Update for Tuesday, September 12, 2010. The Darling Buds of November

Carla has arrived at Maria’s door, to see what was up about Tony being arrested. Helen Connor is, of course, delighted that now that she’s made her peace with Maria, Carla has arrived just in time to be her new target of abuse. And it’s abuse she gives her: “You’ve got some nerve, showin’ yer face around here!” And she goes on to blame her for Liam’s death.

After a bit of Barry’s usual “Now, now. Let’s not foight”, Carla comes in and Maria brings her up to speed with what’s happening with Tony: He has confessed to planning Liam’s murder.

“Oh. my. how. shocking.” Carla gasps but she, of course, knows all of this. Helen reckons that the paid killer, Jimmy Dockerson, is fictional but Carla was in on it.

“I couldn’t have killed Liam,” Carla protests. “Because I LOVED HIM! Oh. Sorry, Maria.”

Maria asks Helen and Barry to take Liam for a walk.

“This child has had more walks than I’ve had hot dinners!” Helen exclaims with what is becoming my new favourite go-to phrase on Corrie. It was previously used by Blanche: “I’ve been to more funerals than you’ve had hot dinners!”

After they leave, and a quick look at her dead lover’s son, Carla and Maria discuss the night she left Weatherfield. Maria saw her speed away in her car with Tony jumping on the hood. She asks her if she knew that Tony had done it. Carla denies it all and says that she left because she came clean about Liam to Tony that night and she knew her marriage couldn’t survive being an accessory to murder her grief for Liam.

When she goes down to the cop shop, she repeats her story that she knew nothing about Tony’s role in Liam’s death. She also is surprised to learn that Tony is being charged with the attempted murder of Roy Cropper. They ask her about Jimmy Dockerson and she claims a passing familiarity with the name.

“What line of work was he in? Er, is he in?” She asks.

This peaks the DC’s interest but he lets her go just the same.

Cooking the Books

Sally is at the garage, going through the financial books that Molly was supposed to be working on. Sally thought they would be making more money what with all of Kevin’s recent booty calls call-outs.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Molly are adding another sundry expense to the books as they’re in a hotel for their regular chicka-bam-bam. Suddenly, Kevin’s phone rings. It’s Sally so he ignores it. Then Molly’s phone rings. It’s Sally.


When Kevin gets home, Sally is furious with him for not answering her calls.

“How could you?” she asks.

“IcanexplainIswearpleasedon’tdumpmeplease!” He sort of says.

“The books are a mess! What are all these ‘sundry expenses’?”

“Um, I don’t know?”

“Well, fire Molly!”

And a wave of relief washes over Kevin’s face.

Roy is Antisocial

Roy has been holed up in his flat since Tony tried to murder him last week. Becky comes round to cheer up and starts talking about the old show “The Darling Buds of May” and how they used to say “perfick”:

(Yes, that’s Catherine Zeta-Jones)

But Roy just watches his TV, something he rarely does.

Becky tries to push the issue but Roy says he will leave his flat when he is good and ready.

And This Other Stuff Happened

Dev shows up at the Rovers with Bernie the Golf Coach, introducing her as his solicitor. Pretending he’s going to clean some ashtrays (“What is this, Life on Mars?” Michelle asks), Steve gets her alone and we find out that she, too, is his golf coach. But he begs her to keep it a secret as he doesn’t want Becky to find out how much he’s paying for lessons.

David is cheerfully egging Audrey over her disapproval of the Gail and Joe situation and suddenly they seemed to have developed a bond over this. Meanwhile, she gets an invite to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Ball. It’s very chic and it’s really the social event of the season. She has a plus one on the invite. However, because Alf is dead, Fred Elliot is dead, Ted is in London, Ken is married and boring anyway, Darryl Morton is in Spain, Gary Windass broke into her house, and Uncle Umed went back to Mumbai, she asks Norris to be her date.


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10 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 12, 2010. The Darling Buds of November

  1. Tanzie says:

    I was wondering…with Darryl, Umed and Amber all gone…Molly away at motels…and Dev golfing, who is watching the shop and the kebab shop. Minnie can’t be doing it all….enquiring minds want to know.

  2. S. Poole says:

    “He’s had more drugs than you’ve had hot dinners.”
    — Marwood to Danny in Withnail and I

    The line is at the 1 minute mark if the clip works:

    Ralph Brown, who also appeared in Corrie as a roadie for the Les joins Status Quo storyline, played Danny the drug dealer, the scene is one of many highlights of a great film.

    For some reason I am enjoying David stoking the hatred in Audrey for Joe, probably because I hate the character. (Joe, not David)

  3. S. Poole says:

    Sorry all, forgot to mention the above clip is Not Safe For Work due to some very spicy language!

  4. haili says:

    I enjoy David egging Audrey on too and I really enjoyed him stealing the pills and selling them back to Joe. There is no hope for Joe; he’s just too stupid. He and Gail are quite a pair.

    Does anyone at all enjoy the scenes between Molly and Kevin? Yuk. Not again is my thought. The only thing that keeps me going through all this is the thought of the scene between Molly and Sal when she finds out – and the sooner the better.

  5. chumola says:

    I can’t wait for the Molly/Kevin thing to just go away. Also can’t wait to see Sally in action with Molly. This is a little dated, but there is a great interview with Michael Le Vell here:

    and I also enjoyed

  6. isis says:

    Why would Audrey ask Norris to be her date when Ted is so fabulously refined?

    Also, why the hell would anyone ask Norris to accompany them to anything? Don’t get me wrong, he’d be a great neighbour, what with being in on all the gossip, but would you want to spend an evening with him on your arm for all to see?

  7. isis says:

    oops — just noticed that the update says Ted is in London. my bad.

    I still wouldn’t take Norris. I’d rather date Emily Bishop.

  8. missusmac says:

    Ah, but think of the comedy to come with Norris at this ‘do’!

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