Update for Tuesday, July 20.

Episode 7172. Aired October 2, 2009

Mrs. Stape

It’s Fizz’s first full day as Mrs. Stape and she goes into the factory to see Luke about changing her name on her employment records. Rosie, of course, has to stick her oar in and threatens to fire her for emotional torture.

Luke suggests Rosie hasn’t been too tortured spending Stape’s money so Rosie bugs her eyes out, opens her mouth, and huffs away.

Later in the café, Fizz is joined by Janice for coffee. Janice jokingly tells her that some the best years of her own marriage were when Les was inside.  (I forget often that Les and Janice arrived on the Street as a married couple) Meanwhile Anna has given Fizz a slow-cooker as a wedding present. Fizz doesn’t seem impressed but, lady, in winter you will LOVE IT. I’ll even send you my recipe for Beef, Mushroom, and Guinness stew. You will thank me.

Fizz tells Anna and Janice that she’s considering asking the council (from whom she rents that house) if there are any vacancies in any other neighbourhoods. She says she doesn’t look forward to Rosie having a go at her every day at work in addition to the headaches John Stape will be subjected to (poor, poor kidnapper).

Later, she learns that the council won’t have anything in another area for a year, unless they want a flat in the city. Theresa warns her that in some areas, even the drug dealers travel in pairs.

Elsewhere, Luke reminds Rosie that if she sacks Fizz, she could take them to the tribunal (the very one she threatened Luke with) and that could be expensive for Underworld’s newest partner.

Later, Sally comes home from holiday and as she’s showing Claire her vacation photos in the Rovers, Kelly totters by long enough to advise her of the street’s newest newlyweds.

This sends Sally flying over to Fizz’s house where she starts into about marrying “that psychopath”. She tells her if she had any sense, she move away from here. Fizz tells her not to worry, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Ches, who’s been trying to keep them from punching each other, suddenly stops and asks, “Wait. What?”

Custer and Hiyalowa

Jesse is taking photos of Julie in her Hiyalowa outfit for his website. He also snaps a shot of her arse when she bends over to pick something up. This does not go unnoticed by Eileen.

Also, Julie, I realize that this may news may not have reached Britain but “squaw”? Kinda offensive.

Amber and Dev and Darryl

Amber is disappointed in her dad for offering money to Darryl to dump her and Darryl for accepting.She storms off in the Wayfarer while Theresa takes the blame for blabbing the whole thing to her.

Molly and Kevin

Molly heard the Websters are back so she got her best top on so Kevin can get front row seats to the gun show. Ty’s too busy wallpapering/painting the front room to notice that “spin class” is a code word for “having sex with your boss”.

“Don’t be back too soon!” Tyrone tells her.

“Don’t worry. I won’t,” Molly responds.

Oh, Umed.

Umed installed a hundred difference ringtones for the shop’s door to play when it’s opened. It’s as tedious as it sounds.


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8 Responses to Update for Tuesday, July 20.

  1. S. Poole says:

    Theresa warns her that in some areas, even the drug dealers travel in pairs.

    Thanks for that, I rewound that sequence at least 3 times attempting to decipher what the heck Theresa said. Heard clearly the part about the police and fire brigade not entering the estates after dark and taxis not entering period but missed that one. She talks in a low voice at times, was hard to hear over the classical music Roy plays in the cafe….. and some complain they can’t understand Sophie, I actually get every word the lass says! 😉

  2. haili says:

    I too appreciate the translations. If only they wouldn’t use background music! Now if Sophie would look at the camera, maybe I could lip read!

    Actually, last night with the ring tones on the door bell I finally got a laugh or 2 at Uncle Umed, mainly when Kirk ducked.

    It doesn’t occur to that cow Molly, to actually help with the decorating, which is great exercise. That marriage has to be doomed!

  3. Gayle says:

    Haili, I was thinking the exact same thing about the wallpaper (I hated it!) glad to see it go. Obviously Molly is much more interested in getting her leg over than helping her husband decorate their home. I am so disliking that girl! I really, really want them to get caught!

    Why does Teresa have such a hate on for Amber? I would think any Mom would be pleased that her son was dating such a nice, intelligent girl. Don’t understand it.

  4. Tvor says:

    I thought the doorbell on the shop stuff was quite funny!

  5. Long time lurker says:

    If Sally wasn’t such a bitch about it, I can almost see her point of view on not wanting to Stape to live in the neighbourhood. But I just can’t get past Sally’s histrionics.

    • missusmac says:

      It’s so interesting to hear everyone say how they should hate John Stape, but really — it’s not as if Rosie was a nice person, didn’t deserve it, was a complete cow, etc! LOL! Everyone from Ches to Gary to Janice has said that.

      And yes, if Sally didn’t screech for the sake of screeching, and showed more warmth for her daughter than the money she received, I’d feel sorry for her too.

  6. Terri says:

    I really, really dislike painting and house decorating. I’d probably leave it for my husband to do. But I wouldn’t go f@ck his boss while he was doing it.

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