Monday June 7th 2009 – The Update – Not the Most Interesting Episode Ever.

UK Time – Monday August 17th 2010 – Episode II

The show opens in the Rovers where Liz and Steve are yelling at each other over Becky. Steve is trying to get his mother to believe that Becky has been set up. The argument moves to the back of the pub and Becky comes down the stairs shouting to Liz that she is innocent. There is no way that Liz is believe her and the argument ends with Liz calling ‘Becky a ‘dirty, disgusting, drug dealing tramp.’

Upstairs at the Rovers, Becky is telling Steve that Liz is only saying what everyone else is thinking. She is afraid that she will end up in prison. Perhaps she should ask Kelly Crabtree what to expect when someone sets you up.

Anyway, Becky and Steve try to figure out who set her up and Steve comes up with Slug. He’s correct, but Becky says that Slug hasn’t been in the pub for ages. Betty has, but they don’t know that yet. A few minutes later, Steve leaves alone to sort everything out.

A bit later in the pub Jim and Andy are trying to convince Liz to allow Steve to deal with his own life. This is a totally unknown concept for Liz and I don’t think she really understood it.

A couple minutes, the Croppers arrive looking to check in on Becky. The go upstairs to speak to Becky and she is convinced that Steve has left her. Meanwhile, Steve is off watching Hootch and tries to “sort it” by offering him a bribe for the amount of dosh that I carry in my purse (total lie, I carry about 35 cents). Well, there’s a mug born every minute because Hootch agrees, takes the money and then makes it clear that he’ll just keep lying.

Tyrone and Molly are back from the trip. They look well rested and Kevin sees them out of the cab and rolls over to speak to them. You can see that Kevin and Molly are uncomfortable speaking to each other.

A bit later, Tyrone goes into the garage and Kevin tells him that he wasn’t expecting him to work. However, Tyrone says that he is a bit of trouble with Molly because the night before he got drunk with friends on holiday. Although, overall the holiday was like a second honeymoon.

Kevin is clearly troubled by Molly being back from holiday and leaves the garage for a few minutes to go see Molly and convince her to pull out of the charity run. It didn’t really go over well as Molly refused to pull out of the run.

A little bit later as Molly washes the dishes, Tyrone arrives home with a bouquet of high quality flowers for Molly. They embrace but Molly looks like her head is elsewhere.

In Other News

Ramsay has announced to Emily and Norris that he is heading back to Australia. Norris looks surprised. Really Norris?

The Websters are talking about moving to Cheshire. Imagine, Sally Webster let loose in Cheshire.

Claire is planning that fete, she is looking to rope others in her cause and Peter convinces Ashley to pretend to be interested so that it will be easier to tell her that he didn’t get a vasectomy? Does that make any sense?

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8 Responses to Monday June 7th 2009 – The Update – Not the Most Interesting Episode Ever.

  1. TracyEmm says:

    Please no more of this sad “Kevin and Molly In Lust” storyline – I can’t take it anymore!

    So happy that Steve has finally stood by Becky, and I’m actually starting to ‘accept’ them as a couple (previously I could not ‘feel’ the chemistry between them at all).

    And way to go Roy and Haley for standing by Bex from the start! Love the Croppers! 🙂

  2. haili says:

    I was also happy that Steve finally stood up for Becky and I’m liking her more these days. Maybe it’s because she’s the underdog these days, and Liz is just so nasty. Let’s hope Steve lets Liz know that he won’t be pushed around.

    Sad to see Molly back.

    The fete sounds boring so far.

  3. Bea says:

    I hope Ramsey decides to stay. He and Emily make a cute couple.

    • isis says:

      I agree! However, I’m a little worried about Ramsey. It doesn’t seem within character for him to screw up Rita’s deliveries, and he explained it away by saying that he needed to sit down.

      He also made a comment about life being too short the other day. I think he may have tracked down Norris to make amends for a reason.

      • Bea says:

        ummm – a couple of hints that I didn’t catch. Makes you wonder.

      • missusmac says:

        I’m wondering if Ramsey is ill? He’s had some appointments, he’s made reference to life being to short and wanting to make amends… would be a very poignant story if so, since he has found happiness with this group of friends.

      • Bea says:

        Now I’m sad! ;o(

  4. missusmac says:

    I think the fete could have some ‘legs’ in that it will be one of those events the whole street would be involved in, like the 2000 New Year’s Eve celebration. So far though, it’s not been riveting

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