Update for Wednesday, June 9: Let’s All Be Cows


Gail comes downstairs in a fuzzy housecoat, looking lost and morose. Joe is making her brekky in bed, sensing that his free ride might be coming to an end. Gail appreciates his efforts but says it all seems a bit too late. She feels wrung out by it all. She’s not sure if she wants them to finish.

At the McDonalds in back of the Rovers, Becky is winding Liz up, saying she’ll open up the bar and sprinkle drugs on Betty’s hot pot. Steve has made copies of Slug’s wanted poster. Becky goes to get changed. Liz, for the umteenth time, makes her dislike of Becky clear. Cow. Steve, once again, sticks by Becky.

Joe is lying on the couch, and decides to go ’round to the flip-flat. Eileen is there with Tina and Jason, and thinks they’ve got some task ahead of them. She leaves and the young couple flirt a little. Tina takes off her charm bracelet to get ready to strip (wallpaper). Joe turns up then, offering help, and also knows where to get some drywall scaffolding. Jason and Tina decide to go out and get some bits and pieces while Joe makes a start of things.

At the cab office, Steve has marshalled the troops and handed out the Slug identification kits. The drivers disperse to search for Slug, with the reward of a drink as an incentive. When they leave, Becky encourages Lloyd to patch things up with Liz…with the agenda of getting Liz off her case. Lloyd clearly want to do this anyway.

Joe is at his van, unloading some drywall scaffolds that he has borrowed for the flip-flat. David happens by, and offers to help Joe up the stairs with the scaffolding.  Joe reluctantly agrees. They get the stuff upstairs, knocking Tina’s charm bracelet into a nook in the floor.  F-o-r-e-s-h-a-d-o-w-i-n-g…..Joe tells David to shove off, after David makes a few nasty cracks about the flat.

At the Dobb’s, Molly is making Tyrone lunch, in a resentful, seethy type of way and taking nasty potshots at Tyrone about his weight. Must say that Molly’s current attitude is causing me to take potshots at her…such as how did her exercise regimen leave her with such a skinny body and a big chubby head? Cow. Aaaaanyway….sandwich making…Molly wants to know why Tyrone never burns off anything he’s fed. Ouch. Connie pops in, and Tyrone, now in a sour mood because his honey is being a cow-pie, snipes at Connie: “You’re here so often I’m beginning to think you live in a tent.” Oh yeah – and he suggested Molly has chickened out of the half-marathon.

Joe is scrapin’ away when Tina and Jason return. Tina has a look for her charm bracelet…which is gone. She is perplexed about it’s whereabouts, until Joe mentions that David came up briefly. As far as Tina’s concerned, it’s case closed, and since he is petty and horrible, he has taken it.

Tina calls round to the Platts, barges in and tries to search David for the bracelet. David is justifiably indignant at being blamed. They have one of their four-way MacIntyre-Platt fights, and Jason nearly punches David out.

As everyone is exiting the Dobbs’ house, Jack is upset that Tyrone was nasty to Connie implying she’s sponging off Jack. Connie says that she prefers it this way – at least Tyrone is offering his honest opinion of her.

Out of nowhere in particular, Jesse drags himself up the street in full civil war regalia, covered in custard pudding and carrying his blow-up cactus. This, in itself, was reason enough to watch Wednesday. He goes to Eileen’s who offers him laundry service with benefits.

Bill is hard at work in the builders when Pam comes by. He’s short-handed on account of Jason flipping the flat. Pam has a few out-of-trunk ideas to boost Bill’s income. Apparently he’s in financial trouble.

Joe comes in to the Platts, asking if David has “owned up” yet. The fight resumes, and David storms out. Gail jumps to David defense, as usual.

At the flip-flat, Jason and Tina decide to get take-away, which Jason goes out for. Once outside, he buzzes to Tina because he’s forgotten what she ordered. David is hiding aruound the corner from the flat and hears this exchange. After Jason leaves, he rings, pretending to be Jason, saying he’s forgotten the money. Tina unwittingly buzzes him in. David gets upstairs. He refuses to leave, and grabs Tina by the throat.

Lloyd comes into the Rovers and asks to talk to Liz privately. Liz refuses, so in front of all and sundry, Lloyd speaks. What Lloyd has to say, essentially, is that he can’t stop thinking about Liz, he’s miserable – and he starts crying again – and says he ends up dreaming about Liz. Liz says they had a “bit of fun” and now it’s over, and tells Lloyd not to flatter himself. Cow.

Becky and Steve hang out in the cab office chatting. Becky says she’s been at war with Hooch since she was 15. She’s losing faith that she will prevail. Just then, a call comes from Eddie saying he’s found Slug.

Deirdre has been sacked. Perhaps now she can get a barge or something.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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2 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 9: Let’s All Be Cows

  1. haili says:

    LOL at the barge comment. We haven’t seen much of the Barlows lately. Ken must be resting up for his next fling.

    Liz really is a cow and so is Molly. The honeymoon didn’t last long for Ty and Molly. Ty, who is usually easy-going is starting to be the male version of a cow when it comes to Connie. And that’s no bull.

  2. corrierules says:

    Yes a very bovine episode, thanks to Liz and Molly — therefore, a moo-ving update. Can’t stand Molly. The weird thing is there is no chemistry between Kevin and Molly, while in the scenes he does with Sally there’s affection and connectedness.

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