Monday August 23rd 2010 – This Episode Doesn’t Really Matter Update

UK Time, Monday November 1st 2009 – Episode II

This is almost exactly what Tony looked like.

The show opens in the hospital with Tony still topless attached to several important looking leads surrounded by beeping medical noises. Roy is trying to take his leave, but Maria convinces him to stay. It’s a good thing that he is awkward by nature or one may get suspicious due to his jittery behaviour. I guess I would be nervous in the face to Tony’s topless manliness confession.

It is not clear if Tony remembers confessing to Roy about something much more serious than the fate of those bats. But, it is clear that Roy is being tortured by just being there. For the remainder of the show Roy does his best to leave finally accepting a donation to his favourite charity which is NOT People Against Planned Vehicular Homicide (or PAPVH for short).

Over at the bookies Peter is looking at Simon’s grandfather. Peter is now the best evidence for one of Freud’s well known theories. Turns out her dad was a bit of a dick and abandoned her. Peter is totally indignant, but I guess he eventually remembers that he married Lucy the same day he married Shelly, then she dumped him and went to Australia and when he found out she died he denied Simon was his son and chose to keep drinking rather than raise the kid, but changed his mind after he succumbed to family pressure. So, they chat in the pub.

In Other News

Michelle said goodbye to the dude fixed her … roof. Now she is free to dress provocatively in front of her son’s teenage friends.

Gail and Jo are working on the boat when they meet David’s new girlfriend who is nice and chatty and seems more stable than Tina.

Julie and Jesse come back from their gig laughing up a storm in the van. He’s hot for her. Who can blame him? She’s adorable.

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4 Responses to Monday August 23rd 2010 – This Episode Doesn’t Really Matter Update

  1. haili says:

    Wow! That was a fast update.

    Lucy married her father? (Peter). If so, grandpa could be grouchy – just like Peter. He really is no fun these days.

    Maybe Roy should be worried, if and when Tony gets out of that hospital bed; but there still is no proof of anything, so Tony should just relax and deny, deny, deny.

    I wouldn’t trust Julie either if I was Eileen – or the boyfriend.

  2. Trudy says:

    “People Against Planned Vehicular Homicide (or PAPVH for short)” – Hilarious

    Do I see Eileen heading down the same path as she did with Dennis? This time with her half-sister. It will all end in tears.

  3. missusmac says:

    I trust Julie more than I trust Jessie. I think he’ll make the moves, and she’ll be left holding the bag and the blame when Eileen finds out.

    David. Sensible girlfriend. Who’d a thunk it?

  4. Leah says:

    Peter changed his mind about Simon after he discovered the inheritance that came along with the child. Lucy’s legacy to her son is how he bought the bookies (again) and how he now plans to buy Leanne a bar to destroy. Such a great dad!

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