Update for Wednesday, May 26: The Village of the Damned

Joe is in his Krazy Kitchens van, staking out the medical centre.

Auntie Pam and Kevin chat outside the builders’ yard, about the theft of Rosie’s car. Pam mentions that Molly contacted her and is having a top notch holiday – sangrias at sunset and topless bathing. As Pam departs, Chesney shows up with Schmeikel. Kevin confronts him about taking Rosie’s car and is perplexed as to why Ches did it. Kevin thinks he did it to look cool for the chicks, which Ches denies. Kevin goes on to say that Fiz is taking the rap for it and Ches should come to the Websters’ and apologize.

Sally isn’t quite ready to accept Chesney’s apology. Ches explains he did it because he hates John Stape, wanted to drive up to the prison, fling the ring back at John and punch him in the face. Sally says this is the worst plan sh’s ever heard and thinks Rosie should decide whether or not to call the authorities. Sophie, hovering in the background, finds a box of sushi and wants to know which posh person Sally is copying by bringing sushi to work for lunch.

Eileen, Tina and Jason are at the property auction. Just as the flat comes up for auction, EIleen has to go to the loo, leaving Jason and Tina to bid. Jason waits patiently until the starting bid drops to 30,000 pounds. The bidding continues until it’s at 48, then the Grimshaws limit of 50,000. Afraid of losing the property, Jason and Tina hold on and prevail at 54,750 pounds. Eileen returns from the lav in time to gasp in shock.

Pam and Bill have moved their chat about noting in particular to the Rovers. Rosie is there, giving Luke the third degree about Michelle. She asks what Michelle has that she doesn’t. A kid and a green toothbrush, apparently. Rosie flounces off just as Tony comes in. Tony suggests to Luke that he has some kissing up to do with his jailbait girlfriend. Luke returns that at least his GF is in the country.

“What is this place?” Tony asks aloud to no one in particular, “it’s like the Village of the Damned.” The movie where everyone disappears.

The village of the damned can spit back Danny Baldwin any time...

Gail, meanwhile, had been running a bath for job, and becomes distraught when she discovers he has disappeared. She sees Audrey in the street, equally distressed at having broken a nail that morning.  With her razor-sharp people-senses, Gail has deduced that something is seriously wrong with Joe.  Audrey offers to make tea. She then tells her doormat daughter to find someone normal.

Joe is back around the corner in the van watching the medical centre. To his annoyance, Sophie is in front of the medical centre chatting on her cel. Joe watches, then breaks down in tears and begins bawling, sweating and jonesing. While a song is playing that sounds like the Barenaked Ladies but isn’t. Finally Sophie goes away.

Michelle meets Luke on the street. And, ironically, asks what Rosie has that she doesn’t. A sports car and money is the response. They agree to go have a pint.

The coast is finally clear for Joe, who lets himself in to the medical centre. Which has an alarm. Which goes off. He exits, and I’m thinkin’ hey, those alarms really DO discourage thieves…but no…he’s just going to the Krazy Kitchens van to get a sledgehammer to try and break the alarm.

Meanwhile, Gail and Audrey can hear the alarm and have a chat about how alarms always go off for no reason. Gail then decides it’s coming from the medical centre. She peeks outside, and sure enough, it is. Gail comes back in the house  looking for her keys. When several seconds of searching fail to turn them up, she cries, “I’ve been robbed!” Not: “Shit, I’ve misplaced my keys, perhaps they’re in a pocket.” She has been robbed, and the bolt finally clicks into place. She rushes to the medical centre to save David Richard Nick the foot doctor Joe from himself.

Joe has failed in his attempt to silence the alarm. He is now onto plan B, which is a Visigothic ransacking of the medical centre. He takes his sledge to a locked steel cabinet after not being able to find the painkillers in any of the regular cabinets.

Gail enters the medical centre front door and sees the trashed interior and Joe, with sledgehammer, looking like a red-eyed disaster.

In other news:

Apparently Maria is coming home tomorrow, and Tony is all icky-happy.


