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I think Corrie makes me shed a tear once or twice a year. I was really moved by the scenes of Norris discovering the contents of Ramsay’s trunk, and what they mean with regard to his brother and mother. I am also treasuring Maggie Jones’ every scene. Anyone else have a story or scene which has resonated with them the last few months?


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8 Responses to Moving Scenes…

  1. John says:

    Gotta say this week when Rosie and Sophie had a very human conversation about God and love and how Rosie asked that Sophie not pray for her. It was a nice reminder that Rosie is an actual human being who has an interior life that we just never see any more. I liked that face that they talked liked siblings and that the writers remembered that teenagers have complex and conflicting emotions, just like adults. It’s not all sexting and shopping.

  2. S. Poole says:

    Sophie asking Emily to speak at her baptism was good too, on both sides. The kid playing Sophie is shining in this storyline.
    Blanche and Janice slamming Peter was rich. 🙂
    And I miss Spider calling Mrs. Bishop Auntie Em.

  3. haili says:

    The group hug with Peter, Leanne and Simon was touching as were Peter’s scenes with Blanche – before she and Janice got nasty about him. She really does change like the weather – usually nasty but sometimes really great with the family.

    The scene with Norris at his mother’s grave, when he laid his flowers alongside Ramsay’s was good too.

    Maybe I’d find Rosie and Sophie touching -if only I could hear them.

    Chesney was good too when he explained to Fizz how hard it was to have to be nice to Cilla’s boyfriends, only to have them leave – even Les – and now Fizz wants him to approve of John.

  4. Barbie says:

    I cried like a baby when Vera died, I didn’t know ahead of time that it was coming.

  5. missusmac says:

    Anytime Molly and Kevin are onscreen…


    Loved the scene between Audrey and Emily, talking about Emily’s sorrow. Also loved the dialogue of Jack’s last look around his home — Vera in a Frescho bag — and when Jack reached out and called Connie his gift, or treasure when he took Molly and Ty to see her house. Just a nice quiet moment.

    For humor, I have to say I loved Sally’s reaction to a Simon’s rabbit;s funeral — from wondering if she’d have to do a spread to wondering about the sexuality of the rabbit.

  6. haili says:

    Going back a few years there was Judy Mallet’s death – one of my favorite characters.

    Mike dying on the cobbles with old enemy Ken beside him was another poignant moment.

    Then there was the episode with Raquel and Curly when she was explaining why she was leaving.

  7. Laura Scholz says:

    Laura says, Yes the scene with Norris brought me to tears (not too difficult a task) and made me think of the Coronation street of the past. I also thought the scene with Emily talking about how she wanted to join her parents, brother and Ernest was very touching.

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