Update for Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Facebook Status Update

Tyrone Dobbs Has Updated His Marital Status to “Single”

Molly has told Tyrone that she no longer loves him and he’s shocked. Tyrone’s world falls apart as she coldly explains that she’s changed and the marriage is over.

He also accuses her (correctly) of being involved with someone else but Molly feigns offense.

He tries to tell her that he thought they’d be like Jack and Vera but she says they were no great couple as they were always at each other’s throats. She then tells him that she didn’t look forward to being stuck in their little house while she watched him get fatter every year.

“You think I’m a cow,” she says as she reads everyone’s minds.

The breakup spills out in the street as she packs her bags and walks out. Then everyone hears the news that it’s over between them. Who needs Facebook?

Steve Macdonald Has Updated His Relationship Status to “It’s Complicated”

Steve celebrates his new-found singledom by getting wasted with Lloyd, Theresa, and one time one night stand Kelly Crabtree. They eventually leave the Rovers in favour of a night on the town. Lloyd is reluctant. This will not end well.

Sian Powers Has Updated Her Relationship Status to “In a Relationship”

Sian is under the impression that when you post your sexual activity on Facebook, it’s private. Anyway, she wants to run away but both Sophie and Ryan offer her shelter at theirs. Ryan thinks Michelle won’t mind.

Gary Windass Has Added The British Army To His Employers

Anna misses Gary and worries to Eddie that he’s turning into a man who won’t want to watch Cash in the Attic with his mum. He does send a photo of himself to her phone. He’s in his new regiment, The Fightin’ Gingers (it’s the one Prince Harry serves in) and his beret is doffed incorrectly. If this were my time, he’d have been shot by now.

Anyway, to mitigate the empty nest syndrome, Anna is taking up Salsa dancing.

And This Happened

Audrey is talking about doing mobile hair service for the elderly but David doesn’t care as his mum is throwing him out as soon as the house is sold. That’s why he plans to sabotage every prospective buyer.

Natasha tries to talk sense into David: “You have to let your mum live her life, David. Besides, you want to get back together with Tina? You might want to show her how you’ve matured and don’t have any intention of remaining an overgrown mummy’s boy your entire life. It’s sad and desperate. Now excuse me while I go throw myself at Tony Gordon.”

This does not deter David at all but Gail seems to be softening on the house sale as she’s looking at old family photos, much to Joe’s dismay.


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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Facebook Status Update

  1. corrierules says:

    Wonderful update! Thank you!

  2. S. Poole says:

    The Fightin’ Gingers…
    S. Poole Likes this.
    I rarely use Facebook and this was still very funny.

    Poor Ty, I was thinking he may put his head in the oven when she walked away. It is just as Molly once described it to Kevin, splitting with him is like kicking a puppy. I kept waiting for Auntie Pam to knock on the door and stop the complete gutting he was suffering.

    And does Natasha not know any of the details in David’s past hijinx? I would not look at him sideways let alone try to point out his deviousness.

  3. haili says:

    Maybe Molly could join the army! Just an idea.

    Where is Eileen when Steve so badly needs a talking to? Did she run off with Chesney?

  4. Trudy says:

    Methinks that Gail may be having second thoughts about selling the house……

  5. Gayle says:

    Couple of things I don’t understand – why hasn’t Gail gone near her friend Sally?

    Where is Amy we never see the child any more?

    Could Steve be any more of a jerk? Why would anyone want to bring a child into that mess? Steve and Becky are constantly at each other’s throats. Steve doesn’t pay any attention to the kid he has why does he want another one.

    • eps says:

      and where in the heck are the dogs? Schmichael (spelling?), Eccoles (spelling?), Monica (ahhh, can spell that one). I am assuming that Ozzy is in Ireland with pseudo-mother and baby Liam.

      Yeah, Steve plays golf with not a thought about his daughter. He is really taking advantage of Becky. Why is she doing so much for him?

      • Bea says:

        Yea, I remember seeing Eccles in the background a couple of times, but Monica hasn’t been around for quite some time. And I completely forgot about Schmichael. I guess Corrie is really going to the dogs. lol

  6. missusmac says:

    While Liz doesn’t like Becky, she likes how she parents Amy. I can only think without Liz away and not around to slap him upside the head, Steve is sliding off the rails. Not sure why Eileen hasn’t slapped him already…

    I understand Molly being bored with Ty, I do. I don’t understand why she thought it would be ultra-exciting with Kevin??? He just wants a quiet life, and a pint in the Rovers on Friday night too!

    I like Hayley and Anna as friends. This could be fun to watch. Anna is actually a very nice lady, it seems, and it would be great for Hayley to have friends who aren’t strays and just have fun. Again, no idea why Gayle would not have at least mentioned she was popping in to see Sally, or a Webster hadn’t mentioned she was upstairs visiting Sally.

    Isn’t there a minute or two of each episode cut to fit our CBC format? I keep thinking these connect-the-dot comments are made but edited out because they don’t drive the plot and CBC needs the time to hype Blades on Ice — RESULTS! (or whatever it is. I fast forward a lot!)

  7. Mark Daye says:

    Gayle is an idiot.
    Molly is a tramp and an idiot.
    I hope Sally drops dead, but I think she is a red herring and the real cancer story is yet to come.

  8. Kerry says:

    I used to like Molly. I really did.

    I now think she’s an utter cow and I hope she gets run over by a bus.

    Yeah, Tyrone is a bit on the boring side, but if I was in their world I would be only too glad to be married to him. He’s just generally a nice, decent bloke who’d do anything for the people he loves. I hate seeing him being treated like sh*t by Molly.

    And Kevin…yeah, it’s nice that he’s standing by his wife now that she’s ill, but really, he’s kind of a douche.

    And..completely off the top of my head here but: Why doesn’t anyone on the street have an STD what with all the sleeping around? Just sayin’

    • isis says:

      heehee…I kept saying, “I hope Molly gets hit by a truck”. But a bus would do.

      Poor Ty. After being treated so badly by his mom, his wife does this to him. I think he’s adorable. And you’re right, Kerry, he’d make a great (although boring) husband.

      It was hard to watch Kevin being so considerate to the poor guy, seeing as he’s the cause of all this grief.

      Thank god I don’t have to see any more cringe-worthy scenes of Kevin and Molly’s passion.

  9. haili says:

    I was so hoping that Molly would be gone but it seems she’ll be staying in Dev’s flat. Why? She was desperate to leave the street a couple of days ago. The never-ending drama goes on and on and on.

  10. Gayle says:

    Haili I completely agree. Why would she want to work/live on the same street as the Websters and Tyrone.
    Makes absolutely no sense. I really wish she would move away I don’t like her at all.

    • missusmac says:

      Molly’s only employment option in all of England it seems is to work at her dad’s — an hour and a half away not only from Tyrone, but from Kevin, who she thinks is still in love with her despite him doing everything but vomiting at the mere sight of her. Having Kevin make that special delivery to Ty was wonderfully insensitive of her as well. I’m kind of enjoying her ‘wronged woman’ hysterics for the cringe-inducing melt-down factor of them. I’m thinking she’s going to come crawling back to Ty.

      Further proof Gail has become separated from her brain cells: I’ll just give that nice estate agent a ring and see if that lovely family might still be interested even after David’s revelations… gee, no? Really? Surprise.

  11. kunzie says:

    Don’t forget, Molly used to beat Fiz up at school and then tried to steal Kirk. You can’t change a leopard’s, er, spots. 😉

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