Update for Wednesday, Sept. 8: A Confession of Muhrdur!

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We open as Roy Cropper, non-swimmer, plunges to the bottom of murky Weatherfield Canal, past an old rusty bicycle. Tony watches dispassionately.

Hayley and Maria are at the Croppers’. Hayley is becoming more agitated and wants to phone the police. Maria is still in denial. Hayley, who rarely shouts, yells at Maria: “When are you going to accept what is staring you in the face?” Tony murdered Liam and may now kill Roy.

Tony pauses on the bridge over the silent water. Some form of conscience takes hold, and he runs back and plunges into the freezing water in search of Roy, whom he finds prone at the bottom of the canal. Tony drags Roy onto the canal’s flagstone wall and begins CPR. When he doesn’t initially succeed, he panics.

The truth finally sinks in for Maria, who is leaving Hayley’s to go home. Hayley goes to fetch Becky to come to the Canal with her. Becky is rather shocked at the update but leads Hayley the quickest way down to the canal.

The CPR is successful, Roy spits up a gallon canal water and regains consciousness. Tony staggers off, leaving him alone. At that moment, Roy’s bat colony flies screeching overhead.

Maria has rung Michelle, who shows up at Maria’s. She sees that Maria is clearly distressed. Maria asks her sit down and tearfully explains that Tony killed Liam. For some reason, Michelle believes this immediately and doesn’t assume it’s post-partum, as per last time Maria accused him.

Haley and Becky run the length of the canal, desperately shouting for Roy. They come upon his flashlight, and shortly after they find Roy slumped against a wall. Roy explains weakly that Tony tried to kill him, and then saved him. They prepare to take Roy to hospital.

The bats are still flying. “Capistranos (or pipistrelles) in November,” Roy marvels.

Meanwhile, Tony Gordon walks into the police station and turns himself in for muhrdur.

Roy is at the hospital, in bed and looks quite recovered. He wants to go home and have classical music and cocoa. Becky and Hayley hug him. DC Morgan appears then, explaining that Tony is in custody, having turned hmself in.

Tony is being interviewed by a nice-looking Detective, whose name I didn’t catch. He opens by saying that he threw someone in the canal. The police know this and want Tony to start, however, with the “big one” – the murder of Liam Conner.

“I muhrdered Liam Conner. I arranged for the muhrder.” He gives up Jimmy but says he was just the hired help. He says he started planning Liam’s demise when he learned that Liam was sleeping with Carla. But she had no part in it. He says his motive was jealousy. “Lots of people get jealous,” says DC Cute, “but they don’t start arranging to have people bonked off,”

“They don’t have the means, or the guts,” counters Tony. “I had both.

DC Cute says it’s pretty sick, killing someone on your stag night. Tony points out that the cops would never have caught him; he had to walk in to get caught. Tony says he finally confessed because he couldn’t live with the pretense, with himself any more.

Audrey brings baby Liam home to Maria’s and agrees to stay and mind him. Hayley phones just then to say they’ve found Roy, and that Tony attacked him and has subsequently handed himself into the police. Maria wants to go down to the police station and promises to explain all to Audrey later on.

Tony continues with his interview, saying he always knew it would come out and that Roy was like a dog with a bone, stalking him. Since Tony could tell Maria no longer believed his lies and that he’d lost Maria and Liam, they may as well lock him up.

Maria and Michelle have arrived at the police station, and DC Cute asks them to come through. Maria and Michelle hear the awful news about Tony’s confession. Maria wants to see Tony, and enters the room composed and pissed off. “Why did you do it?” is her first question. Maria can’t believe Tony wormed his way into her house, her bed, etc. She is disgusted at the thought of him delivering her baby. Tony says he thought he could atone for his sins. Maria, becoming agitated, asks who would have the next accident, baby Liam? Tony protests that he loves both Maria and Liam.

“You are evil!” Maria tells him. “No!” Tony protests. As she is escorted out he calls, “I love you, Maria!”


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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27 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Sept. 8: A Confession of Muhrdur!

  1. haili says:

    That was just the best episode in years! I felt sorry for Tony and will miss him. Why don’t I feel sorry for Liam? Must be twisted. All the actors did a great job IMO and it will be a big letdown to go back to Joe, Molly, etc. There was even a tear in my eye, which rarely happens for TV shows. It was so touching when Maria and Tony cried, then when Roy, Hailey and Becky had the group hug.

  2. Mark Daye says:

    I’m a fan of Tony and his googly eyes and evil-ness, but I never really bought him falling madly for dopey whine ass Maria and her little brat. It just seemed to un-Tony like. That was the only part of this story line that I was never really convinced of. And I’m really disappointed that he didn’t chop up Sally Webster or something equally fitting for her. 😦 Oh well.

