Super-late Update for Wednesday: The Never-Ending Wedding, Part Uno

Wedding day! Lloyd is singin’ up a storm to northern soul while he irons Steve’s shirt, and a pudgy, hairy Stevie does the shimmy.

A happy group gets ready at Roy and Hailey’s – Natasha works on Amy and Becky. “Royston, how do I look?” asks Becky turning to show Roy her makeup. She is caked like Tammy Faye and will need a jackhammer to chisel herself out. Hailey has upped the wow factor a tad in a sparkly plum dress. Becky says that yes, she has succeeded in getting Jim McDonald to come to the wedding.

Liz has stayed hidden at Dierdre’s, and the morning finds her tarted up like a Mexican cancan dancer when son Andy comes to the door. They go to see check on Steve’s preparations. Steve has two mobile phones jammed in his ears; he is talking to the photographer on one and on the other to the limo driver. He is shocked when his family shows up, but finally gives them a hug.

Lloyd is downstairs at this point and bumps into Andy. He quickly figures out quickly Liz is upstairs.

Dirty copper ‘Ooch and Slug meet in a rainy alley. Hooch gives Slug an envelope which Slug doesn’t want to use on Becky’s wedding day.

Steve and his mother talk. He wants to know what Liz is really doing back. Liz has returned apparently because she’s decided to be a better mother and grandmother. Lloyd barges in and asks what Liz is playing at, saying they’re supposed to be a couple and he deserves a bit of respect. Liz more or less hints that things have gone tets-up and Lloyd is now binned.

Beckys hair has been done up like a bouffant of floss and she is now panicking because she’s heard that both Liz and Jim will be at the wedding. Slug has snuck into the Rovers and planted the nasty envelope in Becky’s purse. Betty sees him but just assumes he’s wandered in early.

Barbarella Becky emerges onto the street for her wedding looking like the Bratz Wedding Princess. She sports a white, feather-festooned mini-dress that is tacky and yet edgy all at once. Her hair is topped with a tinfoil headband. She suddenly says she feels sick. She nearly hurls but Roy calms her down and tells her to breathe. He delivers a sweet speech about pre-wedding jitters.

The registry office is decorated with purple & white balloons. Jesse is dressed in his cowboy jacket. Ashley Unsnipped & Clarie are there. Jim McDonald turns up, and he and Liz do the Burton and Taylor I-want-to-shag-you-with-my-eyes thing. Becky arrives and everyone says she looks fantastic. Steve wants to snog her face off, but is told not ’til after.

Meanwhile back on the street, Eddie and Len are painstakingly carrying the Parthanon sponge cake into the reception. Fiz nearly knocks the cake over on her scooter. I thought the Windasses had banned Len?

The ceremony continues. Steve gets his vows out and blows his nose. Becky adds hers and….the McDonalds are finally married, sealed with a kiss!

Michelle shows up to get her stuff at Maria’s. She has also come to apologize. Michelle says she doesn’t cope well with change. Maria is relieved. We learn that Michelle was pregnant at fifteen. Maria says she never stopped loving Liam, but he’d want her to be happy. Michelle and Maria phone Barry & Helen together, to tell them that Maria and Tony are together, so live with it.

Steve and Becky snog all the way back to the Rovers. Rita and Emily greet the newlyweds as the car stops. Steve tries to carry Becky over the threshold and puts his back out while Your Body is a Wonderland is playing.

The newlywed McDonalds enter and the bride wants to speak. Becky thanks everyone for coming. She says as boss of this wedding, she officially declares the bar and buffet open. Later, Lloyd is delivering a speech themed: ‘loving Steve McDonald is no easy task.’  Becky says she has an announcement. She apologizes to Steve for mucking up his first wedding. And she has a surprise. It’s a fabulous luxury honeymoon in the Greek Islands.

Just then, the police enter. It’s the drug squad with a warrant to search the pub.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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6 Responses to Super-late Update for Wednesday: The Never-Ending Wedding, Part Uno

  1. lovethestreet says:

    I love scenes with Jim, so I do. They’re dead on, so they are. And he always calls Liz “Elizabeth”, so he does.
    If only he had been sporting his Blue Jays shirt, it would have been perfect!

    • corrierules says:

      I agree. I’ll tell you this and I’ll tell you no more: Love the Jimmy Mac catchphrases. When Jim said “catch yerself on” I did a little happy dance, so I did.

  2. haili says:

    Loved the description of Becky’s makeup LOL. Still, I thought the dress suited her personality, though the feathers brought on sneezing fits by the groom.

    I thought Jim might be more sympathetic to Becky or at least encourage Steve to support her a bit. Liz was just her usual nasty self where one of Steve’s women is concerned.

    Liz isn’t usually so shy with her men so why was she so afraid to talk to Lloyd?

    Let’s’ hope Betty remembers seeing Slug when they try to figure out who planted the drugs.

  3. missusmac says:

    At the Friday episode, I wanted to ‘slug’ Liz myself. “It’s my name over the pub door…”she says, before sending Becky to live in shame in the attic.

    Puh-leeze. I really hope Steve grows a pair, and gives Liz the blast she deserves. Liz hasn’t been around for months, and it was Steve’s money that put her name above the door.

    Anyone else wondering why Deirdre wasn’t at the pub? Liz’s best friend all.

  4. Gayle says:

    I agree. Liz was very rude to Becky. As much as Becky is sometimes way over the top I really felt sorry for her. I couldn’t believe Steve’s reaction sitting there in the pub and getting hammered!

    It is obvious that Becky needs the services of a good solicitor. Love that Hailey and Roy stood by her.

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