A Very Special Christmas Special (Update for Thursday and Friday)

The Bomb

Christmas at the Websters has  the family gathered around the tree opening presents.    Sally’s gift to Kevin is tickets to some car rally.  Aaaaaaaaaand he responds by saying he’s going upstairs to get her gift, but really takes time on the staircase to send stalking texts to Molly, who ignores them.

Meanwhile, at the most romantic house in Weatherfield, Tyrone has bought  Molly a karaoke machine for Christmas!  He says Kev suggested getting her perfume, but really, who wants perfume.  Molly is ‘generous’ with compliments about his gift,  but then he pulls out a box of perfume for her anyway.

Sally is unusually relaxed for this high stress holiday and the girls are getting suspicious,  especially when she doesn’t care about the mess in the living room.   Kevin meanwhile makes some excuse to go out for a bit.

Outside of  Molly and Tyrone’s Kev is making motions to Molly to come outside to meet him.  With the house full of  people, she reluctantly goes out to get him away from the window.    He makes a plea for her to be with him, but she’s having none of it and tells him it’s finished.  Things get a bit physical with her slapping him on the face and he grabbing her.

In a last ditch effort, Kevin suggests they not wait until next summer to be together, they should both leave their families…right away….at Christmas.  Fabulous!!!

Molly happily agrees and they decide to go to their respective mates, tell them it’s splitsville (Merry Christmas!) then meet at the garage an hour later, bugger off to a hotel for a few days and then come back later to face the music.  They decide that morally this is ‘okay’  because Jack and Pam will be with Tyrone and the girls will be with Sally so they won’t be alone and Christmas won’t be destroyed for them for EVERMORE.

Back at Karioke Central, when Molly comes in, Tyrone gets Molly to do a duo with him, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’.  (Oh stop…)

The girls are out of the house when Kevin comes back, so he tells Sally that he needs to talk to her, she tells him to pour her a drink and they’ll sit down.   Kevin starts to a lead up for breaking up with her, but before he can Sally starts crying.  I thought maybe she knew already, but instead she drops the bombshell that she has breast cancer.

In a pretty emotional scene with some great acting by Sally Whittaker, she explains that the reason for the trip was so that she could take her mind off of things until the biopsy results came back.  Sally asks Kevin not to tell the girls when they return to the house so that  Christmas isn’t ruined for them for  EVERMORE.

Molly gets Pam to take everyone to the Rovers so she can talk to Tyrone alone.   At the same time, Kevin makes another excuse to go out and runs like a lunatic to Molly and Tyrone’s  and breaks in through the back door DEMANDING stuffing…because we all love stuffing and, and, well, there’s not enough stuffing – and we need more stuffing….it’s a Stuffing Emergency.  Tyrone’s a bit pissed that Kevin barged in, but accepts the lam-o stuffing excuse.

Kev and Molly go to the shop where he tells her that Sally has cancer.  When Molly asks Kevin what they’re to do, Kev goes mental and tells her that they are over forever.  The cancer is a wake up call, that their plan was a stupid idea and she needs to grow up.

He goes back home and enjoys Christmas dinner and where Sally has a discussion about parsnips and finds out that no one likes parsnips so she throws them away.

Back at home a distraught Molly drops the turkey when pulling it out of the oven.  (Which of course got me to thinking, no one saw the turkey on the floor, do you just pick it back up or toss it?   What’s the consensus out there?)

On a side note, I googled this story line to find out that Sally Wittaker (now Dynevor – she’s taken on her married name), also was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Ken Loses the Plot

Deidre tells Ken to that he must behave while Peter and family are over for dinner, which he actually seems confused about.  (What? What have I ever done.)  But all seems to go well when Peter, Leanne, Simon, George,  Eve and Janice come over to eat.  (How DO they get that many people around that table?!)

Ken gives Simon his bike, which Simon declares the best present ever, and then George gives Simon a Wii which he also declares the best present ever.   Ken, unable to understand the nuances of gift reviews from 6 year olds, gets a bit of a twitch in his eye.

After the meal, when the cast of thousands is sitting around the table, George mistakenly offers Peter some wine.  Ken goes berserk and accuses George (who hadn’t actually had a drop) of being too drunk to remember that Peter  is an alcoholic.

This leads to a moment of sheer uncomfortableness, where everyone decides it’s time to go home.

Peter apologizes to Deidre but tells her that he really thinks Ken is beginning to lose it.

