Monday July 12th 2010 – The Update

UK Time: Thursday September 24th 2009

The show opens with an obvious ratings grab, Rosie damp and bouncing around Luke’s flat wearing only a towel. She was a GREAT idea! Rosie has decided that she and Luke should move in together. It is clear that Luke isn’t interested and suggests that living together and working together isn’t the best idea, but no fear, Rosie brushes those fears aside. Just look at Tony and Carla, they worked together, lived together, she had an affair with Liam, he had Liam killed and then they split up. So, it can totally work out.

In the factory, Rosie is all excited to tell Luke about a sofa shaped as a giant pair of lips and she is also excited to tell the entire staff that she and Luke are moving in together. Her news is met with a combination of laughter and shock. Rosie doesn’t understand why.

Rosie just can’t keep the news to herself and after bouncing into the café with her intellectual equal, Mini, she announces her news loud enough to ensure that Michelle, seated in the corner with Maria, can hear.

Later Rosie and Luke go into the pub while Janice, Sean and Kelly fantasize about John Stape kidnapping Rosie again. When Rosie goes off to the bathroom Luke tells Michelle that really it’s not what it looks like and that he’s going to dump Rosie that night. This dude is a masterpiece.

Later that evening Rosie and Luke go back into the pub and Rosie wants to celebrate. This is where Luke chooses to tell Rosie that he doesn’t want to live with her. The scene is pretty entertaining to the pub goers and Rosie walks out crying telling Michelle that she can have him. After she leaves Luke bellies up to the bar, orders a pint and then asks Michelle out. We don’t know if she accepts as yet, but the dude is a catch. I mean, who wouldn’t want to date the guy who spend months in a relationship with a well monied ditz he didn’t respect just to dump the teenager in her local pub because he wasn’t man enough to just tell her he didn’t want to live with her?

Norris is going through Ramsay’s trunk and dealing with all his belongings. I have to be honest when I say that this story line is now dragging a bit for me so, I’m going to recap this real fast by saying the following:

Norris donated some things to a charity shop.

Norris gave Emily Ramsay’s good lunch charm fog watch

Norris has kept some pictures

Norris went to his mother’s grave

Norris has decided that with the money her inherited, he wants to buy Rita out.

Its Fiz’s birthday and she isn’t in the mood for celebrating. In the factory, Kelly suggests it’s too bad that Fiz and john can’t have one of those conjugal visits. It’s a bit crass, but that’s or Kelly.

At home Fiz shows Julie the wedding dress she bought in a charity shop. And then throws herself a pity party because no one wants to witness her wedding to the guy who cheated on her with the teenager he later kidnapped and held hostage for five weeks. Why isn’t everyone thrilled?

Chezney is still angry about it and ends up having tea with the Windass family. Its weird to see Chezney sit beside Gary on the couch.

Amber has made a surprise trip home. Dev is thrilled to see her, but she isn’t really thrilled with London. This gives the writers to really assert their pro-Manchester bent. Yes, we know London isn’t the only place in England.

Amber tells Mini that everyone there just wants to get drunk and screw. Yes, Amber, that is the life for the average 19 year-old away from home in a big city for the first time. Perhaps Amber misses Darryl?

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2 Responses to Monday July 12th 2010 – The Update

  1. haili says:

    Perhaps Michelle and Luke deserve each other: Miss High Maintenance and Mr. User. Even though Rosie deserved it, being dumped like that in public was really cruel. Michelle had that smug look on her face as she watched.

    Fizz and John’s wedding could be the most pathetic ever.

    I was disappointed not to see Mr. Gay Weatherfield with his hangover the next day but the robbery took everyone’s mind off it.

    I’m wondering if Rita is going to retire this year and selling the shop to Norris could be the beginning of the end for her.

    • Robin says:

      I still don’t understand how Jason was in any shape to get up early and go to London with Tina to visit Todd!!

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