Update for Tuesday, September 21. That’s the last Chicken Kiev you’ll get off me!

We begin where we left off with Rosie screaming in the street for help. Bill hears her cries and comes quickly to her aid where she tells him that John tried to assault her. Despite his denials and the fact that it is not at all true, Bill believes the worst and tells him he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life.

At home, Sophie’s discussion of her pending baptism is interrupted by Rosie’s claim that John tried to assault her. The issue is so serious that Kevin manages to drag himself away from Molly’s discussion of childhood scars to deal with it.

Roy finds John sitting in the dark café and he tells Roy what happened: Rosie tried to extort money from him and when he refused, she claimed he raped her.

“You should tell this to Fizz as soon as possible,” Roy counsels.

“She won’t believe me,” John replies.

“I believe you.”

So John does go to the Rovers and tells her about what happened. And she believes him.

At the Websters, plans are being made to call the police and ensure Stape is locked up for good this time. Rosie suddenly begins to experience an uncomfortable and unfamiliar sensation. It may be called “remorse”. Or perhaps “guilt.” She tries to call it off but Sally and Kevin are determined and the police are called.

And so the cops come as Rosie sees the consequences of her lie: Stape is taken away and charged with assault as Fizz and Chesney look on.

Vicars and Liz

The party where every woman on Coronation Street seems to have a Liz costume in their closet is raging on. Graeme has also decided that if he’s in Liz drag, he’s using the ladies’ room, much to Julie’s discomfort.

After being humiliated by just about everyone, Liz pretends she’s cool with everything. She later shows just how cool she is by sneaking into Lloyd’s and baking his Northern Soul records. The rest, she holds hostage until she gets an apology from Theresa. When one is not forthcoming, she starts tossing out his rare 45’s from her second floor window, including one by Archie Bell and the Drells:

(I’ve never heard of these guys but that song is awesome and I wish I could dance like that)

And she calls Theresa “Jimmy Krankie” and reminds her that she’s barred.

Later, Lloyd goes down on his knees to beg Theresa to apologize to Liz. When Liz, followed by all the other Lizes, comes out of the Rovers and sees this, Theresa seizes the opportunity and exclaims: “Of course I’ll marry ya!”

And This Happened

Eddie is cleaning gutters for £10 a pop. Norris thinks it’s not on the up and up. He’s probably right but when a man doesn’t have access to Roy’s Costco credit card, he has to earn his Christmas booze money somewhere.

Dev has learned that Golf Pro Bernie has also been giving lessons to Steve. He wants her to teach him badly so he’ll win on their next round.

Ken wants to get a job. He says it’s for Christmas and they could use the extra money (especially since the house was remortgaged to pay for Tracy’s legal fees). He doesn’t get around to saying what this is about but my guess is that it’s something to do with George and the fact that he’s rich and the Barlows are not and Ken doesn’t want to be shown up when it’s time for wee Simon to open up his presents.

Becky and Claire got well blootered together. I should also point out that Claire was established some time ago as a person who can down a shot or two but maybe she’s out of practice since she got married with kids.

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9 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 21. That’s the last Chicken Kiev you’ll get off me!

  1. Robin says:

    Isn’t Deirdre out of a job as well? I couldn’t understand why she was shocked Ken was looking for a job. I think she also made a comment to the effect that they didn’t need the money???

    • Bea says:

      Yes, I believe that Deidre went out to work because Ken and Blanch were both on pension, and it just wasn’t covering all the bills.

  2. haili says:

    Strange how people like Gail and the Barlows can be broke and mortgaged but OK shortly after. I wondered where Blanche was calling from that involved long distance charges. These little financial details don’t seem to bother the writers.

    Liz was wearing the most matronly top ever while someone must have raided her closet for all the tarty clothes and that awful 2-tone wig. She has a great way of finalizing a breakup by hurling her partners’ prize possessions out the upstairs window. Didn’t she do that with Vernon’s guitar? It must feel really cathartic.

  3. Gayle says:

    Wouldn’t Ken and Blanche be receiving some sort of pension? Why doesn’t Ken try for a job at the Kabin?
    I’ve never seen anyone go to the library as much as he does.
    I thought that the gang dressing up like Liz (eg. tarts) was very cruel.

    When oh when are Molly and Kevin going to get caught?
    This is dragging far too long. I can’t understand why someone besides Auntie Pam hasn’t caught on. Especially when everyone on the street is super nosey.

  4. missusmac says:

    I too thought Clare had been established as at least able to drink Ashley under the table; (wasn’t it their first time away together and he thought he’d play a drinking game to make her more comfortable?); and possibly Karen’s stag when she sank karoake and snogged Kevin?

    Oh, oh. Molly’s days are numbered. When Kevin says “I should have been here…”, you know it’s huband’s remorse rearing its head.

    I am not a John fan, but I admit to cheering him on when he told Rosie where to go.

    Eddie. Makes. My. Skin. Crawl. Surely, he must smell?

    • haili says:

      I so hope that Molly’s days are numbered! It doesn’t seem natural that on a street with so much gossip and nosy neighbours, no-one has suspected Molly and Kevin. Surely Sally – whose been through this before with Kevin – would suspect something. Tyrone must wonder too, why Molly doesn’t want him to see her sick dad. I wish daddy would call and talk to him – the sooner the better.

      It was mean of all those people to make fun of Liz like that – even though it wouldn’t hurt her to stop dressing so much younger than her age. Maybe she’ll get a makeover now.

  5. Long Time Lurker says:

    Love how the latest John-Rosie debacle seems to have resolved itself in two days. That’s just one of the reasons why I enjoy Corrie so much more than those American soaps I used to watch in my much younger days. If this had happened on Y&R, it wouldn’t be resolved until maybe next summer.

    Oh, and Haili, I agree. The sooner Molly it out of there, the better. I used to like her when she first arrived; she was so good for Tyrone. Boy, lose a few pounds; start working out and look what happens…. let that be a lesson to all of us 😉

  6. missusmac says:

    On the one hand, I’m thinking how fabulous it is that Rosie is found out so soon, and given such a public comedown. On the other, I’m wondering why it’s taking Lloyd so long to bin Theresa? I mean, I love Theresa’s outrageousness, but I can’t see why anyone would date her… Looking forward to seeing Becky take on the theatrical society.

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