Update for Wednesday, May 20th: Rosie’s Heels and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Rosie: head west and south until you see a sign reading, "Good ol' boys thatta way."

Fiz is scrambling around the house looking for her engagement ring. Ches has taken it and seems pleased to be causing her distress.

Maria is out and about early with baby Liam and she runs into Tony. Hr doesn’t hang around to chat  – He says he’s swamped at work and has to actually go to work, stay at work, and do work during the workday. (okay he didn’t say that exactly)

Joe sits on the couch wearing his new face – pasty and excruciated. David chirps to Joe that it’s a beautiful day, but oh yeah, not for you, you want pills. He gives Joe back the money Joe stole from Gail’s purse. The burden of David’s terms are weighing heavily on Joe, and he says it won’t be easy to sell David to Tina. Gail breaks up this dark chatter, coming in happily and obliviously with Freshco’s bags. I think Platt is ancient Dutch for ‘doormat’.

Eileen and Tina are in the Grimshaw living room when Jason comes in saying the loan for their downpayment has been approved. They arrange to go have a look at #12 later.

Helen and Barry arrive at Maria’s. They are on their way to the airport and want to apologize for their behaviour. Everyone makes nice and they invite Maria to come and stay in Ireland for a bit. She says she’ll think about it.

Tina is out front of #12 when Joe ambles by. He begins launching his addiction-fed plan to manipulate Tina into dumping her man for a spotty sociopathic boy and does a super-good job of it. Not. Eileen and Jason arrive with the key and the four of them go upstairs. Joe continues moaning about the amount of work it will take to fix up. Eileen however, is optimistic and thinks the pair can make a go of it.

Chesney is out in the street looking crabby, and Anna Windass tries to be kind. Ches tells her off, blaming Eddie for getting him sacked from his paper round. This is the same Eddie that Ches chucked a pop can at. If I had winged a pop can at an adult when I was 15, you would not be reading this. Because I would be dead.

David runs into Darryl outside the Kabin, just as the gang emerges from #12 and Joe looks sidelong at David.

Julie has stopped by to see Fiz. As Fiz is clearly upset, Julie urges her to get her worries off her chest. Fiz admits she’s lost something…her engagement ring. Julie is surprised, but ultimately supportive.

Tina, Jason and their parental units are in the Rovers, as are David and Darryl. David overhears Jason tell Becky how happy he is about the flat. Flat? What flat?

Julie and Fiz have joined forces to try and find the ring. Fiz tells her that Roy and Hailey are against the wedding . Fiz confesses that she fears Chesney will go off the rails if he finds out. She further adds that she has lied to John about telling Ches, and about folks’ attitudes in general. It would seem to me that Ches, formerly a practical, even-tempered soul, has gone off the rails already and it will only escalate from chucking pop cans.

Amy and Becky have come into Roy’s, wearing matching heart-shaped sunglasses to have beans on toast. Becky asks Hailey to be her maid of honour and for Roy to give her away. Anna offers that Eddie is a dab hand with cakes, and Becky is pleased to take her up on the offer. Roy gives Becky 200 pounds for her wedding fund. She is most grateful and calls him a peach.

Outside, in the best cheesy-camp scene in ages, Rosie is soaping her car in 3 inch heels and Daisy Dukes. Sally comes home and they chat brefly as Chesney watches.

Tony comes in to Maria’s as she is hanging up the phone. She has made plans to go to Ireland and stay with Barry and Helen, and tells Tony this. Her main motivation seems to be to obtain help with the baby and get some sleep…since this has been Tony’s main activity, he is a bit jealous and jaw-clenchy. He says he’s come around to apologize if he was abrupt earlier.

Back at Rovers’, Joe continues to put down Tina and Jason, however Eileen offers a loan to the twosome, which they accept.

David corners Joe in the hallway and Joe fills him in on the house flip. David has upped the ante and insists that Joe split up Jason and TIna and decline to fit their kitchen. And Joe looks pained because, of course, David Platt is the only source of painkillers in the entire British Empire, so what choice does he have but to upend his daughter’s life? What’d they do, blow the dust off a Dallas script for this one?

Lloyd is ringing Spain to get hold of Liz. Some bloke answers and then hangs up on Lloyd.

Rosie finishes up her car wash to the strains of Lady Gaga and goes inside. Ches comes by, sees the keys and hops in the motor. He starts the vehicle and, in the clumsiest carjacking east of Cardiff, lurches and bangs his way out of Coronation Street.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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12 Responses to Update for Wednesday, May 20th: Rosie’s Heels and a Bunch of Other Stuff

  1. S. Poole says:

    I think Platt is ancient Dutch for ‘doormat’.

    Hah, that is gold! 🙂

    Corrie writers recycle young kid steals fast car angle yet again, Ryan did the same not so long ago.

  2. haili says:

    Good update!

    Jason or David? Any girl would have to be as crazy as David to pick him.

    Joe has a face like a slapped backside or wet weekend – or something equally dismal.

  3. missusmac says:

    Is it because he won’t be able to work that Joe doesn’t go to a doctor to have his back pain dealt with? What else is there left for David to demand from Joe — world peace and a new pair of shoes?

    It occured to me that if Sarah Platt was dressed like Rosie, and washing a car on the street, Sally would be full of disdain for how common she was…

    Wonderful update Kunzie!

  4. Barbie says:

    How the hell do you wash a car with the top down? Of course if you can do it in heels that high, I suppose you can avoid getting the interior wet. Funny scene.
    I want to slap Joe’s pasty white face. Whatever psyco boy does to him is fine with me, he is such a LOOSER arrghhh

  5. haili says:

    Psycho boy is right! Even Joe must have his limits but we haven’t seen them yet. Slapping, or a pie in the face would be good; anything to liven up this story line.

  6. chumola says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Maria’s in-laws are up to something…didn’t Ivy Tilsley baptize Sarah way back? Maria’s in-laws seem to be of the same cut as good old Ivy!

  7. Gayle says:

    What I don’t get is why does Maria need so much “help” with the baby. It’s not like he’s colicky or anything. The reason she is going to Ireland is because she must be going on maternity leave.

  8. missusmac says:

    It was summertime at that filming, and so people were probably going on actual vacations — Ty, Molly, Maria. (Take several weeks, Maria! Take Joe with you!)

    I think in real life Maria was 5 or 6 months pregnant at this time,so close to maternity time.

    Nice to hear that Jim may liven up the street with Steve and Becky’s wedding coming. That would be worth tuning in for!

  9. joy says:

    Remind me: who were the best man & maid of honour who were lined up for Steve & Becky’s wedding a few weeks ago? What happened to her dress?

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