Update for Wednesday, Oct. 20: NYE Part 1

New Year’s Eve is upon us and Liz is festooning the Rover’s in puffy mirrored balloons and tinsel so people enjoy the ambiance they’ve paid for. Ashley and Graham arrive with a large order of pies. Becky is missing; we see she is in the loo taking a pregnancy test.

Rosie and Liz come into the Kabin. Liz is there to persuade Molly to attend the NYE party. Rosie offers to work the room in her cherry vodka getup.

Sophie is off to a party at the community centre and stops to chat with Gary Windass on the way. Sian and Ryan are sat on the couch at Ryan’s and getting ready to go out to the same party. Michelle has to work, and upon learning this, the young folks opt for a stay-in makeout session instead. Michelle leaves, telling them not to do anything she wouldn’t do, which doesn’t leave a whole hell of a lot.

Molly is dressed up like a red fire engine and Tyrone is over the moon at her appearance, unaware that she now thinks of him as pocket lint.

The staff at the Rovers are putting the final touches on the pub before opening for the party; Becky is subdued and quiet. The punters arrive. Sally and Kev cozy up in a booth. Graham and Ashley stop by to wish them a happy New Year before Graham gets too bladdered to do so. Ashley says that Claire is working for the evening. Sally finishes her free champagne and asks Kev to get a bottle of Pinot-Whatsit. When Kevin is at the bar, Molly waltzes by in her hoochy-mama outfit but gets a chilly response from Kevin.

Steve and Claire are in the cab office. Steve is stewing over the whole having kids issue…he worms out of Claire that Becky’s not all that into it.

Jake surprises Michelle by showing up at the Rovers, and Michelle is delighted. Apparently he’s booked a room at the Hilton and wants to whisk Michelle away for romance. Liz says she can’t get in the way of such a plan, and Michelle goes off home with Jake to get her stuff. Sophie comes along with them – she had turned up at the Rovers after being blanked by Sian and Ryan. Sian had texted and said her parents made her stay in for a dinner.

Sally has had a few glasses of Pinot-Whatzit and is entertaining the punters with a loud, off-key rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Molly comments that she’s making a fool of herself, but Tyrone thinks she looks pretty fit. This just pisses Molly off. Kevin watches his wife happily.

Sophie returns to the flat with Michelle and Jake, to find Sian in Michelle’s dressing gown and Ryan in his skivvies.  Sophie is hurt to have been lied to, and asks if Ryan was the main course at the “dinner”. She is also pissed off that Sian broke her abstinence vow. Michelle is enraged to discover in this fashion that her son has moved beyond spray paint and comics. She tells Sian to get out of her dressing gown. Ryan says he’s older than Michelle was when she started having sex and he finds it ironic thant Michelle is going to a hotel room with a bloke she barely knows. Michelle slaps Ryan and tells him she doesn’t care what he gets up to as long as he doesn’t rub her nose in it. “Snap,” retorts Ryan.

Molly corners Kevin by the washrooms and asks him if he’s alright. She says that Sally has a cracking set of lungs on her, which Kevin finds offensive and hustles her outside. Molly goes on to say that Sally’s never looked better, oddly, and maybe she isn’t sick at all. Maybe Kevin made it all up. Molly apparently hasn’t accepted being binned and wants to know what Sally has that she doesn’t. “Cancer,” Kevin replies, and says that if Molly loves him, she will leave him alone and let him go back to being the decent fellow he is. Was.

Steve and Becky talk on the back stairs at the Rovers. He tells her he’s been talking with Claire and knows Becky doesn’t want any more children. Becky says the conversation should have remained private, and she doesn’t take Steve’s concern all that seriously. He follows her back into the front of the Rovers. Liz asks Steve to stay and help out as Michelle has now gone.

Sally is even drunker now and saying that she should have been on American Idol. Kevin says that her illness caused a light to go on in his head; she’s an awesome wife and mom and they still have a good laugh. He won’t hump spotty twentysomethings take her for granted any more. Sally asks him if he’s drunk. She wonders if they should go sit with Tyrone and Molly. “I thought you didn’t like Molly,” says Kevin. “I just find her a bit dull,” says Sally and yells over: “Molly! You’re dull!” “Sally,” Molly fires back, “you’re drunk.” The Websters share a big snog and decide to go home.

The last seconds of the New Year count down. Steve is alone in the back of the Rovers. Becky comes in and says that she’d just screw up a kid. “Anyway forget all that,” she says plopping a party hat on his head, “Happy New Year, kid” Steve is not to be cheered up.

Outside Molly stalks off, Graham chases Rosie and her squirtgun around the street, Sophie cries alone on the street corner and Becky comes out for a smoke, lost in thought. 5-4-3-2…….


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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5 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Oct. 20: NYE Part 1

  1. Bea says:

    How do you scold your kid for having sex when your “date” is waiting in kitchen for you to go to a hotel for the night?

    • missusmac says:

      I laughed when young Bob the Builder told Ryan ‘whoa, too much information’ when Ryan was trying to explain to his mom the teens were using birth control, and that he loved Sian. Um, kind of the conversation a mom and teen SHOULD have…

      Is that the same dress Molly was wearing the first time she and Kevin connected? You know, that time on the newlyweds’ stairs that all of us have tried to scrub out of our brains with Javex and SOS pads and napalm?

  2. haili says:

    Steve acted like a spoiled brat. That marriage won’t last long if he keeps on about it. It just wasn’t the time or place to discuss family planning.

    Molly acted like a spoiled brat.

    Michelle ditto.

    Ryan ditto.

    Never a dull moment though and it’s been nice to get a break from Norris for awhile.

  3. Barbie says:

    I couldn’t believe that Liz gave Michelle New Year’s Eve off. I mean really, New Year’s Eve? The busiest day of the year? Bet there would have been hell to pay if Becky had asked for it off.

  4. Gayle says:

    I agree with you 100%. My sisters and I were discussing that very subject on Saturday. What bar owner would give a staff member time off on what has to be the busiest night of the year! I am getting so tired of Michelle! She never works a full shift. I don’t understand why she is still working there. It’s not like she is a good worker. If I were in Becky’s shoes I would deeply resent her presence.

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