Sunshine and Lollipops Update – Thursday August 26

Well, in researching Thursday’s episode forced me to find out who sang this song, Lesley Gore.  Never heard of her.  She also sang  ‘It’s My Party’ which I always thought was a Connie Francis song.  So there you go, you learn something everyday.

No Cheese Straws for You!

In preparation of the visit from Grandpa George, Deidre burns the cheese straws and has only cheese dust on her hands.

Meanwhile, Simon is playing with his new yoyo and Blanche announces that she was North West YoYo champion in her youth.    When asked to perform a few tricks she blames her arthritis for not allowing her to “Spin the World on The Whatsit” at that particular moment.

When the guest of  honour arrives, Simon’s grandfather confuses Blanche for Ken’s wife to which Blanche introduces Deirdre as the hired help.   Deirdre sets the record straight and when George apologizes, Ken admits there is a bit of an age gap.  (For the record, Ken is actually 3 years younger than Blanche and 16 years older than Deidre.  In real life William Roache is 2 years older than the late Maggie Jones.)

Blanche is well impressed with George and says that

George explains he left Lucy’s mom when Lucy was 12 and that there was difficult relations he had between he and Lucy’s mom which is why he wasn’t present in Lucy’s life.  While it’s too late to make it up with Lucy, maybe he can with young Simon.

Before leaving, George comments about what a lovely family the Barlows are. Blanche immediately responds that it’s not all sunshine and lollipops and that she could tell him stories to make his hair curl.

Blanche was on FIRE this episode so I’ve summarized a few choice gems for you.


“You know what would go lovely with this wine, cheese straws.”

“Even luckier with this one (grandparent) he looks like he has a bit of brass judging by the quality of the crisps.”

“The only good thing about getting to my age is being able to say what you want; you’ll find out soon enough.”

“The place would fall apart without me.”

“Good looking, good company, loaded – I think I’m in love.”

The Tell Tale Scottish Heart Attack

Tony tries to coax Roy into making the call to the police, and Roy responds by holding up the photo of all holy Liam Connor.  Tony makes excuses but Roy is clearly getting under his skin – especially by going on about the works of Poe – and Tony asks Roy if he wants to give him another heart attack.

Haley is upset that Roy went to confront Tony and says that with no proof that he needs to drop this issue because it would ruin so many lives.  Roy cracks out a calculator and uses his Vulcan logic to determine that she’s right.

Let’s Blow Up the Parliament Once Again!

Kirk-eh is looking for a spot to set off fire works and is confused when Joe mentions blowing up the parliament.  He initially wants to set them off in Maria’s backyard until Tony reminds him that with a wee sleeping bairn, not to mention the dog, loud noises might not be good idea.  After asking around, he and Tyrone decide to set them off on the roof of Underworld.

Oh Lord…..

Joe’s dressed up the boat as a five star restaurant complete with champers and caviar….and Gail’s warming up some lovely Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup to keep ‘em warm.  Finally, when he gets Gail to sit down in the boat he asks her to marry him*.  Fireworks go off and a little part of me dies inside.

In Other News

Simon confuses Morris with Norris and when he questions their similarity, Morris calls Simon a rude little boy.  Norris offers it up with a toy for Simon and Ken reminds Norris that there are plenty of other news agents around.  (Really?  Where?  Where exactly is the Maison de la Presse Internationale on the street?)  Also, I swear Norris called Ken, ‘Kirk’ by mistake.

Tyrone asks Jack why he looks upset and Jack says that he’s afraid that Connie is looking for some sweet, sweet loving.  Later that night when Jack is in bed, he hears Connie sneaking around his bedroom door and pretends to be asleep.

Oh What the Hell…

*Actually, I noticed that he doesn’t get a chance to complete the ‘Will you marry me?’ question before Gail, always the presumptive, says of course she would.

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4 Responses to Sunshine and Lollipops Update – Thursday August 26

  1. haili says:

    One thing about the old songs: they had melody and you can hear the words! I remember Leslie Gore on the Ed Sullivan show many years ago and the way he introduced her.

    Gail never learns. As David said: it’s an annual event!

    Blanche was funny and we must enjoy her humour while we can.

    Norris did call Ken Kirk.

    OMG Roy is relentless!

  2. missusmac says:

    Blanche and Grahame were priceless, as was Frieda — who normally I don’t like very much. I’ve always found her mean, but she was quite fun this week.

    Yes, Glacia, I also wondered where the hell Ken would be finding another newsagent?

    Gail and Joe and happily every after? I think so very not. Wasn’t too long ago she didn’t think she had the fortitude to stick with the broke, drug-addicted, needy and desperately depressed person he was. (is.)

  3. corrierules says:

    I fast forward through the Joe MacIntyre scenes. Whiny, self-pitying git. Sell the boat -idiot!
    And sometimes Ted can be just a bit too tolerant. He shouldn’t be wishing his daughter mazel tov, he should be saying “get out! get out while you can!”

    However I could watch Blanche all day long. Her scenes are bittersweet for me.

    And isn’t it nice to see so many characters wearing poppies. In years past it seemed only Emily wore a poppy. This year they’re sprouting up everywhere. I think it’s because GB has troops in Afghanistan.

  4. emdee says:

    I loved Lesley Gore when I was a kid. She was very glam I thought.

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