Monday June 28th 2010 – The Update

UK Time – Friday September 11th 2010 – Episode I

The show opens with Peter talking with Simon about something he overheard at school. He heard his teacher say that he hasn’t really dealt with his mother’s death. Peter suggests that they get another bunny, but Simon’s got a way better idea: bunny funeral. Blanche will be thrilled.

Ken will put his Portsmouth trip off to attend the funeral and Blanche is worried that her slacks may be a funeral faux pas. Then Steve entered the bookies to talk about how hard it is to be a single dad. Peter asks him how he copes and Steve says that he pawns his parental duties off on his revolving door of girlfriends.

A bit later in the day Peter swings by the Webster’s to ask for a shovel so he can bury the bunny. Sophie, the best neighbour in the street, suggests they bury the bunny in the Webster backyard. After some mild protest from Sally, the agreement is made.

Later that day during the funeral, also known as Simon’s Bafta performance, he read a very nice letter to the rabbit, with an unfortunate choice of words, “You were a dead nice rabbit” and then played a nice piece of music while blanche wept loudly beside the conservatory.

After the funeral Peter announces that he and Simon are going on a little trip. That trip turns out to be a trip to Leanne’s restaurant. Not necessarily the best idea, but we’ll see how this turns out.

Becky and Steve are preparing for their second shot at a wedding reception. Becky is worried about Hootch and Liz is having staffing issues.

Later in the pub everything is set up for the party and Sean has called in sick. Becky was going to work the party, but Lloyd has stepped in and will take the taps. It’s agreed and Steve goes outside to hang a banner. Guess who rolls up? That’s right its Hootch and they go off for a chat.

In Other News

Jesse can’t find a Hialoa

Amber and Darryl have a fight over Amber going to London and the fact that Mitch is going as well.

Jason is playing football with a bunch of gay dudes again and Sean is tickled. Sean and Eileen thinks Jason doesn’t know they are all gay. Really?

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3 Responses to Monday June 28th 2010 – The Update

  1. Gayle says:

    I agree Sophie is the nicest neighbour on the street.

    The little lad who plays Simon is a fantastic little actor! I just adore that kid!

  2. haili says:

    The best part of this episode was the audition at Eileen’s and I haven’t laughed as much at Corrie in ages. Bring on more of the Grimshaws!

    The funeral was good too and great to see Barlows instead of Molly and Claire.

    Sophie is a good neighbour but still need elocution lessons.

  3. Beanie says:

    Sorry Deb but I think that giant pink bunny had been neglected. LOL I can’t help myself.

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