    • haili says:

      Maria may have been a refreshing change from conniving, ruthless Carla. Lots of men like women who are less intelligent than themselves – bimbos. She was also younger and that seems to be a great draw for men. There was also the twisted idea of him taking not only Liam’s life but his family too.

    • lovethestreet says:

      “…that he didn’t chop up Sally…” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – hilarious!

    • chumola says:

      Chopping up Silly (oops! Sally) That’s just too funny! Maybe add Rosie to that chopping up business…

  3. Gayle says:

    Haili I agree. I can’t stand either one of those characters. Obviously someone at Corrie likes Michelle for a couple of reasons LOL, certainly not her acting ability. Why is she still working at the pub?

    • haili says:

      Beats me. And we haven’t seen Becky at the pub – though she has been good with Roy and Hailey. Steve is suddenly in a silly golf story with Dev. though I suppose it will lead somewhere eventually.

    • chumola says:

      I agree, why oh why is she there? I loved it the other day when Maria called Michelle and she ran right over, saying she had just been in the shower – but her makeup was perfect and not a hair out of place. Is she just a blow-up doll??? Also it always confuses me that she doesn’t have an Irish accent when she was apparently brought up in the Emerald Isle? Someone pleeeeeease explain! What planet is she really from?????

  4. Long Time Lurker says:

    In amongst all the Corrie drama of the last few days, I just have one question – if it’s supposed to be mid-November in Weatherfield, why was the grass so lush and green and and the trees so leafy at the Golf Club? Or maybe that’s one of the perks of a snooty private Golf club; I guess I’ve been playing public courses for way too long 😉

  5. corrierules says:

    I have really been enjoying Corrie this week, especially the scenes at the Barlows. I will so miss Blanche! Maggie Jones was a treasure.

  6. Trudy says:

    As Tony’s #1 fan, I will miss him so much. The episodes this week with him were so good – Steve, Dev, Eileen, etc. – not so much.

    I am going to miss Blanche so much. You could hear a raspiness in her voice this week. R.I.P. Maggie.

  7. Bea says:

    Sadly, I missed this episode because I was travelling. My sister and I were waiting in the Toronto airport for a connecting flight, as our other sister at home was watching Corrie and keeping us up to date by text.

  8. missusmac says:

    Eileen is usually one of my favorite characters, but I have not enjoyed her at all the last few weeks. Jessie ain’t that great a catch, and why stay with someone you are constantly annoyed with? (Right Deirdre and Ken???)

    By comparison, episodes with the Tony Gordon plot unraveling have been wonderful. I never understood he and Maria as a couple either, but guilt does strange things to people– even making you think you love someone!

    Gail needs to be shaken. When you use the words ‘again’ in connection with massive debt involving a former addict, you should know you’ll be using that word again in a few months! She’s the person on the street likely most able to access counseling of any kind, but NEVER DOES! David needs to grow up? He seemed the most mature of the three…

  9. haili says:

    Eileen is usually one of my favorites too but lately they’ve made her cranky where she used to be funny. Jesse brings out the worst in her. He doesn’t contribute much of anything to her life and doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere with her. As an electrician, he should be able to take her out once in awhile for the cheap board he gets there. I think it’s time she dumped him.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      But hasn’t Julie just come into her own lately? She’s quite stunning looking and so much more interesting since she left Kirk. I agree that Eileen needs to leave Jesse; and I agree that Gail is crazy for selling her place to pay off Joe’s debts. With her track record for me, you would think that selling her home for a man would be the last thing she would do! I’m so glad Audrey is there for Maria – if Gail won’t listen to her, at least Marie does.

  10. Gayle says:

    Know what drives me crazy about Corrie? People go through some traumatic experience yet never, never go for counselling. Maria desperately needs counselling and to my knowledge has never gone. She lost a baby, a husband and then discovers she has been living with the man who had her husband killed! Yet the best they can come up with is for her to move to Ireland with her overbearing Mother-in-law (I know the actress is going on maternity leave)why dont’ Maria’s parents ever step up? Audrey seems to be her mother subsitute.

    • Mark Daye says:

      So true. Audrey is a great Mum to Maria, and useless where Gail is concerned. Yes, nobody gets counseling on a soap, and Maria going to live with the old battle axe in Ireland is just stupid. As if, I think she would go to Spain to see her parents, except they don’t seem to care much about her seeing how they are never around.

  11. missusmac says:

    At the least, perhaps we could have a Platt family counseling session just as classic as the Barlows’ AA appearance to ‘support’ Peter. 🙂 Audrey, I think, is just tired of trying to talk sense to Gail. There weren’t a whole lot of signs pointing to Tony as a murderer, as she said to Maria to soothe her. But as Audrey said to Gail, there have been plenty of signs pointing to Joe as a big honkin’ loser.

  12. blueheadlights says:

    can someone tell me what the running spa joke was? I can’t figure out what on earth they were talking about.

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