Update for Tuesday, September 7, 2010. Man Overboard!

(Illustration by artist Thea Brine, it originally appeared here)

Outside Roy’s Rolls, John Stape sweeps the sidewalk out front as Tony Gordon watches from the shadows.

Maria returns home to find Ozzy upstairs and Tony gone.

Back at the café, Roy has gotten a call from some at the Bat Cave that there has been a bat sighting down by the darkest spot at the canal. He’s reluctant to leave Hayley alone but Hayley insists he go. After all, Tony is down at the cop shop and is no danger to anyone.  They go upstairs to pack a bag for Roy.

Tony lets himself in using the keys he stole from Roy’s flat. When Roy and Hayley come back downstairs, he ducks behind a counter.

Roy leaves Hayley as Tony admires Roy’s collection of kitchen knives. Just then Maria comes pounding on the door in a panic over what Tony said to her. Hayley confirms that, yes, Tony did confess to Liam’s murder and additionally threatened to murder her and Roy.

Maria is understandably devastated by the news but at the same time, spends the rest of the episode in disbelief that she was actually right the first time and can’t bring herself to believe it.

She wants to phone Tony to sort this out while Hayley wants to find Roy.

At the canal, Tony finds Roy sitting in his chair, watching for bats. He is hiding a knife he stole from the café.

“I’ve come to haunt you, Roy. Every time you see a shadow, it’s me. Come to get you! You took it all away… you made me relive the biggest mistake of my life over and over again!””

Roy asks what Tony has done to Hayley.

“I killed Liam,” Tony says, “but I never killed with my own hands, in cold blood. Until tonight!”

And as Tony draws the knife, Roy rushes him. They scuffle until Tony gets the upper and leads Roy to the edge of the canal.

“I can’t swim!” Roy pleads.

“Good!” says Tony, and he throws Roy into the water. The show ends with Roy thrashing about, about to die, as Tony watches him.

Stuff Not Nearly As Good As That What Happened

It’s General Custard’s 40th birthday on Friday, only he never told Eileen, which angers her greatly. She plans a forced surprise birthday for him.

Zoe has one granddad. The only guy David thinks is good enough for his mum is Martin Platt, his dad. Even though he won’t take his calls half the time.


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4 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 7, 2010. Man Overboard!

  1. haili says:

    Good picture and update on an exciting episode.

    This story line must be winding down and Maria must be nearly due for maternity leave. The writers really do make good use of the canal.

  2. chumola says:

    I was away from the Internet grid for the summer, and have just checked out your site. Love the new look! I’m looking forward to my daily fix of comments about the street!

  3. eps says:

    No! Roy, don’t drown. Kick, man, kick!

  4. Barbie says:

    Just watched today’s episode(twice). OMG you guys, I really do love this show.

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