Update for Wed. Sept. 29: I Didn’t Tell You But…

..I’m Mobilizing The Neighbourhood Against You

Leanne and Peter are getting the scoop from Simon on the Santa altercation in the mall. Simon summarizes that Ken said he can’t have everything he wants just because it’s Christmas, and George said he can.

Deirdre and Ken are reviewing the same event at their place – Ken has been sacked, and accuses George of having brought Simon in deliberately. Ken blames George for provoking the entire incident. And none of it is Ken’s fault.

Ken comes into the Rovers to ask if he can hold a meeting to try and create enough local uproar that Peter’s bar will never get off the ground. Liz agrees, as the new bar will certainly take a chunk out of her trade.

Later, Ken is distributing flyers with zeal. Norris is on-board with squish-the-bar. Ashley isn’t so sure. Peter is in the bookies’ and Ken comes in to moan about the incident with George. Peter isn’t interested.

Deirdre and Ken are talking at home about the meeting, and Deirdre asks if Ken has told Peter. “I don’t want to be provoking him,” Ken replies, by way of explaining that he hasn’t told Peter. Which is a rather odd comment considering that Ken’s entire campaign could do nothing but provoke Peter and Leanne. Deirdre reluctantly agrees not to say anything.

“Save Our Local” reads the posters Liz is tacking up in the Rovers. Janis is dismayed to see the McDonald’s are against Leanne’s endeavour. Steve explains the competition could hurt them. Claire and Ashley come in, and Claire says she is dead against it. Becky confides in the factory girls that she’d be into a trendy new bar. So would Kelly. Ken enters and orders a drink, which Deirdre finds hypocritical.

Peter and Leanne are at home, planning dinner. They decide to go out and Leanne calls Janice to see if she can babysit. Janice says that she is in the Rovers, where Ken is grandstanding. Peter and Leanne of course knew nothing about the meeting. Ken is going on to say that there will be noise, litter, no parking, and drunks wandering the street all night, Ken goes on to say that the neighbours can write their local councillor to demand a public meeting.

Peter comes in then..and says they are already having a public meeting, or not really, as the group is only hearing one side of the story. He goes on to say that Ken is mean-spirited and vindictive, and should be disregarded. And furthermore, the Barlows will not be seeing Peter and Simon at Christmas.

…I’m Back, With A New Dude

Nice to see Sunita back!

Bernie and Dev are getting ready to leave for work – she has stayed over at his place. He thanks her for a wonderful night, and they agree to meet for lunch.

At the Golf Club at lunch time, Matt pulls up, and has Dev’s children in the car. Dev is fairly panicked at this and asks Matt why he has them. Apparently Matt is bringing the children to the Club Christmas party. He tells Dev that, in addition, he has been seeing Sunita, and that they are engaged. Dev did not even know that Matt and Sunita were acquainted. Dev is stunned, not that they are together, but that no one told him a thing. He nonetheless wishes Matt well and they shake hands.

Dev brings the children home after the party, to a large and gracious home belonging to…Sunita! (or really to Dev, if we’re being technical…) She is looking lovely in a blue cowl-neck sweater, and invites Dev in for coffee and a chat. Sunita says that Matt rang to tell her about his conversation with Dev. She explains that she has been seeing Matt for nearly a year. Dev is floored that she mentioned nothing. Sunita replies that Dev hardly tells her the names of all the women he dates. “I would,” he responds, “If I were in a serious relationship,” and says that at the moment he isn’t.

Dev asks Sunita if Matt is really “the one”. Sunita says it’s none of his business, and Dev reminds her that any man who will be living with his children is his business. He worries that they will call Matt ‘Daddy’. He does congratulate Sunita before leaving.

…Luke and Tony Made A Mess of Underworld

In the factory, the staff are bemoaning the fact that there appears to be no Christmas party on the horizon. Kelly points out that Mike Baldwin, Danny Baldwin, Liam, and even Tony after he’d killed Liam, threw a party. They put Haley up to asking Carla about this. Haley goes into Carla’s office and learns that Tony and Luke have left a mess of unhappy customers, poor quality and late deliveries. And it needs to get sorted.

The factory lot continue moaning that it’s not their fault the bosses made such a mess of everything. And that now they have to work harder. Carla comes out and the gang says they feel blamed for the factory’s problems. Carla lets them know that she’s trying to save their jobs, as they should be trying to do, so they all have to buckle down, starting now.

Carla goes home after a long day, checks though the mail and finds a letter from prison. Which she tosses into the rubbish bin as if it were on fire.

She pours herself a drink and then decides to fish the letter out of the garbage.

…And Also

Sally has given Kev an anniversary card for their second anniversary. Kev has forgotten, says that one anniversary per year is enough, and is bellowing at Rosie to get up. Rosie is pissed that she is being shouted at all the time.

Claire and Becky are discussing their play. Claire wonders if John’s script for the panto will be funny at all as he seems not to have much of a sense of humour. Unless locking up Rosie Webster counts.


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6 Responses to Update for Wed. Sept. 29: I Didn’t Tell You But…

  1. haili says:

    LOL kunzie! ” As if locking up Rosie Webster counts.” Love it.

    Dev and Ken both need anger management counseling lately and are their own worst enemies. It promises to be quite a miserable Christmas for both of them.

  2. beanie says:

    LMAO Kunzie, I’m overwhelmed at the length of your post but there was sooo much stuff to cover in one little episode. Ken is totally insane right now. So much so that I wonder if they’re writing him out by having him dragged away to the loony bin.

  3. missusmac says:

    Good one!

    Lots of things going on in this episode. Sally is trying for two anniversary celebrations? Weird. I think Matt is very dishy and kind, and Sunita is a lucky gal. Clur and Becky is one of those unlikely friendships that is really quite likeable. As per usual, Carla isn’t afraid of hard work and tells it like it is. I still find it strange she would live in the apartment she shared with Tony, in which she was attacked, and where she thinks she killed Jimmy. I’d move, wouldn’t you? No Christmas ‘do’ for the factory girls? Dang, that’s always a funny episode.

  4. haili says:

    I’m pretty sure the factory girls will come up with some kind of do – even if Carla doesn’t. Maybe they’ll have it in the Rovers. I doubt that she’s had time to find a new apartment – or sell the old one – but maybe that’s next on her agenda.

  5. chumola says:

    Funny Claire accusing anyone else of not having a sense of humour!

    Thanks for the great update, I always seem to miss some stuff and love your clarifications!

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