Update for Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Do They Know It’s Boxing Day?

You Know How They Say Life Changes in an Instant? THIS IS THAT INSTANT, MOLLY!

In the Rovers, Tyrone has bought two tickets to the Rovers’ new year’s do.

“Out with the old, in with the … old,” moans Molly.

Molly decides she wants to make an early night of it, after seeing Kevin in deep conversation with his dad so she promises a bit of how’s yer father? for Tyrone. He quickly agrees but when they get home, she gives him the Englishman’s alternative to sex: steak and kidney pie. Tyrone is sent for a shower while she starts checking her mobile for any texts from Kevin.

Kevin’s in the Rovers, telling Bill about Sally’s cancer. They remember when Kevin’s mother had it and how she kept it from everyone until the very end. Kevin doesn’t remember Bill ever crying over it but he tells him that he did and still does. He thought not showing his feelings was just the right thing to do. Kevin wishes he had. Kevin gets a text – he tells Bill it’s from Sally but we know better – and he’s off. Bill tells him if there’s anything he needs, just say it.

He meets Molly in the ginnel . He asks her to stop texting and calling him. She asks if he told Bill. About Sally? Yes. About you? No. She says there’s still a future for them but Kevin isn’t sure.

Yes, Kevin. You’re sure. It’s over. It’s done. Because you don’t want to be the guy who cheats on his wife while she’s suffering from breast cancer. Because you know who did that? John Edwards. You don’t want to be John Edwards because John Edwards is an awful human being and you don’t want to be like John Edwards.

Meanwhile Bill pops over the Websters to see if Sally needs anything. She figures he knows and they talk about it a while. Sally says she doesn’t want people to see her and only see the disease.

Later, Kevin meets Bill at the garage and confesses his affair to Molly. Bill lays into him over making a fool out of Tyrone and being stupid. Kevin tries to make excuses and reminds Bill of his own less than faithful lifestyle.

Bill grabs Kevin and bellows: “This isn’t about bad timing! This is about life and death! Take it from one who knows!”

In Other News

Gail and Joe got “merry” over the sale of the house but weren’t too merry to find out Audrey only invited Nick for Christmas to convince Gail not to marry Joe. Nick likes Joe but thinks she’s selling the house for less than market value.

Audrey’s mad at David for bringing all this up and noting that his plan backfired and now Joe and Gail are closer than ever.

Ken announces to Peter that he’s organized a petition against his bar. George laughs at him.

Graeme has decided that after seeing Rosie’s Nuts magazine audition photos glamour model shots, that he would like to see more of Rosie but in real life. So he splashes on the “Alvin Klein” aftershave and waits for her to come out of the house. When she does, in her vodka roller girl outfit, he helps her roll to the nearest cab.


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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Do They Know It’s Boxing Day?

  1. haili says:

    The actors who play Bill and Sally were great last night and very touching. We should see a lot more of Bill and I loved his talk with Kevin. Molly was her usual annoying self and I could have slapped her for the way she acted with Tyrone. Will she ever just go away?

    There have been several politicians in the U.S. who had affairs while their wives had cancer. One even had his wife served with divorce papers while she was in hospital (I forgot his name – republican).

    • Gayle says:

      Haili you and I are always on the same wave length. I was thinking last night as I watched the scenes with Kevin and Bill – how much I like Bill (compared to Joe ugh).

      I’m with Audrey regarding Gail and Joe – she is selling her family home to pay off his debts? Is he even looking for a job?

      Like you I wanted to slap Molly hard across the face she is so immature. Did she even bother to visit her father over Christmas? She is one selfish little madam and I know she is going to break Tyronne’s heart.

  2. haili says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone! Why wouldn’t Molly invite her father for Christmas? Oh, maybe because she used him as an excuse for a romp with Kevin in the no-tell motel!

  3. chumola says:

    ditto to all the above. Please just go away, Molly!

  4. missusmac says:

    I was surprised David didn’t respond that selling the house wasn’t the answer to all THEIR problems, but the answer to all JOE’s problems…

    Loved Nick’s “I’m not a real estate agent, but I am a businessman” response to Joe.( “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”) Still, he’s right. Gayle is undervaluing to allow Joe to pay off his bills. I’m surprised Nick the businessman with the flash car hasn’t offered to give Mom some cash.

    I never knew any backstory on Kevin, and I never knew Bill raised two kids on his own. I’ve always just thought of him as a bit of a jerk. Bit of an eyeopener to see the caring, smart Bill.

    Ken, I think everyone wished you’d taken a long boat trip with Martha.

    • haili says:

      I always liked Bill and find that he and Kevin are so natural, they’re like a real father and son. We should see more of characters like Bill and Eileen IMO. Now that Bill knows about Molly, and Pam already knows or suspects, maybe the truth will come out. Also, Molly using her dad as an alibi should probably come back to haunt her some day. Don’t she and Tyrone ever visit or call him? Silly me, she’s too busy “running.” You would think that Diggory would call her sometimes and maybe get Tyrone.

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