Monday August 30th 2010 – The Update

UK Time – Monday November 9th 2009 – episode II

The show opens at Maria and Tony’s place where Tony is telling Maria that he and Roy have been talking about rebuilding the habitat of some animal that no one has ever heard about. It is clear that is not what they were talking about and Maria has picked up on the fact that there was a lot of tension in that room.

Later, Roy tells Hailey that he suggested to Tony that he turn himself into the police. Hailey points out that it is probably not going to happen as most murderers don’t want to get caught. Roy believes that Tony’s guilty conscience will drive him to the police. Tony’s conscience is indeed bothering him and he is having a hard time recovering from that heart attack. He’s shaking, he’s nervous and he can’t sleep. If that doesn’t work, perhaps Roy’s constant nagging, stalking and other persuasive tactics will. Roy decides the most persuasive tactic is to wait outside Maria’s house staring at Tony’s window – in the driving rain – watching, just watching.

Over at the Plat residence Joe is talking to a debt collector who is threatening to take a number of possessions to pay the debt. I am so sick of Joe’s debt problems I’m about to write the show a cheque for £9000.00 just to end it. In any case he sells his van to the dude for £5000.00. That’s more than half. He should be able to deal with it, but I guess that will make things difficult for his booming trade.

Obviously, he lies to Gail about what happened with the van. He tells her that he sold it to get her a wedding ring. Gail believes him, because he has never lied about his financial situation before. Gail, on the couch with Joe who is obviously hiding something is just stupidly dreaming about her wedding day because that will be a novel experience for her.

Hello... Obvious calling Molly!

In the pub, Connie is sitting with Tyrone and Molly wondering about what happened between she and Jack. When Jack come in Molly and Tyrone go back to the bar to leave those two alone. It seems that Jack has no feelings of a sexual nature toward Connie. He is nervous that she wants to jump his bones.

Connie doesn’t want to get with Jack and wants to know where he got that idea. As it turns out, jack is disturbed by the fact the Connie has been shuffling outside his bedroom. As it turns out, Connie is a prolific sleepwalker. Jack and Connie make up, although, there will be no rumpy-pumpy.

Tyrone and Molly look on as Jack and Connie become friends again, and they also see Sally and Kevin chatting about John Stape in the corner of the pub. Tyrone talks about relationships in general and Sally and Kevin in particular. He tells Molly that Kevin has had his share of affairs (but doesn’t mention that Sally has been around the block herself). The best part of the story is that she isn’t even his first Molly.

Then Molly had the “oh” moment that all women watching the show have been waiting for her to have, Kevin is not going to leave Sally.

In Other News

Kirk and Chezney redecorated the house with the help of David and her girlfriend Zoe. They did that because John is coming home and is obviously colour blind.

Graeme and Norris are butting heads because Norris is being unreasonable about paying him for the windows. Emily eventually pays him and Norris is both irritating and irritated.

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4 Responses to Monday August 30th 2010 – The Update

  1. Long Time Lurker says:

    Roy has obviously missed his true calling.
    He should be working for the Weatherfield Constabulary in “suspect interrogation”.

  2. missusmac says:

    Does Roy has no sense of self-preservation, or concern for Hayley? Tony is a murderer. He can get the job done. Soooo, how far is the leap to: Tony can burn your building down with you and your wife in it if you keep bugging him???

    The debt collector is actually quite dishy. He may make this plot bearable.

    Loving Graham and Frieda together.

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