A Very Peacock Bickering

Clare’s mom agrees to take care of the boys so that Ashley and Claire can celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Of course in typical Peacock fashion, on the way home, Ashley and Claire get into an argument over Ashley having two drinks at her mom’s place then driving…fabulous.

Later at the pub, however,  Claire demands that Ashley stay sober  enough to complete his matrimonial duties.  (wink wink, nudge, nudge)

And the Platts

While preparing dinner, Gale gets a bit hammered is all lovey dovey with Joe – which causes a great deal of eye rolling from David and Audrey.  Gale then announces that Nick is upstairs in the shower.

Later, Joe wins over Nick with an open and frank discussion about his situation, that he’s had setbacks, trying to get back on his feet and would do anything for Gale.  So Audrey’s plan of Nick talking Gale out of the marriage backfires.  But on a positive note, David becomes a fan Audrey’s deviousness.

Even later, as Nick makes an official toast to Joe and Gale’s engagement,  Jason and Tina show up for celebrations and the inevitable weirdness between Tina and Nick.

In Other News

Steve tells Liz that he wants another  baby and he just has to convince Becky…who later comments independently how great it is to have a readymade kid (our Amy) than go through all that pregnancy hassle.


The episode ends with a Christmas montage with some Christmas song I’ve never heard of….feel free to send your YouTube links.

Oh, and we see that Molly went with the three second rule.

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13 Responses to A Very Special Christmas Special (Update for Thursday and Friday)

  1. Long Time Lurker says:

    Great update Glacia! Gotta love those Corrie Christmases.
    I would say for turkey, you go with the 3-second rule/per pound of the turkey, minus the number of people within earshot.

  2. haili says:

    I say brush the bird off a bit, maybe cut off the skin, and serve it! Isn’t Molly the meanest wife ever? With Claire a close second. Claire makes everything sound like a chore and always seems to be giving someone hell about something – usually Ashley.

    Ken is a grumpy old man these days, probably wishing he’d sailed away with Martha; and Dierdre probably does too!

  3. beanie says:

    Great update Darling, Thank you. I’m so glad that you combined the two episodes because I have been all WTF since the omni. I must have missed Thursday but caught Friday so I knew Kev was all “My wife has cancer…grow up Molly there is no us” When I watched the omni (as I do because I have no life) on came Thursday and Kev was chasing Molly all over the place and texting. He was all “We can’t finish because this is the greatest love of all time.” Cancer is a huge thing but who knew it causes the patient’s spouse to have an instant brain transplant.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Are you kidding? Of course I’d pick the turkey up…
    Thank GOD Molly and Kevin are over. No more sex eyes… I hope!

  5. Gayle says:

    I was wondering why George and Eve didn’t have the whole crew at their place – they’ve loads of room instead of everyone squished around a little tiny table.

    I also didn’t understand why Jack and Connie didn’t have dinner at their place again they have a much bigger house. Why wasn’t Bill at Kevin’s does he live with Pam now?

    (I know I need to get a life)

    Please make this the end of Kevin and Molly I was getting so sick of it.

  6. haili says:

    Alas, there was more Molvin tonight and I fear it’s not the end.

  7. missusmac says:

    Wonderful update. I loved the montage at the end of Christmas day, especially with Deirdre smoking FURIOUSLY in the house — not even bothering to go outside to please Ken. Hmm, wonder what Kev got Sally? A frying pan? A box of chocolates?

    Ty singing was a blast to watch, as was watching Kev run like a lunatic.

    • Bea says:

      I also loved the montage at the end. In the scene with Deidre smoking furiously, Ken is in the background repairing a bicycle tire. I believe that in the first ever episode of Corrie, someone was fixing a bicycle tire in the same room.

  8. missusmac says:

    Oops, forgot my favorite line: David referring to Nick as ‘Golden Balls over there” when congratulating Audrey on her plan to tear apart Joe and Gayle.

  9. Modge says:

    The song was “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”, a 1993 release by The Wizzards (according to Wikipedia). Sarah Brightman has it on her 2008 album “A Winter Symphony”, it was my favourite song last Christmas. Of course, when it played at The Rovers,, the Mr. gave me his quizzical puppy look and said he’d never heard it before, although he must’ve heard it 200 times last December.

  10. Barbee says:

    Fabulous update and thanks for all the research as well. That was one great Christmas episode.

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