Update for Tuesday, October 26. Municipal Mania

No, it’s not even remotely thematically related to tonight’s episode but I’m just so proud of my mad captioning skillz.

Loan Sharks

Joe is pretty bitter about the house sale not going through. Unaware that he planned to use the profits to pay off a loan shark, Gail tells him that the market is bound to pick up after Christmas.

Later Joe tries to get the estate agent to get the would be buyer to change their mind but to no avail. Meanwhile, Rick the loan shark follows Tina into the pub where he overhears her conversation about the flat sale and asks if he can see it. Gail remembers him as a prospective buyer for the house but he claims the place was too big for him but the small flat might suit him perfectly. Tina offers to take him into the flat and when Joe hears of this, he’s off like a shot.

He finds them in the flat and claims he lost his wallet so Tina goes off to another room to look for it. He asks Rick what it is he thinks he’s doing and Rick replies that it looks like Tina is about to come into some money (Tina is asking 80K, they paid 58K) and this might be a better source of income for him. Before Joe can get angry, Tina comes back to tell Joe she can’t find his wallet.

Later Joe goes to another pub (the Arms? The Flying Horse?) to get drunk on whisky. When he returns, Rick mugs him for the £70 in his wallet (part of what Gail gave him to buy a new shirt and shoes for the wedding) and gives him until Friday to pay back everything he owes. Or else he or one of his mates will pay Tina a visit.

Joe collapses in tears as he hits his lowest point ever.


Claire and Becky are off to the pictures as Becky’s curiously not interested in getting sauced tonight (something to do with that pregnancy test?). Becky would like to see a film about a serial killer who targets fat, balding middle-aged blokes.

Later, Steve pops by Ashley’s with a crate of booze. Ashley says he can’t partake as he’s babysitting. Unless Claire is paying you £12 an hour, YOU DON’T BABYSIT YOUR OWN CHILDREN, ASHLEY.

So Steve gets drunk and has a good long moan about how women control men and tries to bring Ashley into saying it was Claire who made him get the snip. Of course, that had to do with the fact that it was discovered that future pregnancies could threaten her health. But Ashley doesn’t tell him that. He just patiently listens to him.

When Steve arrives home, he and Becky row some more and not much is resolved between them. In fact, Becky seems even more sure that she doesn’t want children.

In Other News

Kevin tells Bill that Sally will soon go in for a lumpectomy, then have some lymph nodes removed, then possibly radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Later, he suggests he and Sally go on a holiday.

Dev is behaving a little more like an adult these days but he’s still getting Asha and Aadi wound up in time for Matt and Sunita to come home to. ‘Cause he’s still Dev and he can’t help himself.

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11 Responses to Update for Tuesday, October 26. Municipal Mania

  1. corrierules says:

    I am so, so tired of Joe collapsing in a heap, whinging, weeping and moaning. He’s done it more often than I’ve had hot dinners (to coin a phrase). Sell the boat!!!

    And what young woman in her right mind takes a stranger up to her flat all by herself?!?

  2. Jason Pamer says:

    12 pound and hour for babysitting???…hells ya!!!

  3. haili says:

    Joe is constantly hitting rock bottom and it gets tedious. The miserable whingy face doesn’t help. Sell the damn boat Joe!

    Steve is almost as bad lately. Has he had a personality transplant? He used to be fun. We need more of the cab office gang and he really needs a talking to from Eileen.

    I have shown rooms and basement apartments to strangers but talked to them on the phone with lots of questions first. Young women often have no fear.

    • Barbee says:

      Joe just makes me feel ill. I recently saw the actor in an episode of Silent Witness. He played the same sickening whining character, but was still exonerated in the end! He must get hired to play those roles, he does them so well. As has been said before, sell the damn boat! I want Audrey to find out soon. After tonight’s episode, notice Joe didn’t ask Ted not to tell anyone else about the loan, just Gail? Ted may just confide in Audrey, or Nick, or even hell-spawn David!
      I’m still amazed at Sally Whittaker (Davenevor?) who played the role sooooo well over Christmas.
      Please please do something to Molly. I have never liked her (since she decided to poach Tyrone from Fiz, just because she could).
      I haven’t checked ahead for years, so have no idea what’s going to happen. I still can’t see Becky pregnant. But yes, bring back Steve, Eileen and Lloyd! What will happen to Ty and Molly. Not seeing a happy ending – she’s not a nice little madam.

  4. Trudy says:

    I said exactly the same thing last night – SELL THE BOAT! The debt would probably have been only 3,000 pounds if he had sold it months ago. What a dork.

  5. Gayle says:

    Joe, Steve and Dev are all behaving like complete idiots.

    Obviously Bill is no longer living with Sally and Kevin because he knocked on the door before coming into the house.

    I completely agree with everyone SELL THE DAMN BOAT!

  6. Bea says:

    Joe is such an idiot. Where does he think he is going to keep the boat when they sell the house and move to an apartment. Anyway, isn’t loan sharking illegal? Why doesn’t he just get the police involved? I can’t even remember how this all started, something to do with the Windass clan, I think. By the time they sell the house, the interest will be more than the price they get.

    Also, are they trying to make Dev seem younger by getting rid of his college-age daughter and focusing on the younger kids? Just a thought.

  7. missusmac says:

    I remember Amber loved Sunita and Sunita loved Amber, so I’m not sure why Amber had to go away for this storyline. She could come home for weekends, man.

    Sunita has Dev’s number, eh? Mr. Hot and Cold.

    Loved the babysitting line, by the way. According to my inlaws, I always took care of the children, but if he stayed home, that meant my husband “had to babysit them. ” Yeah… Always drove me nuts.

  8. haili says:

    I loved the municipal madness pic.

  9. Barbie says:

    I agree, selling the boat would work, but how about GET A DAMNED JOB Joe. Even John Stape got one, and everyone hated him. OOh, I just want to smack that silly Gail lately.
    Sally amazes me too, knowing she’s living through what she’s playing on screen.

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