Update for Wed. Oct. 6: Da Da Da

I don’t love you, you don’t love me

Kevin is writing Ty a birthday guilt-card to atone for all the positions he’s tried with Molly. Sophie and Shawn look on. Sally comes in and is miffed to see Kev has gotten Ty a pricey bottle of scotch too. She says that she hopes Kevin is going to splurge at least that much on her at Christmas.

Molly comes into the garage as Ty and Kevin are having tea break. She has brought Tyrone a custard slice, and is rather put off by the gusto with which Tyrone wolfs it. Tyrone says Molly got him jim-jams for his birthday that didn’t fit  and is clearly disappointed when Molly says she is working that evening and unable to change shifts. His face falls. She promises they’ll do something on the weekend in the same emotionally-vacant tone that she always takes with Tyrone of late.

Kevin comes home that evening. Sally sits him down on the couch and is excited to tell him that she’s arranged for them to fly to Paris for the weekend. Kevin immediately hates the idea which will cut into his secret runaway plans, blows up at Sally for spending the money and tells her no way.

Hangin’ on the Telephone

Ryan and Michelle are at brecky. Michelle is phoning Carla, pissed off and wanting a “chat”. She speculates that Carla not only knew about Liam’s murder but may have been complicit somehow.

Carla arrives late into work at the factory. Haley comes into her office, asking if the police have any more news about Tony’s “accomplice”. Carla feigns ignorance.

Michelle and Ryan wander by the garage. Ryan razzes Kev for giving Tyrone a card. Michelle tells Kevin that they’ve caught the driver of the car and that it’s Jimmy Dockerson. Kevin says Jimmy is the same toe-rag that tried to get his business closed down. He mentions that Carla gave him the third degree about Dockerson before she left.

Michelle barges into Underworld, interrupting a production meeting and says she wants to know about Jimmy. She doesn’t believe Carla’s response that she knows nothing about Jimmy and storms off. Outside, Ryan tells Michelle that there’s no way Carla was involved in Liam’s death.

Carla is outside later, showing a customer the factory. Michelle pushes into the conversation AGAIN, having seemingly no understanding of what “I’ll call you later,” means.

An hour or so later, Michelle storms the fort a fourth time, saying time is “up”. She wants to know why, exactly, Carla took off to L.A. for a fresh start at the time she did – and not when either Paul or Liam died. They walk out onto the factory floor and it escalates into a shouting match – Carla yelling that she loved Liam, and Michelle demanding the truth. She says one way or another, Carla is to blame for Liam’s death. “Being scared is not a crime,” Carla sobs.

Michelle suddenly realizes that Carla did know about the murder before she left. The go outdoors, Michelle launches herself in a snarling ball at Carla and a semi-catfight breaks out, Michelle raving that Carla lied point-blank to her face. The factory girls come out and try and separate them. Carla says she panicked and wanted to get as far away as possible. Michelle is shocked that Carla allowed Tony to get as close as he did to Maria and baby Liam; Carla answers that she came home as soon as she knew they were an item.

Ryan turns up at that point, telling Michelle to back off, that Carla isn’t worth it. Michelle starts to cry, the argument winds down and Michelle says Carla has to live with the fact that the first face baby Liam saw was his dad’s murderer.

Everyone walks away, one by one, leaving Carla alone. Last is Haley. Carla pleads with her, saying she needs a friend. Haley suggests she visit her husband. Carla stands alone in the dark, rainy street.

And Also

Dev shows up at Sunita’s. She is alone. They have a chat in the living room. Sunita tells Dev he was well out of order the other night, but they’re going to sort it out once and for all. They say they’re both tired of Dev’s second chances. Dev starts crying, saying he’s been a pish, non-existent father. The kids and Matt come in then, and Matt goes to make tea. Later as Dev leaves, the kids ask him not to go. He kisses them goodbye, and Sunita agrees to another visit in the near future.

Audrey is in the Kabin buying mags for the salon. Norris asks Audrey if he can have a haircut for his council dinner date with Audrey. Tina reminds Norris that he’s supposed to be doing Graham’s window-cleaning route. Graham limps in then, wearing a blue bellhop outfit as he has a panto rehearsal later. He says the trousers are murder.

Norris and Graham begin the window-washing route, Norris having some obvious trouble with the mechanics of climbing a ladder.

Deirdre and Audrey have a drink in the Rovers. Audrey confides that she’s met a guy she likes called Wilf, with a toupé and a wholesale business.



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6 Responses to Update for Wed. Oct. 6: Da Da Da

  1. haili says:

    I just can’t take much more of Kevin and Molly.

  2. isis says:

    Yes please make it end.

    Although I have to admit I LOVED Molly’s red jacket.

    …appropriate colour too.

  3. missusmac says:

    I don’t like Michelle’s character — who ever died and made her queen of every situation? — but the actress who plays her has really improved her acting chops from her initial days on the street. She does angry not too badly!

    It’s pretty clear Ty makes Molly’s skin crawl, even to Ty! Sunita is standing her ground nicely, which is apparently what you have to do with Dev. He’s such a dork sometimes.

    And anytime Graham is in a scene, it’s terrific!

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