Monday November 15th 2010 – The Update

Monday January 25th 2010

Look! Brand new breasts

The show opens with Kevin on the phone with the hospital getting Sally’s first appointment for her radiation treatment.

Sophie rolls in. Turns out that after Kevin went to town on God, Sophie went to Ryan’s place to stay the night. I think we all know nothing happened. Kevin apologized for freaking out the night before and explained that he guesses that after they were given the all clear by the doctors he had all this anger built up that he had to find a place for and has nothing to do with the guilt he feels for running around with Molly while Sally was protecting him from her cancer diagnosis.

A bit later on Kevin is making Sally’s favourite, Chicken stew, for dinner. Rosie and Sophie are helping by bickering constantly beside Kevin. He tells them that with Sally’s treatment they are all going to have to pitch in with the house and begs them to call a truce for the time being. Really, the source of all this agro is Rosie’s interesting decision to have breast augmentation. This is bizarre to me as she is 19 and some pretty nice ones anyway. However, I don’t understand the world of ‘glamour’ models. Finally Sophie says, “If you don’t tell him I will.” Two beats, “Rosie is getting a boob job.” Obviously this blows Kevin’s mind, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what his reaction will be. But, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, he won’t be best pleased.

Other Story lines that relate to the Websters: Graeme has asked Rosie out. He told her she was like some beautiful flower and perfect.

He really does blow

I guess if I were Joe and I was being threatened and assaulted by some pock-faced load shark I wouldn’t be thinking straight either. I mean, why call the police? The better plan is to lie to everyone in your family and make yourself a street nuisance. So, for reasons I am not entirely clear on he pretends to have back spasms and rests on the couch as Gail heads off to work. David is also stamping around the house being himself and there is a bit of an argy bargy where Joe accuses David of needing to learn some independence. Ok, Joe…

As soon as Gail leaves Joe hops off the couch and watches her walk down the street. I guess he is looking for the loan shark because he needs a free moment to head to the corner shop. While he is out he runs into Jason who mentions that he heard that Joe and Bill had a falling out. He also mentions that they had an agent from some sort of property sale company in at the flat. Joe is on that like Kelly Crabtree on a free drink.

A bit later on the agent shows up and she takes a look at the house and then offers 35 grand less than what the house has been evaluated at. I don’t really understand why Joe thinks Gail will go for this. When Gail does get home, she meets the agent and is clearly angry. Our girl is blinking like strobe light in a gay dance club and promptly shows the agent the door.

Well doesn’t that just cause a huge upset. I mean, why wouldn’t Gail just be happy to sell her house for way less than it is valued at just to bail out this due, who is clearly a freeloader? If only they could put all their problems on a boat and sail them away.

So, their argument moves out into the street where Joe actually blames Gail for his problems since she is a bad luck charm. Fair dues, Gail is kind of a nightmare. But she certainly did not cause Joe’s money problems. Plus, isn’t he forgetting that he was a loser WAY before he met Gail. In fact, wasn’t it his loser hood that made Gail attracted to him in the first place.

As they are screaming in the street, Jason and Leanne stop to watch the show (Jason should take note since he is hooked up with Joe’s daughter who isn’t exactly stable). Audrey and David come out of the salon just in time to hear some really nasty stuff come out of Joe’s mouth. Then the piece de resistance, “No wonder this one tried to kill you. It was self-defense!” Oh, that was off-side, yet totally accurate.  Gail slaps him and David holds her back and tells Joe to go. I think we all know Gail will forgive him.

Tyrone is still trying to get Molly back. I am amazed by with whole story line mainly because Molly, for months, has been a total b*tch to both Tyrone and Kevin and maintained both relationships and her husband is begging her to go back to him. I just don’t get it.

He goes into the corner shop (By the way, I laughed out loud last week when Molly told Dev “I love this job.” Really?) to find Molly to suggest that they start over as friends (Hello, Tyrone, she would be a TERRIBLE friend). She isn’t interested.

