Update for Tuesday, August 17, 2010. The Scary Update

Peeping Jake, the Scary Builder

Michelle is on the phone, complaining to Dev about the hired builder’s behaviour and the unwanted kiss.

“Don’t laugh. How would you like it if someone came through your window and … never mind, don’t answer that.”

Ryan and Ben arrive home and Michelle tells them what happened. Ryan suggests she must have done something to encourage her. Maybe it was something she was wearing. Or not wearing.

But Ryan, seriously? Don’t ever suggest that to someone who’s had an unwanted advance put upon them.

Ben asks her if she’s ok but really, he’s asking her for a reenactment of the scene, complete with bath bubbles. Yeah, we all saw how you were checking out your friend’s mother. Don’t deny it. She’s still got a bod that would make a bishop kick out a stained glass window.

Later that day, Jake appears at her window again. She tells him to bug off but he insists on going up to the top of the roof to finish fixing it. Michelle calls the police.

The police arrive to sort it out and one even tries to ask Michelle to chalk the whole thing up to a misunderstanding. But then he tries to kiss her and the police take him away.

In the pub, Michelle recounts the whole tale to Liz and Julie suggests he was just being friendly. She says she never wants to his smug, grinning, so very handsome face ever again. Kelly and Julie agree that she wants to have his babies.

But can an unwanted sexual advance be forgiven in light of rugged good looks and a rakish charm? On this show? Yes.

The Scary Procedure

Ashley has finally decided to have his balls removed his vasectomy as per Claire’s request. Graeme is mercilessly teasing him about the doctor sneezing right in the middle of the “snip snip”

“Is Daddy getting a haircut?” Joshua asks.

“Good luck!” Graeme says then, in a higher voice, “GOOD LUCK!”

When Ashley gets back, he’s in much pain. Joshua sees this on his way out to trick or treating.

“Mummy I don’t want another haircut.”

The Scary Bank Account

Rosie is at home, sulking in her pajamas about her lost money. Kevin suggests selling the car.

“NO. WAY. I love that car!”

“Ok, how about that handbag that cost 2 grand?”

“It cost 3 grand and I lost it in a club.”


“Gee, thanks for all your support, Dad!”

At the factory, Rosie asks Tony for help on the money front. He says he needs a new PA. Rosie thinks it’s beneath her but Sally steps up and takes. Rosie feels betrayed.

“Well, I did give you first refusal.”

In the Rovers, she complains about how Sally shouldn’t have taken the job but also how she doesn’t need Tony’s money. But when it’s time to pay for the drinks, she decides that she does need her parents’ money.

She becomes upset about the whole Luke and collapses in Kevin’s arms. Molly walks in, sees this, glares at him, and leaves. Stupid Kevin, comforting his daughter like that.

The Scary Heart Condition

Maria is off to Cyprus to visit her barely interested parents (Seriously? Have they ever shown up for ANY of Maria’s life events?). She promises to get on the Skype in an internet cafe once she arrives. He also admits to having a bit of indigestion.

They have their video conference as planned when she gets to Cyprus and Tony talks to her and tells her that he and Ozzy miss her. As he leaves the darkened factory, fireworks start going off as Tony clutches his chest. Ozzy runs off and Tony slumps to the side of the Kabin as he is taunted by a trio of teens in monster masks. Just then, a car drives by playing that shitty techno music that the British insist on supporting.

It’s all very disorienting for a guy having a heart attack and he falls to the ground and whispers one last word: “Maria! I just met  a girl named Maria!”

Ok, he just says Maria.

Other Scary Things

There’s good bat sighting in Weatherfield tonight, according to Roy who’s back from Romania and, like the good patriotic man that he is, he’s sporting his poppy for Remembrance Day. First one on the street. He also tells Pam that the Vampire lore around Romania is largely Xenophobic. Roy should donate to the American Vampire League, to help eliminate prejudice.

And The Scariest of All

Kelly ate all the chocolate ones! Right in front of Julie! Bitch.


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11 Responses to Update for Tuesday, August 17, 2010. The Scary Update

  1. S. Poole says:

    Loved Tony getting caught talking to Ozzy over brekkie and then telling Maria he sneaks down to cuddle on the couch while they watch Turner and Hooch (wink, wink, remember Officer Hooch) and Lassie. The actor who plays Tony is having a ball.

    The factory girls biscuit crisis was cool and all, Sally being the grass (of course) after Legs took the last chocolate bicky.

    The writers must be messing with me, used to have little time for Auntie Pam and now with her ripping of Molvin I suddenly find myself liking the character.

    Michelle, not so much. It is like Steve sucked all the fun out of her, she is a surly, annoying cow.

  2. haili says:

    Cow is a good description of Michelle – especially now that she’s been enhanced. There’s so much more of her to flounce around – and she flounces a lot.

    I hated Auntie Pam but liked her a lot this week.

    Hasn’t Molly got the sourest face? Mean Kevin, to hug his daughter when he should be hugging her! Kevin gets a scary look too when he yells at her and his neck gets all ropey.

    It will be sad when Tony leaves. He’s so much more fun than some of the others.

  3. Jody says:

    I am not sure where this thing with Michelle and Jake is going but I wish they would Can It! Michelle is all about flaunting the big fake boobies and strutting around the street like a hooker.

    • isis says:

      Well said, Jodi!

      That towel dropping scene was the worst acting I think I’ve ever seen on TV. The actress playing Rosie Webster is starting to seem like quite the thespian in comparison.

  4. S. Poole says:

    Years ago the actress who played Ivy Tilsley got a face lift which apparently infuriated the producers, after all, how does a backstreet knicker-stitcher afford such an expensive procedure? Same could be said for Michelle, or maybe viewers aren’t supposed to notice the “enhancements”? 😉

  5. haili says:

    The producers must be trying to get more males to watch. Michelle always was surly annoying and self-absorbed IMO and she almost drained all the fun out of Steve.

    Speaking of Steve, he and Becky have had a really long vacation. I miss the gang at the cab office.

    • Bea says:

      Again – Where is Amy? Did she go with Becky and Steve? Staying with Deidre and Ken? Staying with Liz? I don’t remember anyone mentioning her..Guess she’s in the freezer again.

  6. Gayle says:

    Bea, now that you mention it we haven’t seen or heard of Amy for weeks.

    As far as Michelle goes she is attractive but has a really snarky personality. She seems very full of herself.

    I thought the builder was kind of hot though.

  7. haili says:

    I guess we’re to assume that Ken and Dierdre are so busy babysitting Amy that we don’t see them, though we did see Ken warning Peter about the wine bar.

    The wine bar must be forgotten too, since Peter has asked Leanne to work at the bookie shop.

  8. Alasdair says:

    Everyone else can go on hating Michelle, but I like her and her scenes. Wouldn’t wanna be her manfriend, but she’s got some gumption and is definitely not hard to look at on screen. I’m sorta surprised at the negative comments she’s received ever since showing up on the show – other characters have been far worse and have received less vitriol. I like her – shiny, shiny, shiny hair and all!

  9. missusmac says:

    When Michelle arrived, she seemed a sensible girl. Shocked that Liz would think she was after Vernon, and adamant her son would grow up properly, etc. (Remember when she want all nutso over his graffiti hobby? And was all over him hitting the books?)

    Now I find there are pretty inappropriate decisions and dodgy thought processes. Trust me, you don’t sit around in your silks painting your toes when your kid’s 16-year-old friend is around. Even LIZ didn’t do that! And you don’t come onto the builder, which she did in the kitchen. Vodka?? Seriously???

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