Update for Wednesday, Sept. 22: Tarred’n’Feathered

DC Slouchy is trying to poke holes in John Stape’s story in the interview room. The constable wants to know why Rosie would make up the story she has. John speculates that it might be because Rosie is greedy or thick, among other things. The cop further goes on to wonder why Fiz didn’t ring all night to see how John was.

Claire is hungover and passes Michelle outside the pub. Becky comes by then and tells Claire she had awesome fun and they should do it again. Claire, who can’t keep pace with Becky and is afraid the partying will kill her,  suggests amateur theatre night instead. When Claire moves along, Michelle tells Becky that Bernie rang, and Steve has gone off to meet “her”.

Peter pops by Ken Barlow’s as Ken is hanging up from scheduling a job interview. Peter asks Ken if he’d walk Simon to school the following day. Ken lies and says he has the optometrist – seemingly he doesn’t want to be interrogated about the bike he can’t afford.

Steve pulls up in front of the cab office to find Lloyd on the corner. He asks when the “big day” is. Lloyd is unamused – Theresa apparently told him they have a verbal contract. Becky comes up then and accosts Steve for being out with the “golfing tart”. Steve reveals the details of his bet with Dev, and also the cost of the membership. “No flaming way,” Becky tells him.

In the Kabin, Ken and Norris discuss John Stape’s guilt, or innocence. Eileen comes into the Kabin to hear Norris go on to say that Eddie Windass has turned over a new leaf, and has cleared grass out of Emily’s gutters.

John comes home in a taxi. Dev blanks him as he gets out. Fiz is inside and greets him with a lame, “hiya.” John is perplexed as to why she didn’t call and pissed off that she doesn’t believe him. Fiz, looking miserable, says that yes, she does believe him and they make up. John says they’ll lead their lives as normal, starting with going to the Rovers that evening.

Eddie Windass knocks on Eileen’s door to inform her that she has grass growing in her gutter and is sure to have serious structural problems. Eileen says she’ll think about having him remove it for his 10 quid fee.

Theresa comes into the Rovers and sets out engagement ring brochures. Lloyd comes in looking like he has a migraine. He asks Theresa what’s up with the brochures as he didn’t propose and there’s no way he’d spend a wad of cash on a ring. Theresa says the engagement is off because Lloyd is too tight to buy the ring. Theresa and Michelle laugh – clearly she’s been winding Lloyd up.

Jason climbs a ladder to check Eileen’s gutter sod. It becomes clear that Eddie has been shifting the same piece of sod all down the street and asking people to give him 10 quid a pop to clean it out.

George and his missus are visiting Peter. Peter gets a call and explains to the caller that the bar has fallen through. George wants to know if it’s wise to open a bar, given Peter’s “habit”. Peter assures George that he is recovered, and that Simon is his priority.

Steve comes into Dev’s and tells Dev that he can have the golf membership. Steve is too busy with the pub and cab office. Dev accuses him of being chicken. So naturally, the bet is back on.

At Peter & Leanne’s, a cozy dinner is underway. Simon sits on Peter’s lap, and is explaining how fun bunkbeds are. And that he got them after the fire. George’s ears prick up, of course, and Peter is forced to explain the circumstances of the fire and to once again give assurances that he is recovered.

At the Rovers, most of the locals are in-house. The Webster family and Bill, Dev, Norris, and the topic is John Stape. Norris offers to get Rosie a drink, as the neighbours seem to rally around her.

John and Fiz come in and are verbally bashed by the Websters. Michelle won’t serve John and Steve glares at him from behind the bar. Fiz has to order beers for both of them. Roy and Hailey are cordial, however, and say it’s nice to see John, and he can come back to work in the Cafe whenever he is ready.

“Well you won’t see me in there,” says Michelle. “Nor me,” Steve joins in. He asks Fiz and John to finish their drinks and go home.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” John begins, “Why don’t you tell them the truth, Rosie?” John demands that Rosie explain exactly how he attacked her. “I’m not going into that,” Rosie complains.

“Since you are too demure to share the details, then explain how I locked you in?” John continues.

