Update for Wednesday, Nov. 10. Three letters…last two are ‘E’ and ‘V’.

Morning. Sophie meets her dad on the street and informs him that Molly has not come in to work at Dev’s, and speculates that Tyrone won’t be in either. She thinks this is really sad because they were “really nice together”. When Kevin gets to the garage, the factory gals, including Kelly, ask after Sally. Gail ambles by and asks the same.

Tyrone is at home, in the dark house, sitting on the stairs. Jack calls and Tyrone hears his voice on the machine. After hesitating, he runs to pick up the receiver and blurts out, “Jack? She’s left me!”

Molly arrives at the shop and Dev begins berating her for being late. “I’m sorry”, she repeat robotically. She tells Dev she’s handing in her notice. Dev doesn’t clue in that anything is amiss, and asks if he’s not justified in being somewhat annoyed. Molly finally explains that she’s left Tyrone and is living at Digory’s and working at the bakery. “I’ve left Tyrone, so please don’t say anything nice to me,” she puts on a brave face. After a brief interruption by Steve, they continue. Dev wants to know what Tyrone has done, and Molly says nothing. Dev offers to make her a cup of tea. And he offers Molly the flat above the store, which is empty.

At the Dobbs, Jack has come over to support Tyrone. Tyrone keeps repeating that he can’t understand why Molly doesn’t love him anymore. Jack is convinced that Molly has just stomped out and all will be sorted. Tyrone is convinced she’s met someone.

Dev orders a cab so Molly can go get her stuff. Jack comes into the store to talk to Molly. Jack says that Molly needs to talk about things and work it out with Tyrone, and that Tyrone is broken-hearted. Kevin comes into the store then, as Molly leaves. Jack tells Kevin that Molly has left Tyrone. “Give over!” Kevin feigns surprise.

Some time later, Molly’s cab returns and she alights with her suitcase. Tyrone comes out to confront her, and she says she isn’t coming back. Tyrone keeps demanding to know who the “other guy” is. He has two letters _EV and just can’t piece the rest together. Kevin comes across the road, urging Tyrone to calm down. Dev comes out of his shop. Tyrone is yelling and chasing after Molly at this point and Dev sort of steps between them. At which point Tyrone decides it’s Dev who has stolen his wife and slugs Dev in the face. Kevin then hustles Tyrone into the house.

Tyrone ices his swollen hand as Jack and Kevin try to pacify him. Out of earshot, Jack tells Kevin that if Dev does have anything to do with this, he’s got a clattering coming. Tyrone implores Kevin to go and talk with Molly and find out where he stands, thinking that Molly will tell Kevin for whatever reason.

Kevin comes to see Molly at the flat. Dev is there and he tells Kev that he’s always conducted himself properly with Molly, which Kevin assures Dev he believes. When Dev leaves, Kevin tells Molly to stop the madness and go back to Tyrone. Molly says she doesn’t love him anymore and she can’t, now that she knows she can feel more with someone else.

Molly wonders why Kevin has come round, speculating that he still feels something. Kevin flatly denies it, and says that Tyrone asked him to go see her.  Molly takes off her wedding ring and tells Kevin to give it to Tyrone. Kevin refuses at first; Molly tells him that if he doesn’t, she’ll tell Tyrone everything. After all, Kevin helped cause this, why should she do all the dirty work?

The street is now dark. Kevin knocks on the door for Tyrone, saying he can’t stop in. Kevin says he’s positive Dev did nothing wrong. In answer to Tyrone’s asking what was said, Kevin gives him the wedding ring saying, “I’m sorry mate.”


Rosie is firming up plans for her boob job, much to Sophie’s disgust.

Ryan can’t find Sian.

Tina brings Joe and Jason some cornish pasties for lunch. Pasties, apparently were devised for people with grubby hands to eat, and you’re supposed to throw the corners away.





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11 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Nov. 10. Three letters…last two are ‘E’ and ‘V’.

  1. haili says:

    Molvin – the story that just won’t quit – like the Ever ready bunny – it just keeps going and going and going.

  2. Barbie says:

    A while ago a lot of you guys had Molly pegged as a bunny boiler, I didn’t think so at the time, but I’m not so sure now…..

  3. What the sam hill is a “bunny boiler?”

  4. S. Poole says:

    He has two letters _EV and just can’t piece the rest together.
    I see what you did there. Very clever too!

    I thought Michelle (from Hell) and Ryan lived above Dev’s shop.

    Dev saying he was nothing but a gent with Molly was kind of funny considering his past record with hired help. 🙂

  5. Trudy says:

    I think Michelle and Ryan live above the cabbie’s office.

    • S. Poole says:

      Ah, okay. I was going by the fact Dev was paying for the roof tiles over their head, I guess he still owns part of Street Cars, or at least the building.

  6. missusmac says:

    Michelle and Ryan live above the kebab shop. Dev bought the business from Jerry way back. Which leads me to, where does Tina live? Where does Graham live?

    FINALLY, Gail asks after Sally.

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    ‘Firming’ up plans for her boob job…clever

  8. eila says:

    It all works out! Even though Dev, for once, didn’t do it, he definitely deserved a smack in the jaw for womanizing.

  9. Robin says:

    Does anyone else do a double take when we see Sally’s doctor? I always think she’s Debbie Travis!!

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