Update for Wednesday, May 12: Don’t Go Away Mad; Just Go Away.

Morning at Maria’s. The suffocating in-laws continue to niggle Maria, speculating about where she was the night before. Helen has gone into Maria’s room and gotten baby Liam before Maria wakes up. They discuss which of them should shower with her. When Maria comes downstairs, she is interrogated about the previous evening’s date, especially whether she was out with Tony.

Presently, Tony knocks on the door, having come to see if everything is okay before he goes to work. Maria assures him it is. He has brought Thomas the Tank Engine books for baby Liam. Tony inquires how long the Connors plan to be staying. Helen picks up on the intended meaning right away and says they have no plans in place to go home, so Tony is stuck with them a while yet. After all, someone has to take shifts going to the loo with Maria.

Helen and Maria have planned to go shopping at the Trafford Centre and are getting their coats on, when at the last minute Maria bails. She wants to go for a walk on her own instead, she says. This causes an argument and Helen asks exactly what is going on between Maria and Tony, and why the whole street thinks they’re an item. Maria storms out, as best as one can storm out with a pram.

Barry and Helen talk in the kitchen. Barry wants to know what kind of man sniffs around a new mother. He can’t be looking to get busy, with all of the wailing and nappies…so what is it? He says there is something unhealthy about Tony and Maria’s relationship and points out that Tony sniffed around Paul’s widow, Carla, before Maria. So their muderer-radar is intact, even if their understanding of privacy and space is non-existent.

Maria is walking with the pram, and meets up with Tony again. Tony is surprised to learn that whole street thinks they’re an item. Why? Just because a busy workaholic entrepreneur is spending every waking moment burping a babee he has nowt to do with? Maria shares her frustration at the Connors’ presence, their attitude and their open-ended departure date.

Tony comes into the Rovers, where Barry is talking with Betty. Tony says it’s high time he and Barry had a little chat and they go outside. Tony urges Barry to reconsider their indefinite visit. He points out that Helen is overbearing; Barry says Helen’s concern is justified. Barry says it’s up to Maria, not Tony, to ask them to leave; Tony says that Maria feels indebted to the Connors, so she thinks she can’t ask them. Barry wants no more of this chat; Tony’s bottom line is that Helen is suffocating Maria, and if she doesn’t back off, they will end up losing their grandson for good.

Twitch Much?

At the busy Grimshaw household, Jesse Custer has kipped over. Sean warns him not to touch his duck eggs, and wonders if Trigger is tied up in the backyard. Jason asks Sean if he wants to go to the gym; Sean becomes somewhat panicked at the thought of Jason going there without him, on account of the porky he has told Leon about he and Jason having “broken up”.

They go to Roy’s for brekky. Eileen is supposed to sign for some shares that Colin left her. She says they’re probably worthless. She also tells Tina and Jason that 12 Corontation Street is going up for auction.

Sean turns up at the gym to meet Jason, and is looking for Leon. Leon is on the terrace, chatting with Jason about football (soccer). Sean comes out, awkwardly saying they’d best be off. Jason wonders why, as they just arrived. Sean says he thought Leon was bothering Jason.

Graham comes into Roy’s and wants to know if Roy sells cocoa, a nearly-extinct drink. Roy of course does, adding that it will come back into fashion. After a lengthy discussion, Graham orders a butty and tea…no cocoa…he just wanted to know Roy’s views on the subject. Once Graham sits, Joe comes in and sits with him, all jonesy and wound-up. Graham says he can get pills for Joe, but it’ll cost 50 quid. Joe gripes that a prescription only costs seven. Graham tells him to go get a prescription then.

Joe meets Jason and Tina in the street and asks them for money. When Tina only has 10 quid, he backs out of the request. Joe can’t seem to lay his hands on 50 quid. Back at the Platt’s he spies Gail’s purse. Checking that no one is about, he rifles through it and “borrows” the money.


It is Claire’s discharge day at the hospital, and Ashley is visiting. He says that Caire gave him quite a scare, and wants to know if she is okay. Claire assures him that she is; as long as he is keeping his vasectomy appointment for that day.