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19 Responses to Update for Wednesday, May 26: The Village of the Damned

  1. Kris Stinnissen says:

    Amen to having Danny Baldwin back! I was just thinking the same thing as I was watching him on “Law and Order UK” last night…

    • blueheadlights says:

      What channel are you getting law and order uk on. We had it for a bit but it disappeared.

    • TracyEmm says:

      I think I’m mis-understanding your comment… Danny Baldwin is coming back to Corrie??? or do you simply mean you get to watch the actor on Law UK?

      • Kris Stinnissen says:

        I WISH Danny was coming back to Corrie, as expressed under the above Village of the Damned picture, that’s where the AMEN comes from…but I do enjoy him on L&O UK a lot.

      • TracyEmm says:

        ohhhh… I got ya! I was getting excited there for a minute! I would love for him to come back too! He added great humour and male fashion to the show! 😉

  2. S. Poole says:

    Now THAT is the Kev I want to see more of, love it when he puts Sally (better still Rosie) in her place.
    If only he could join with Ches to take down the evil John Stape and leave Molly the hell alone.

  3. Gayle says:

    I agree I thought Kevin was really good with Chesney and put Sally and Dosie in their place yay!

    Gail on the other hand…if my boyfriend took my keys out of my purse and totally trashed my place of employment. I’d have a few more words to say than “Joe”. Unbelievable!

  4. haili says:

    One of the things I like best about Corrie is the way people help each other. Kevin and Ann have both been really great with Chesney and I almost like the nasty Windasses when they try to help him.

    Gail was pretty unbelievable with Joe. He would have hit the road ages ago from my place. Maybe he’ll kick the drug habit now – but then he has the loan sharks and unemployment to contend with so there will be no sunny smiles, I fear.

    Eileen sure took a long time in that bathroom.

  5. Beanie says:

    I thought that was a heck of a lot of money to pay for a small flat especially if they want to flip it.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Thanks for the update! I missed the show yesterday — was Joe flipping out at the clinic entertaining to watch?

  7. haili says:

    Joe was almost painful to watch, especially the crying when Gail found him. I suppose his acting was good if addicts make you want to slap them. Maybe now he’ll get some help but I was surprised he spent no time in jail.

  8. Trudy says:

    I loved the way everyone came out on the street to complain about the alarm (the best Anna saying her Eddie just went down for his nap) but no one did anything about it.

  9. TJ says:

    I was laughing at Joe, being a contractor, trying to use the crowbar to silence the alarm and the sledgehammer to open the cabinet. Most people would have done the opposite.

  10. Robin says:

    Does anyone remember a few weeks ago when we saw Slug slip something in Becky’s purse (drugs I assumed) and we say the mean, bald headed detective hanging around. Did anything ever happen with that? I would have thought Becky would have noticed later….it would seem like Slug is back to setting her up but I just wondered why it was abandoned weeks ago???

  11. haili says:

    Joe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! He had a lot of nerve, IMO, implicating Graham and David after begging and pleading and pestering them to get the pills. It’s about time he took some responsibility for his own actions instead of blaming others.
    I’m sure we’re in for more angst when the loan sharks start bugging him. Maybe, with any luck, he’ll get bumped off soon.

    • TracyEmm says:

      true. I don’t want to see Graham go down for anything, but David took complete advantage of the situation and Tina obviously knows in her gut that he was of no help to Joe.
      I’m sure many viewers seen this coming – Joe being a complete and utter loser — but I am a bit surprised that they made him stoop this low. But that’s Soaps for you — gotta keep the storylines going! I’m getting tired of David the nasty and Gail the victim – hope this storyline wraps up soon… its Hillman all over again ofcourse.

      • TracyEmm says:

        now, having said that about the dragging of the Joe/Gail storyline — I was completely shocked at the end of last nights episode! I thought the Tony/Maria Declaration of Love would take forever! can’t believe we signed off last night in the clench of a kiss! a ha!!!!
        I like all the dimensions of Tony Gordon… hats off to the actor – he’s doing a fine job and is showing he is capable of many different roles/personalities in a character!

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