Update for Wednesday, Jul. 7: Lunch Is SO Served

It’s breakfast time at Emily’s. She is getting ready to go to work early. Norris has made her toast, which she doesn’t want.

At the Dobb’s, Molly leaves for work and Tyrone follows her out. He wants to make an effort to get on better terms with her, and offers to make her a nice dinner. She reminds him that the last dinner he made was a cremated moussaka, but agrees.

Fiz and Julie are walking along and chatting about next week’s prison wedding. Fiz has yet to tell Kirk or Chesney.

Leanne shows up at the bookies with cakes, to have tea with Peter. Steve comes in to see if Leanne can work at the Rovers, and she says she’ll let him know…apparently waiting for a better offer in the fine dining sector, from local restaurants that are not yet burned down.

Emily has come back home early and can’t get in…Norris comes from over the road and lends her his key.  Norris is fussing over Emily but this is just pissing her off and she barks at him to let her be.

Audrey comes into the Kabin. Tina tells her that Rita has gone to lie down, and explains that Rita might retire. Norris, clearly frustrated by what he deems to be over-lengthy grieving, says Emily and Rita want to start “Club Mope” over the “Ramsay Saga”.

Lloyd and Becky discuss the honeymoon she has won, and Lloyd cautions her to read the contest for the fine print. She may end up is a local hotel named after the destination, he warns. Becky bolts home to check the contest page for a tiny asterisk.

Later, Julie and Fiz are going wedding dress shopping. Kirk stops her to ask if he can borrow some money for the chippy. Fiz blurts out the wedding details, but asks Kirk not to tell Ches – she has to do it. Oh, this will go well.

Audrey drops in to check on Emily at home. Emiy is clearly still upset and unable to return to normal, as Norris wants. She shares that she feels terribly guilty about her current mindset – that everyone she loves is in the afterlife and she feels left behind.

It's Tyrone. Really, it's Tyrone. SQUINT!

Molly comes home to find that Tyrone is cooking up a whopper of a lunch…in the buff! Clothed only in chest hair and an apron, he greets her enthusiastically and pours champagne. Apparently he has a tattoo on his backside from sitting on the newspaper while waiting. Molly actually cracks a smile, and it dawns on her that it might be fun to have sex with her husband, as novel as this may sound.

Chesney is at home, on the phone rowing with Fiz over the condition of his school uniform. Kirk walks in mistakes the argument for a fight over the wedding. He lets the cat out of the bag. Ches storms into Underworld looking for Fiz. He swears and cusses at Rosie and Luke when Fiz is not onsite.

Liz, unhappy with the progress Steve is making in securing Leanne, asks Michelle to cover the shifts. Michelle accepts. Leanne meanwhile, has also accepted and the two of them exchange some tart words in the Rovers’ over it.

After what we assume must be a lovely dinner, Tyrone comes into Dev’s just to say he loves Molly. Rosie and Luke come in for some wine, and Lloyd is there also. Luke puts off an evening with Rosie by claiming he has darts night with Lloyd.

Becky, having not found an asterisk in her contest paper, sees Lloyd outside and beats him with her newspaper for having her on.

Chesney comes home and finds Julie and Fiz looking at newly-purchased wedding shoes. He has a hissy fit and whips one of the shoes at a pink piggy bank, smashing it. Puberty and John Stape have done nothing to improve either Chesney’s self-control or his manners.

Emily comes into the Kabin. She apologizes to Norris for snapping at him and he grudgingly returns the favour. Just then, Ramsay’s solicitor calls to say that Norris has interited Ramsay’s estate, including a mysterious package that is on it’s way.


About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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4 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jul. 7: Lunch Is SO Served

  1. Bea says:

    Naked Tyrone! Noooooooo! It was good for a laugh, though.

  2. missusmac says:

    Thank you, Kunzie, for posting this!

    I’ve squinted like a mole, and that picture still doesn’t look like Tyrone. 🙂

    Does anyone else feel like yelling “RUN!” to Leanne? This pairing is so much about Simon’s happiness on Peter’s part, I think, than him really loving Leanne.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Audrey and Emily;s chat. I enjoy the young ‘uns, but give me the old characters any day for pathos, sympathy, warmth and laughter.

  3. haili says:

    It’s all sweet and cosy now between Peter and Leanne but Peter wanting a mom for Simon has a lot to do with it. Michelle would have done just as well at the time they were together. Maybe things will work out – but this being a soap – I doubt it.

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