Claire returns home, to hugs from Josh and a request that they make mince pies. Eileen is there, having been babysitting. She hangs around to help Claire settle in. Ashley heads off to check in at the shop before well…you know. After he leaves, EIleen is curious if Ashley is alright…Claire confides about snip-snip day.

Ash is in the pub, psyching himself up for snip-snip. Orange Juice Peter and Lloyd join him. They  inquire about Claire and Peter offers to get a round in. He says the prices at the Rovers are a “snip” compared to in town, where they really “carve” you up. Ashley is onto the wind-up, and asks how Peter knows. Lloyd says Claire told EIleen, who told them. Peter offers to come along with Ashley, and Lloyd offers a drive. Graham turns up then, saying he’s sharpened the knives for some “chopping and slicing” that afternoon. Last, we see Peter and Ashley in the waiting room at snip-snip clinic, Ashley looking a little pale. The nurse calls him in.

In Other News

Ramsay turns up at Emily’s, asking if anyone wants to go for a walk and noticing that Norris is wearing his trainers. Emily takes him up on his offer. Whhen they leave, Freida confides that Ramsay actually drives her nuts because he’s so cherry and in-your-face with the sign language. Norris likes this.


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14 Responses to Update for Wednesday, May 12: Don’t Go Away Mad; Just Go Away.

  1. haili says:

    Thanks for the update. There was so much background music and noise last night, I missed a lot of the dialogue.

    Joe reminds me of Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde.

  2. missusmac says:

    Where is 12 Coronation Street? Is that the flat Karen and Steve lived in?

  3. Gayle says:

    If I’m not mistaken there are two flats above the Kabin. I seem to remember that Rita lived in one and Steve and Karen (with their purple couch) lived in the other.

  4. missusmac says:

    Finally saw all of this week’s episodes. I was surprised (a) that Ashley needed a vasectomy and that (b) he didn’t get one!

    Wasn’t there a problem with Ashley’s fertility when Maxine so wanted a baby? (Calling Dr. Ramstead… STAT!)

    And if not, um, how quickly will Clare notice she’s pregnant again?

    Loved David’s toss of Joe’s pills into the fire. David is so awful I love to hate him.

    • Bea says:

      I wonder why Joe hasn’t realized that Gail works in a doctor’s office, and could probably get pills.

  5. TracyEmm says:

    I am not impressed with this whole storyline about Ashley… sorry but I can’t see what the issue is… it’s a simple procedure, in and out of the docs office — and he can’t do that, given the state his wife is in????
    And David just continues to get on my nerves. I know Joe is a jerk, but really, David gets under my skin so much, I tend to be more forgiving when it comes to Joe!

    • missusmac says:

      I agree! Clare pointed out what horrible mental state she was in after Freddy’s birth, said she was scared it would happen again, and that she loved their family as it was. I thought for Clare, that was pretty touchy feely and honest, and she has every right to expect him to do what needs doing.

      David is a jerk, and so was Tracey. I always feel they have no personal boundaries, and expect them to scale new heights of awfulness. By comparison, Tony and Richard Hillman have/had boundaries — loyalty, family commitment, etc. — but are, I think, truly evil.

  6. haili says:

    Sometimes I have to laugh at David and the mean things he gets up to with Joe. Joe needs to smarten up a bit and see a doctor about his pill addiction but that won’t likely happen until some crisis or crime does or he lands in jail. Well, I don’t think he’s been there yet, unlike most of the Corrie gang.

  7. barbee says:

    I know, I know, this is a soap, but the writers are giving us short shrift by turning almost all the characters into caricatures. Kirk, who used to be just simple and sweet, is now barely functioning. Rosie, always difficult, is now all flounce and bounce, with no brains at all. And after the incident with Sophie’s boyfriend, are they trying to dumb her down, too? Norris has always been Norris, but this bunion thing is silly. And would Sean have asked “do you think I’m camp?” a year ago? He used to know and love that he was. I like Eileen and her new beau, but does he have to be a cowboy? And why do this to Kevin & Molly – neither actor has the heart to even act this out with any credibility.
    But, I keep watching, so they must be doing something right!

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