Over at the Rovers things are still really frosty between Steve and Becky. I guess it is a pretty big argument. But, neither of them are doing a good ob of trying to come together on this. So in the morning Steve, Becky, Liz and Amy are sitting at breakfast. As they are behaving like children Becky answers her phone and leaves the room. When she comes back in She goes over to Amy and says “I will see you later.” Amy says “Goodbye Becky.” They should really just replace Amy with a guinea pig or some other more

The New Amy?

talented non-sentient being. Seriously, is she related to one of the producers or something? Is she working for free?

A bit later on Steve pops into the bar dressed head to toe in motorcycle gear. Seems that he has purchased a motorcycle and as he is showing it to everyone outside Becky gets off the bus clutching a garbage bag. She doesn’t seem to care about what is going on with the motorcycle and Steve drives off with Kelly sitting on the back.

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10 Responses to Monday November 15th 2010 – The Update

  1. haili says:

    LOL Debbie, The new Amy is kind of cute.

    What’s up with Steve? The old easy-going, hen-pecked Steve (who once had a sense of humour) has disappeared, leaving a nasty jerk. Have aliens kidnapped Eileen and switched bodies with Steve?
    The honeymoon period is getting shorter all the time on Corrie.

    I didn’t buy Molly loving the job either and she would make the worst friend ever.

    Joe is really losing it yet again. Maybe he’ll just sail away, if the boat isn’t repossessed.

    • missusmac says:

      Actually, there IS going to be a new Amy soon. For reals and all, as Becky would say. While on her Corrie Canada tour last year with Sean, the actress said they had re-cast Amy, partly in light of the wonderkund child actor that was Simon. We may get a line or two out of this Amy, something like “Daddy, why are you being such a jerk???”

  2. Bea says:

    Joe could have sold that boat a long time ago, and cleard up his debt. Probably. But it seems like he paid it off two or three time, and the shark just keeps coming back for more.

    And why was Becky carrying the garbage bag???

  3. missusmac says:

    Obviously, someone is coming to visit Becky for a few days, since clothes are always transported in garbage bags on Corrie. 🙂

    I know it’s a soap, but really, there is a great big pile of $$$ sitting under a tarp in Gail’s driveway. Has no one noticed it? Loved David referring to Joe as “Action Man”! How about David and Graham sharing Audrey’s hairdressing flat? That would be fun!

    Loved the line about Gail’s eyes blinking faster than a strobe light at a gay club. The actress has gifted Gail with two emotional characteristics: blinking, and whisper-talking. When angry or upset, Gail does both. Sometimes at the same time.

  4. Gayle says:

    While I was never a big fan of Becky I felt really sorry for her last night. She was obviously very upset and her ass of a husband didn’t even notice. Why on earth that man wants another child is totally beyond me – he pays no attention to the one he has and the constant fighting in front her cannot be a good thing.
    Sad to say but the little girl who plays Amy is a terrible actress she always looks sad or scared.
    As for Joe he gets worse every episode. I was glad to see Gail stand up to him for once!

  5. Mark Daye says:

    Watching this episode I have to say how shocked I was the hear Amy utter her two words. I’m definitely in agreement with replacing her with a Guinea Pig.

  6. debbie says:

    I have to say that both Becky and Steve are behaving ridiculously. Also, I agree with both of them. Mind you, it seems to me that Becky is afraid of becoming a mother for various reasons. But, I also think that Steve has a right to want to have children.

  7. haili says:

    Steve has a right to want children but not to force his wife to have one! If he wanted more kids he should have discussed it with her before marriage. The way he’s been acting with Becky lately, he won’t be fathering another one any time soon as they won’t be sharing a bed. Who would want to get anywhere near a man that nasty?

  8. corrierules says:

    Gail heard a few home truths last night. First Audreh told her point blank that she would not pay for David’s upkeep, so that Gail could subsidize her loser of a husband. (Yay, Audreh!) And maybe this sunk in a little bit, hence Gail’s reaction when meeting the low-rent, cutthroat real estate agent. I for one was very pleased when Gail blew her stack. Then Joe spewed some nasty venom and some of what he said was spot on… ie Gail’s blinkers when it comes to her son. I find this such a frustrating storyline… call the police, sell the boat, tell the truth.
    And don’t get me started on the stupidity of Steve and Becky……

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