Monday May 31st 2010 – My Mom’s Birthday Update

UK Time – August 10th 2009 – Episode II

The show opens with Tony in Maria’s house and the audience suffocating under the love that dare not be spoken. Maria admits that living in Ireland may be a bit crazy (also, considering how their children turned out, do you really want the Connor parents exacting their influence over her baby). Tony takes the news like a champ and once Michelle arrives and starts crying, he decides to leave. Maria gazes as he walks out the door, outside, Tony looks dead sexy dejected.

A bit later on Maria and Michelle are talking and Michelle makes a plan that when Maria moves to Ireland, Michelle and Ryan will move into the house. Maria doesn’t look so sure. In fact, she looks miles away, but since Michelle is talking about herself, she doesn’t notice. Maria gets up off the couch and asks Michelle to watch Liam for a little bit while she runs some errands.

In the pup, Audrey and Tony chat about Maria’s tentative plan to move to Ireland while about six inches away Fiz and Maria talk about the fact that Maria loves Tony. Fiz urges Maria to tell him how she feels. You see, Fiz knows that it makes no sense to deny your feelings. Just like she couldn’t deny her feelings for John. If Fiz can admit to loving jail-bait abducting jail-bird John, Maria can admit to loving murderous control freak with a taste for anything Conner Tony.

Emboldened by Fiz’s encouragement, it looks like Maria will take action. While at home alone with the baby, Tony pops by and Maria decides that the best way to let Tony know how she feels is to ask him to be Liam’s Godfather. Tony’s reaction isn’t good as he doesn’t want to be relegated to cash greeting cards. Finally he tells her that he doesn’t want her to leave Weatherfield. Maria says, “you only had to ask!” and they kiss! This is just like my real life.

It seems the only person who seems to have any sense in the Plat story line is Tina. There was some altercation in the kitchen where Tina makes David know that he is no good scum and David pretends to be all offended that Tina thinks he had anything to do with Joe’s problems. Tina keeps everything she knows from Gail. Gail blinks moronically.

Our poor Graham is now worried that he will get sent down again for getting Joe the drugs. David assures him that nothing can go wrong. Graham tells David that he is starting a life and is enjoying it and is happy. He suggests that David try the same.

Meanwhile Tina and Joe talk about David’s involvement with the drugs and Joe insists that he doesn’t want Gail to know anything. Undaunted, Tina makes a bee-line for Graham and gets part of the story out of him.

A bit later, back at Gail’s, Tina confronts David and tells him that she knows how he is responsible for Joe’s condition. She threatens David and leaves making it clear that he makes her sick.

In Other News

Graham knows everything about black and white movies. He gets more and more awesome every episode.

Claire is demanding that Ashley have sex with her. This whole thing made me really uncomfortable.

Becky had a secretive phone call and Steve wonders what its all about.

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8 Responses to Monday May 31st 2010 – My Mom’s Birthday Update

  1. Rebecca says:

    I nearly choked on my dinner during the previous episode, when Michelle snotily informed Tony that the “family” was grateful for what he’s done (!!!) but that he wasn’t “flesh and blood”… unlike Ryan???
    I know that Tony is a buggy-eyed crazy murderer, and no doubt he and Maria will End In Tears… but if lovin’ him is wrong, I don’t want to be right. And it must be said, he treats Maria much better than cheating pretty-boy Liam.

    Oh, and Graham rocks. End of….

  2. Gayle says:

    Brilliant update! Love the comment – Gail blinks moronically.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Maria very whiny. She never seems to look after her baby! If it isn’t Liam’s mother, it’s Tony and now Michelle. I’m sure the actress is a very nice lady but I wouldn’t miss her if she left. ( She also looks quite pregnant in real life)

    I’m loving Graham more and more.

    Ashley is such an immature jerk – lying to his wife after all she has been through.

  3. haili says:

    Maria always seems young and immature for her age but I guess we’re supposed to imagine her looking after the baby when Tony’s working. If it’s a choice between her and Michelle leaving, I hope it’s Michelle.

    It seems that all the husbands lie to their wives until they get found out and then it seems much worse. It’s the law on Corrie.

    I think Joe was a jerk for telling Tina about Graham getting the pills, but the guy really is a loser. Gail sure knows how to pick em.

  4. kunzie says:

    Happy Birthday Debbie’s mom!

  5. TracyEmm says:

    oh my gosh, what was Becky like in that wedding dress?!?!? I preferred the pink gown, from Wedding Attempt #1 much better! (well, not that much better I suppose!!!) And Liz, her outfit… she’s a riot! I just love the Corrie cast for all that they are! Great episode!

  6. Gayle says:

    I agree wasn’t that dress a freak show!
    So glad to see Bev Callard back after all of her health issues.

  7. haili says:

    Nice to see Jim and Andy too. Poor Becky can’t get a break though.

    Did anyone see the bit on CBC news about the Corrie episode with Tony being cancelled due to the shootings in England?

  8. isis says:

    Liz looked so good with her hair pulled back, minimal makeup and normal clothes. It’s too bad we can’t see her like that more often.

    It was a nice surprise seeing Andy back. And, I’ll tell you this and I’ll tell you no more: I love ol’ Jim MacDonald.

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