

    Those are gorgeous and I hope lots of people take part in this, but… those panties look HUGE!!

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