Update for Wednesday, Nov. 3rd: Toast and Trash

Eddie Windass is making his morning rounds, in a ratty stained bathrobe and little else, stuffing his rubbish into everyone else’s wheely-bin.

The Webster’s are waking up, making toast, etc. Sophie offers to bring her mom some tea and toast. Kevin tells the girls that Sally doesn’t want a fuss made, and wants everyone behaving normally. Rosie still wants to know if she can have her boob job. kevin says she doesn’t need one; Rosie says the surgically-enhanced gals in Kevin’s garage calendar say otherwise.

Joe comes outside and sees the overflowing bins, just as Kevin also walks out. Joe points out the lager cans stuffed into his aren’t his brand. Clearly upset about the wheelie-bin abuse, Kevin wants to wring Eddie’s neck.

It’s Ryan’s 18th birthday. At Michelle’s, Michele has built a “toast-cake” with three candles on it for her son. (don’t strain yourself mom). Michelle and Sian sing “Happy Birthday Dear Ry-unn“, as Ryan blows out the candles.

Gail is practicing her new married signature. She gives Joe an autograph. Joe opens his mail – it’s a life insurance policy he has requested, for almost a half-million pounds. Apparently the premiums are too expensive in Gail’s opinion, so she chucks it in the bin.

Sean is eating toast while Jesse looking for his missing guns. Sean tells Jesse he wants to be the new Hiyalowa. He begs for the job and Jesse reluctantly relents. Sean gives him back his guns, which he has been sitting on.

Haley comes into Carla’s office – the machinists have sent her in to address the fact that Kelly was refused time off whereas Sally wasn’t. Carla reminds Haley that it’s Carla’s factory and therefore…her business.

Super-mom Claire is helping Dev get ready for his kids’ party. Claire brings the party newbie up to speed on the fact that extra loot bags are always required for tag-along siblings.

Eddie is sitting in the caf munching toast when Kevin accuses him of putting rubbish other people’s  wheely-bins. He says next time he’ll stuff Eddie into a wheely-bin and stick him in the crusher. Eddy denies it but confesses later to Anna that he was just being “eco-conscious” by evenly distributing the rubbish.

At lunch, Kelly asks Haley what Carla had said about time off; Haley says she was stonewalled. Carla happens by mid-chat and Kelly complains again about Sally. Carla says the reason for Sally’s time off is private. And if they don’t like it, they know where the door is.

After Gail and Joe has lunch, he shoos her off to work while he does the washing up. Once Gail leaves, he fishes the life insurance policy out of the garbage and also takes out Gail’s signature.

The pirate-themed kiddie party is about to start at Dev’s. He excitedly shows Asha and Adi their birthday cake. Sunita and Claire suggest that Dev move every breakable item out of harm’s way. Jesse and Sean show up to get ready for the General Custard Show.

Afterward…The party apparently is a roaring success, but Jesse is less-than-pleased with Sean for changing the entire script and upstaging him. Jesse wants to sack Sean but Sean is determined to stay. Sunita has broken a glass, and promises to replace it. Matt comes to pick up Sunita and notices a new closeness between Dev and Sunita.

“It’s not furr,” Kelly complains, still whining about Sally.  The factory girls come upon the Websters as they are leaving for the hospital with suitcases. Mistaking the departure for a holiday, they pass some snarky comments about the Websters’ swanning off, about how grand Sally thinks she is, and how hard-done-by they are, stuck picking up her slack. Sophie tries to put them off and they stomp off to the pub. “With any luck,” Kelly says, “she won’t come back at all!”

Rosie follows Fizz, Janice and Kelly into the pub. She confronts Kelly, asking: “What makes you think you can talk about my mom like that? My mom is worth ten of you. If you want to pick on someone, pick on me!” she goes on to say that they have no idea how stupid they all are, and they don’t care if they hurt someone’s feelings. Rosie blurts out, as Kevin comes in, “She’s ill and she’s going into hospital.” Kevin quietly tells everyone that Sally has breast cancer and wanted it kept quiet. He asks if people can be sensitive about it.

As they leave, Tyrone and Molly follow them outside, where Tyrone offers whatever help he can.



About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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14 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Nov. 3rd: Toast and Trash

  1. eps says:

    Gee Kunzie, I hadn’t realized just how toasty that episode was. I did think that Michelle could have made more of an effort for her son – what ever happened to her bio son anyway? Wouldn’t Ryan’s previously obsessed bio father wanted to wish him a happy 18th?
    I cracked up when Mary and Norris were in the Rovers, her talking about her trip and “Homeward Bound” playing in the background. Only Kelly matched Norris for insensitive.
    Maybe Asha was allergic to the cake Dev bought.