Rosie is getting into a flap. “With the lock on the door,” she whines. “Well, describe it. Tell everyone how, exactly, I locked you in, and how, exactly, you got out.”

“Can we go home now mum?” whimpers Rosie.

“We’re all waiting for an answer, Rosie,” Fiz states. “It’s a fair question he’s asking,” Haley chimes in.

“It was a lock with a key,” says Rosie and claims she got the key off John when he dropped it. The thing is, John says, the Cafe locks from the inside with a latch, not a key. Roy confirms this. Rosie, having been beaten at her own game, turns into snarky evil-Rosie and exits with her parents.

Fiz is tearful and furious with the neighbours for their assumptions and their treatment, but John says they weren’t to know. Steve serves John his pints, on the house.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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11 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Sept. 22: Tarred’n’Feathered

  1. haili says:

    I always wonder why Rosie was considered so clever that she had to go to private school. Now John should report her to the police and get a restraining order – but I don’t suppose that will happen.

    I also wonder why Lloyd has put up with Theresa this long. Surely he’s not that desperate. She seems to have lots of spending money so he must be a generous guy.

  2. missusmac says:

    Thank you for the update, Kunzie!

    On the one hand, I’m thinking how fabulous it is that Rosie is found out so soon, and given such a public comedown. On the other, I’m wondering why it’s taking Lloyd so long to bin Theresa? I mean, I love Theresa’s outrageousness, but I can’t see why anyone would date her… Looking forward to seeing Becky take on the theatrical society.

  3. eps says:

    I am really having a hard time with the depiction of the Stapes character: he professes love for Fiz, has a teen student lover, kidnaps her and holds her hostage for weeks, sells grandma’s house and gives said lover the money, goes to prison, comes out, marries Fiz and now is a calm, reasonable, non-vindictive fellow. Jeez, seriously cognitive dissonance action.

    Thanks for the picture (Tuesday 21. Sept.) of Jimmie Krankie. He (she?) really does look like Theresa.
    Who was JK? A child show host/hostess?

  4. haili says:

    I don’t accept John as a reformed character either. He is trying hard but what normal person would kidnap someone and lock them in granny’s house for weeks on end? IMO he could snap under pressure and do something stupid again.

    Another strange thing is Michelle and Becky both working at the Rovers. You would think Michelle would want to be someplace else and not working with her ex and his missus.

    • Bea says:

      I know, that one makes me shake my head!

      • eps says:

        There does seem to be a lack of rational continuity with many of the characters behaviors. I don’t often pay attention to the writers for each episode but have wondered from time to time if the writing team needs more group meetings or a “story-monitor” to help them maintain an arc that makes sense.

        Are the cops searching for fraudulent Luke or is he just gone and forgotten? Maybe I missed some episodes. Wasn’t he originally involved with the factory via Carla? I am a bit confused.

  5. haili says:

    I may be wrong but wasn’t Luke trying to buy Carla’s shares, then Carla changed her mind and came back instead? Luke then took off with the money from Rosie. He tried to get the workers to buy shares in the co. but I don’t remember if anyone other than Rosie went for the idea. We don’t usually see the police on Corrie unless they’re questioning someone from the Street.

    • eps says:

      I think Luke was trying to buy Carla’s shares but originally arrived at the factory after Carla had gone to the US and was acting as Carla’s proxy. I suppose it doesn’t matter now – Tony is in the hoosegow, Luke is on the lam and Carla is in the factory.

  6. missusmac says:

    I’m not sure about Snape either. He’s been quite sharp with Fiz a few times, kind of ordering her about, which makes me think he believes he’s smarter than she is. Continuity is usually pretty good here, so maybe we missed a scene with a Michelle/Becky understanding reached. I think Luke is pretty much a gone guy now, although Rosie did mention she’d made a formal complaint at the police station. Keep up her behavior lately, and she’s going to have her own parking space there.

  7. Chad says:

    What I don’t understand is how Rosie was able to just retract her statement without any recrimination whatsoever. Shouldn’t she have been charged with extortion for trying to get John to give her money?

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