Update for Wednesday, July 14: One Hell of a Crack

(That’s Irish for Great Party, eh?)

Okay, so Jason and Tina are having their party in their half-renovated apartment. Which was Tina’s idea. Jason’s first thought was a long, candlelit soak. Aaaaaah. I would have picked that, but….

The party is in full swing, with lots of guests. And this happened:

Luke is doing the octopus boogie all over Michelle, who is letting him. This is very entertaining to the factory mob.

David drops by with a new blonde bird called Zoe. They met when David was washing her hair. Graham sidles up to David, trying to up David’s cool factor by calling him “D. Platty”, kinda like P. Diddy. Tina and Jason let David stay.

Graham wants to know how the hell David ever picked up Zoe. Emboldened, he tries a few lines on Natasha.

Sian and Ryan show up and Ryan is bummed that he has to hang out with his mother, much less watch her goose Luke.

Natasha’s insecurities boil over as she is alone at the party, and she comes over to talk to Amber and Darryl. Amber and Darryl keep having the same conversation they were having before she did so.

Theresa is rockin’ some sort of bingo-trash lapdance on a half-asleep geezer.

Rosie shows up and there is a mini-Dynasty catfight with some name-calling both ways along the lines of Michelle has fried eggs for boobs and Rosie’s are puffy and plastic. This ends with Michelle dragging Rosie into the street in a headlock. Fried eggs for boobs. Ha.

Whilst coming out to see this event, Graham manages to step in a steaming pile of dog poop and spends the next part of the evening in the street banging and whacking his shoe to dislodge it. After accusing Natasha of breaking wind to cause the odor. He finally returns to the party in stocking feet.

Julie shows up to see Fiz, whose birthday it is. Being a good new BFF, she coaxes Fiz to get some slap and a dress on, and come to the party. Whereupon Anna Windass decides to make the party into a hen do for Fiz, and her factory mates sing happy birthday to her.

Luke and Michelle leave to find a couch somewhere.

Graham puts his hand on Natasha’s bum.

Theresa, bored with her unconscious consort, hustles Julie into a dance-off. This is shortlived. Sean also gets Jason stripping and dancing, just as a very annoyed Leon shows up. Leon is pissed because Jason is messin’ with his people by giving everyone the impression he is gay. He’s out of the competition.

The party winds down to that stoned, mellow, Pink-Floydy stage where everyone sits on the floor.

Amber confides in Darryl that London is lonely and sort of sucks. She says she’d feel better if Darryl snogged her face off. Which he does. And so does his mother, with the unconscious guy.

In other news:

Chesney continues his open rebellion against Fiz and Stape. Before she left for the party, they had a nasty exchange in which he says he ignored her birthday on purpose, that she has wrecked Kirk’s life and she is blind and stupid. Later, he goes to the Windasses in search of Anna, and finds Gary. Gary lets him in, and they end up in the shed, where Chesney spills the beans about his feelings on the entire subject.

Norris Cole is excited to be the sole proprietor of the Kabin. He removes Rita’s name from over the door, excitedly, but without malice.

Rosie returns home and she and Sophie hang out in their bathrobes trying to pick a movie.

Fiz has come home also, and Maria has a birthday gift for her…she is sad though, and quotes the movie Carousel…something about “when a fella is your fella, it really doesn’t do to bother asking if he’s good or if he’s bad – he’s still your fella…” or something like that. Sucks to be Fiz.


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13 Responses to Update for Wednesday, July 14: One Hell of a Crack

  1. haili says:

    What’s the use of wondrin’ if he’s good or if he’s bad… he’s your feller and you love him… that’s all there is to that! Poor Fizz. I want the old Fizz back! Lovely sad song though – from the olden days when they had melody.

    Norris is a bit premature with the sign erasing since they haven’t even discussed price yet. Is Rita still nursing her hangover? Or gone away on the cruise already?

    I was actually glad to see the devil David with the blonde; it made Tina look twice and realize there are other girls for him (though they are all too good for him).

  2. corrierules says:

    Broadway Musicals have a lot to answer for when it comes convincing women with stand-by-your man show tunes. Like Carousel, and Oliver! (As Long as He Needs Me) and countless others that I can’t remember at the moment. And pop tunes too (like Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t have to say You Love Me). The general theme is : He’s a no-goodnik, but you have no choice, because you looooooovvvve him….
    Having said all that I love Broadway musicals and Dusty Springfield too. But I just want to slap Fiz upside her head.

    • debbie1975 says:

      Amen to that!

      I did wonder if she would burst into “Stand By Your man” or “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”

      I mean, really. I guess he was real nice to her while he was cheating on her with Rosie, and he was a lovely boyfriend when he had Rosie locked up in his grandmother’s attic.

  3. Bea says:

    I feel sorry for Darryl and Ryan. Who wants their mother to show up at a young people’s party and act like that. ugh!

  4. Bea says:

    Graham was great. He had me laughing through the whole epesode. Stepping in dog poo, pounding his shoe on the sidewalk, coming back to the party in sock feet – hilarious. Then, the ending where he gets slapped upside the head.

  5. isis says:

    I really liked the scene with Ches and Gary.

    Chesney really took to Les as well.

    Maybe it’s a ginger connection…

    • Long time lurker says:

      I really do too. I’m hoping that Chesney may bring out the good in Gary. That certainly seemed to happen in Friday’s episode.

  6. haili says:

    Poor Ches. just wants a family and even the Windasses are better than nobody. I hope Fizz smartens up and the two of them make peace with each other. It should tell her something when even Roy and Hailey don’t come to the wedding.

    Theresa, Michelle and Luke looked out of place at that party and I’m sure Michelle just wanted to be there to aggravate Rosie. I’d say she achieved her objective but Rosie’s revenge should be fun.

  7. Trudy says:

    I’m linking Anna a lot. She is proving to be a good friend/neighbour even though she has Eddy and Gary to deal with.

  8. Gayle says:

    I’m liking Anna too she is very kind.

    Thanks for the excellent update I missed the episode because I was at a broadway musical – Miss Saigon.

  9. PhoenixWitch says:

    Does anyone know what the appx what episode number we are at? I have been out of the Coronation Street loop for a while and wanted to download old episodes to catch up but the download site is british. I don’t want to download anything too recent and spoil things for myself.

    • tanzie says:

      As of yesterday (July 19) the original air date was Oct 1st 2009. Don’t know if that helps or not. So anything prior to that should be good.

  10. missusmac says:

    Loved the party! I always love it when a whole group of Streeters get together. Have just watched it online, catching up.

    It’s really not too weird to have different ages and backgrounds at the same party, in my experience. Coming from a rural area, you never knew who was going to show up, and it always was a good time.

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