Update for Wednesday, Jun. 30: Parrot on the Run

Janice has woken with a hangover after welcoming Leanne the night before with a bottle of sweet sherry. She asks Leanne if something has gone wrong in Leeds. Leanne says no, she’s broken up with her boyfriend Marco and just come to see Jan for a bit.

At the Grimshaws, Jesse goes out to get some milk and asks Eileen to feed the parrot. Eileen enters the living room, to find it trashed and burgled! She calls loudly for Sean and and goes through the kitchen into the back garden but finds nothing. In the confusion, John the Parrot waddles across the floor and out the back door.

Molly puts out flowers when Kev runs across the road. He asks if she’s up for a little slap’n’tickle. “We are the worst people in the woooorld,” Molly rhapsodizes romantically, her sunlit hair framing her chubby face like a horny squirrel.

Eileen’s burglary inventory is long and sad – TV, DVD, radio, money from money tin, Jason’s ipod, her camera. Sean swears he locked everything up before going to bed.

At Dev’s shop, Amber is distractedly selling humbugs to Bill, when Minnie comes in. Amber admits to Minnie and her role model Molly that she snogged Mitch and now isn’t sure what she wants to do.

Blanche shows up at the Bookies. She declares that she has the gift of second sight. Peter says he can’t have psychics making bets, so she’s barred. Blanche says that upon going to bed, she had the urge to look out the window. She pulled back the curtain, and there was Leanne Battersby. Peter leaves Blanche in charge and roars off to find Leanne. It’s not long before he sees her in the street. She makes a big show of agreeing to lunch under some sort of duress.

Jesse returns to Eileen’s, up in arms that someone has stolen his van. He quickly becomes inconsolable when it seems John the Parrot has been pinched as well. “They’ve nicked me parrot, “ Jesse is nearly in tears, “Who’d steal a parrot?” Eileen is ringing the police to give a report.

Sally and Kevin are looking at holiday brochures. She wants a posh expensive one of course, which Kevin chafes at.

Amber comes into the kebab shop to talk to Darryl, with Minnie for moral support. Darryl says he saw Amber kiss Mitch, and saw the whole thing coming anyway. He throws his apron to Minnie and says he’s off to town to get himself a new girlfriend.

Leanne and Peter lunch at Roy’s. Leanne congratulates Peter on being in recovery with 168 days sober. When asked how her new bloke is, Leanne lies and says it’s going well. There is some more clearly strained small-talk, then Leanne asks Peter point-blank if he’s seeing anyone. Peter says no, he’s been living a monk’s existence. Leanne wants to believe in Peter’s sincerity, but says she just can’t, and shouldn’t have come. And leaves.

Molly comes into the Rovers and orders a white wine at lunch. Kevin is in the Rovers, and in a quick convo at the bar, he and Molly finish planning their hookup. They then join Tyrone in a booth. Sally comes in and cheerily announces that Rosie has offered to pay for her parents’ swish holiday. Tyrone congratulates them, but Molly is once again sulky and pissy that Kevin has a wife, is making plans with her, and apparently likes her, at least.

The police are at Eileen’s. Sean sits looking miserable and contorty-faced, and finally admits that the burglar’s name was Dave. Sean knows this because Dave helped him and Jason home the previous evening and Sean let him stay. Dave the burglar also stole Sean’s wallet and phone.

At the end of this writing, John the Parrot was still on the lam.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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5 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jun. 30: Parrot on the Run

  1. corrierules says:

    Happy Canada Day Corrie Canucksters!

  2. Gayle says:

    Sally wants another holiday! The folks on Coronation Street certainly travel alot.

    I must say again the last couple of eppies have been really good. My husband (who barely tolerates the show) likes Jesse and the parrot.

  3. haili says:

    I’ll miss John the parrot – but I don’t think Eileen will!

    Molly really is a sourpuss except when sneaking around with Kevin and has a face like either a slapped backside – or wet weekend most of the time. She got bored with married life really fast.

  4. isis says:

    hahaha…’her sunlit hair framing her chubby face like a horny squirrel’…

    I feel bad for Darryl. Amber’s behaviour seems out of character lately, which is too bad. She’s one of my favourites on the show. And I love love love her new ‘do.

  5. missusmac says:

    Poor Darryl. He’s cleaned up a bit, and he’s a nice bloke, so I hope he doesn’t get his heart broken.

    Still not feeling the Molly/Kev connection…

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