Update for Tuesday, June 29. Don’t Let Them Take Jason’s Sash Update


“I’m a little bit psychotic”

Peter and Simon are at the restaurant where Leanne works and she is not, apparently, pleased to see them. Well, Peter. She still loves Simon. She asks another waitress to serve them.

In the kitchen, the other waitress starts going on to Leanne about Simon being her kid and how she knew something was rotten about her and oh no, she’s not going to do Leanne’s dirty work for her. What is this woman’s glitch?

So Leanne is forced to talk to Peter who tells her, while Simon is eating a giant sundae, that he misses her and wants her to come back to Weathefield. She tells him she has a boyfriend. Dejected, he returns to his flat where he tells Blanche of the bad news.

“I’m a little bit psychotic,” she tells him. “And I’ve a feeling this relationship of hers won’t last.”

Sure enough, Leanne gets out of a taxi and calls Janice, asking if she has a bed for the night.

“Ssshh! They’ll take me sash away!”

Jason and his football team have arrived at the nightclub to celebrate their victory. Sean is worried that he will discover one of several things:

  • that he is in a gay club.
  • that his football team is gay
  • that he has actually been dating a man for the past few weeks

Sean tries to explain to Leon about Jason: he’s not gay. He just sees the world through Lowry eyes. (ie: simplistic)


When Sean breaks it to Jason, he says he already knew and is fine with his football team being gay. In fact, they’re flying to South Africa in June to compete in the Gay World Cup.  Jason got over his homophobia a long time ago when Todd came out and hey, a night out is a night out. Leon thinks Jason is coming out but Sean is adamant that he is straight.

Jason doesn’t exactly help his own case by getting drunk and winning the Mr. Gay Weatherfield contest which is hosted by a drag queen who looks like Hugo Weaving in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert:

Sean tells Leon that he told that Jason was gay and that they were a couple to attract Leon.

“You’re straight?” Leon asks Jason.

“Ssh! They’ll take me sash away.”

Leon gets mad and calls him a tourist as Sean and a helpful stranger carry Jason out of the club.

And This Happened:

Mitch snogged Amber. Darryl saw it.

DC Hooch confessed to Steve that he “lost” the drugs and told them to stay out of his sight. Uh, dude? You framed her. Steve got Becky’s necklace back and the postponed wedding reception was back on.

“Thanks to coming to our reception: Take 2” Steve tells the assembled throng at the Rovers.

“That’s a film reference,” Becky explains. “That’s what they say in films.”


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5 Responses to Update for Tuesday, June 29. Don’t Let Them Take Jason’s Sash Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Great photo! I really enjoyed last night’s eppie. As a matter of fact I’ve been enjoying Corrie a lot more lately.

  2. haili says:

    Corrie has been a lot better lately and I think these were filmed last September – after the summer doldrums.

    I’d hate to have Jason’s hangover when he wakes up the next day – ouch!

    The best of the week was the audition at Eileen’s but I’ve enjoyed Blanche and Peter’s scenes too.

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m delurking to say that this episode was exceptional. I LOL at many points and I hope the good writing carries on.

  4. Bea says:

    Jason looks like he’s having a right good time, not acting at all. ;o)

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