Update for Tuesday, August 10. Muhrduhr’s Muhrduhr

The Baptism

The baptism is on hold, as we all wait for Liam’s godfather to get to the church. Little do they know that Carla has returned and is threatening to go public with what she knows about Liam’s murder.

In the church, Kirk tells the story of his own baptism and how he was dropped on his head.

“Can you believe that?” he asks.

Maria believes it’s Rosie’s fault that Tony is late. Fizz agrees.

“A fool and her money…”

Tony arrives looking quite shaken but just as the ceremony begins, his Blackberry buzzes. He excuses himself and leaves the church again, this time to find the caller, Jimmy Dockerson, waiting for him.

He brings Jimmy up to speed about Carla and suggests she needs to be taken care of.

Jimmy suggests this is a job for Tony to do himself. Tony refuses, saying that if he couldn’t kill Liam, he could never kill Carla. Then he threatens to go to the police himself, instead of waiting for Carla who, by the way, has come back to an empty Underworld.

Jimmy says he’s through killing for Tony but as they argue, he eventually agrees, even though killing Liam and killing Carla will be two different things. With Liam it was anonymous. With Carla, it will be up close and personal.

“Muhrduhr’s murduhr,” Tony says.

Jimmy leaves and Tony goes back to the church where the baptism begins.

The priests asks, “Do you reject the devil and all rebellions against God?”

“I reject him,” says Tony, as Jimmy goes into the factory to take another life.

I’m on a Boat!

Joe has happily been working on his sailboat in Gail’s driveway, despite Norris’s annoyance.

“My green apples are jiggling in their jars!” he protests.

Joe explains to Tina that he has wrecked everything good in his life: marriage, job, house. This is his chance to make something good from something that’s wrecked.

We also learn that Roy and Hayley are planning a trip to Transylvania. This is in reference to another one of those spin-off straight to DVD movies Corrie’s been doing lately (like when Fizz and Kirk went to South Africa last year). This won’t be a part of the regular storyline and I doubt CBC will ever run it.

Tvor, who writes the very good Corrie blog, Bluenose Corrie Blogger, has an excellent review of the movie here.

Molly’s Birthday

Sally saw the necklace Kevin gave her and notes that it looks just like the nice one she begged Kevin to get her on holiday. But Kevin said it was too expensive. Molly says she got it for herself as a birthday present to her. They secretly mope about how they’re going to be able to bone next time.

And the whole time I was more interested in Jack’s story about how he got a bullworker but Vera used it instead and ended up becoming the house jar-opener. It also gave Vera the strength to overpower Jack whenever she wanted a bit of “how’s yer father?”


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8 Responses to Update for Tuesday, August 10. Muhrduhr’s Muhrduhr

  1. S. Poole says:

    Yes, Jack was great his first time back at the Rovers with the bullworker story, I was thinking of one of those hand grip things, thanks for the proper description.

    As for the wonderful way Tony says murduhr, it took me right back to Scotland’s own Sensational Alex Harvey band and an album my brother played to death on the late 1970’s. It had a song called There’s No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight
    At the 3:04 mark you can hear his version. 🙂

    “He’s cutting down the cops with machine gun tops . . .” – oh how Alex is missed in the music world today.

  2. haili says:

    The scene with Tony holding the candle in church and agreeing to renounce the devil was straight out of the Godfather movie – a shameless theft by those writers!

    Helen was amazingly well behaved considering the delays. I expected fireworks from her.

    Joe’s stupidity knows no bounds it seems and I guess he got the boat money from the mob again.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Haili – I thought of the Godfather movie as well – I recently saw it again on TV. Absolutely, very similar scene. But, equally effective.

      Who wants to bet that David somehow takes Joe’s boat for a joyride when it’s finished and winds up sinking it? You just know that that is coming…

  3. Gayle says:

    I thought Gail and Joe looked like idiots sitting in the boat in the pouring rain.

    Gail has a garage why doesn’t Joe work on it in there.

    • haili says:

      Gail’s garage looks tiny to me; barely big enough for a small car, let alone a boat.

    • Trudy says:

      We know that Gail’s garage can hold a van – that’s where Richard Hillman loaded everyone into it before blasting out of it but I don’t think it could hold a boat.

  4. Bea says:

    Oh, no, I’ve renounced the Devel and all his works. I had better not have anyone killed for a couple of days. lol

  5. Tvor says:

    I kept thinking the weather fairies were on strike. Gail and Joe were in the pouring rain at the same time, at the church, Tony was meeting Jimmy in the bright sunshine.

    Thanks for the referal to the Romanian Holiday summary! (with photos btw!) I’d got the UK dvd last year and i quite liked it. We may get the dvd released in Canada. I know they did finally come out with the South Africa one so chances are good that the Romanian one will be released here too. I liked both but you just can’t beat Roy and Hayley!

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