    • kunzie says:

      Good point, eps…I would appreciate it if there was more follow-through with major plotlines. Alot of time was given to the Michelle’s son(s) thing. Surely a quick mention of a gift from bio-dad, or a second stack of toast for Alex, would provide a touch of continuity.

  2. missusmac says:

    Eddie does dis-GUST-ing very well, doesn’t he? He’s just gruesome to look at, while Anna is a actually a very pretty woman.

    Kunzie, that’s exactly how I thought Kelly said “fair’ too! It’s not “Fur”… Thanks for the update.

  3. haili says:

    Does Kelly have any good qualities at all? To me she just seems nasty all the time. The rest of the girls had some compassion for Sally, even though they don’t like her much – but not Kelly. She always thinks the worst of people but since she never has any good story lines, we never find out why she’s like that.

    Carla seemed to have some experience with a cancer scare herself and was quite nice for a change.

    Eddie is disgusting all the time. I can just imagine him baking one of his cakes with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, dropping ashes.

  4. Barbie says:

    I have always thought that Carla was a horrible person, but she was so good about keeping Sally’s secret that I actually liked her there for a second.

  5. Gayle says:

    Haili I was thinking the exact same thing about Kelly. I was shouting at the tv (in my head) shut up! I like you wish we could learn a little more about her.
    As far as Ryan’s birthday I certainly hope Michelle was going to do something special. Funny her other “son” is never, ever mentioned.

  6. beanie says:

    I agree with all of you about lack of follow through with plot lines. I guess the writers realized that the baby-switch thing was really lame so it just faded away. I’m glad it’s over BUT you can’t UNMAKE a child . They should have had them move far far away.

    A pet peeve of mine is Martin Platt. He was such a hands-on father and it’s inconceivable that he would live a short distance away and not be involved in some of the drama that has gone on with David. The writers must have wanted to leave the door open for him but the actor is very involved in cheese or something. If you don’t kill someone off at least have them move to Timbuktu.

    • eps says:

      Beanie, I can’t tell you how often I have yelled at the TV because it is so unrealistic that either Gail or David would not contact Martin during the (supposed) suicidal ideation, legal hassles, threats to Gail,
      setting up the robbery at Aud-rah’s, etc. And Les doesn’t keep n touch with Chesney? He was like a father to the kid. The occasional pc could not be too much for Les to send. Toyah is dead? Doesn’t keep in touch or visit her “sister” or Janice. I can’t remember which girl had which bio parent. The bio father for the oldest Peacock boy? Etc, etc.
      Enough loose threads to stitch a quilt.

      • Bea says:

        I believe that Janice is Toyah’s mother, Les is Leanne’s father. And, yes I hate those dropped plot lines, too. They could at least make some sort of reference to explain why these “lost relatives” are no longer around.

  7. Gayle says:

    Eps, You have raised very good points! I love the show but absolutely HATE when a beloved character leaves they very rarely ever visit and are NEVER mentioned. I realize actors move on etc. but could someone talk about them once in a while. Especially Les (I forget what supposedly happened to him on the show) I know the actor was fired -but as you pointed out he was devoted to Chesney.

    My biggest disappointment is Martin – he was a very devoted and loving father now NOTHING!

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      And how about Sean and his baby? Even someone as flighty as Sean must sometime wonder how his baby is doing (as well as his former “besty”/baby mama). I guess that’s a story line that can be resurrected in about 10 years and they can bring another adorable (or surly) 12 year old onto the street.

    • missusmac says:

      There have been a couple of references to Martin being MEGA involved in his new baby’s life, and the last time David left to surprise visit Martin, he mentioned when he got back that Martin showed him the door. I understand the actor left after it was suggested Martin get involved with a character even younger than Katie as a new plot line, and he turned it down.

      Les is being a roadie for somebody, but no postcard is just sloppy. Weird Michelle bio son and his non-bio dad have fallen off the face of the earth, and one has to assume Gary will too now that’s he’s gone for basic training and was seen looking back from the window of a car. Jim has gone AWOL, yet Mary, icky Mary, has come back. Not fair.

  8. haili says:

    Didn’t Violet and Jamie leave and Sean tried to find them? I thought Violet was nasty the way she treated Sean. They were supposed to be best friends until she didn’t need him anymore – then she was gone and didn’t want him to have anything to do with the baby. Maybe the writers will bring back the long lost son some day – as they did with other sons – like Mike’s and Ken’s.

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